If Buchberger makes the show, does Schremp?


Now we realize that most of us need another post about Rob Schremp like we need to wear a swarm of bees on our face. But before you file this under “Things I could have read in 2006, 2007, or Spring 2008” consider this: coach Kelly Buchberger has become a fan of Schremp in the past two years calling him “the best half-boards player in the AHL” this season.

One would have to think that if Bucky gets the nod as the new assistant coach, he’s going to make a hard case for Schremp to get a look this year by the Oil. Bear in mind there is one reason and one reason alone that Schremp hasn’t made the team thus far: MacT doesn’t like him. OK, MacT we get it. You don’t like Rob Schremp. You like Marty Reasoner. You don’t like Schremp. Reasoner is “Sakic without the hands” and Schremp is “Sakic’s hands but without the Marty Reasoner.”

That’s fine.

But you’re the same coach who’s made us sit through the painful career of J-F Jacques. What the hell has J-F Jacques done that merits his 46-game tryout over two seasons, during which he has famously collected zero goals, zero assists and is a sterling –14?. Is he playing solid two-way MacT hockey? Hardly.

Now some of you might argue “He’s a left winger. Schremp is a centreman. You’re comparing apples to bees.”

But to that we would counter that Rob Schemp is wasting away in the AHL playing with the likes of (insert crappy player here). We’re willing to bet he would make the supreme sacrifice of switching to LW in order to have a shot in the NHL. We would also be willing to bet that if he were given a 46-game tryout like our ol’ buddy Jacques he would collect more points.

What we’re saying here is that there is an outside chance that the player who led the entire OHL in points in 2005–06 could muster up a single point in half an NHL season.

For those of you who don’t remember much about Schremp beyond “He’s that kid we always say ‘Where the hell is that kid?’” lets recap below:

What has Rob Schremp done in his career? Oh, hardly anything, you know, just:

  • Led the OHL in points in the 2005–06 season (57 goals, 88 assists, 145 points).
  • Played for the United States in the 2004–05 and 2005–06 Junior Championships.
  • 25th overall draft pick in the 2004 NHL Entry Draft.
  • Won a Memorial Cup with the London Knights during the 2004-05 season.

That is hardly the pedigree of an Edmonton Oiler. Now to be fair, it’s been pointed out time and again that Schemp has had/will have/should have/might have a poor attitude. But we believe he’s done all he can to turn things around, including changing his name from the young and cocky “Robbie” to the demure and veteran “Rob.” Oh yeah, he’s also placed 8th in scoring in the AHL last year:


This has all been said a million times, by a million people, in hundreds of languages—we know. But now it’s possible that Schremp’s biggest cheerleader could be the assistant coach of his NHL team. You have to imagine at some point Bucky will bring it up to MacT:

Buchberger: Play Schremp.
MacTavish: Shut up.

And that will probably be the end of it.

But we just want to go on record saying that if a nerd like Jacques—who lacks the pedigree and potential upside of a Schremp—gets 46 games to prove he can tie the fan sitting in Section 115, Row 12 seat 3 in scoring, then Schremp deserves a chance.

If the 21st power play in the league can’t figure out how to get itself into the 20th place by itself, Schremp deserves a chance.

If Kelly Buchberger is going to join the coaching staff of the Oilers and gets to have any say in anything, Schemp deserves a chance.

Because, so help us God, if he leaves the Oil and lights it up with a different team, that should be cause for Daryl Katz to have Rexall staff triple MacT’s brain medications, or banish him to the land of frozen ghosts forever.

Oh and FYI: who did McDonalds include in the 2007–08 Upper Deck hockey card set for the Oilers? Rob Schremp. And if you know of anyone who gets hockey more than McDonalds we’d like to know who it is. Oh wait we know who it is.

It’s Rob frickin’ Schremp.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Assistant coach Bucky on Shremp would be like me recommending a $3 bottle of scotch over a $1500 one; I have no experience to know what a $1500 bottle of scotch is.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    I think it also important to note that FOR HIS AGE, Shremp was the #2 scorer in the AHL (just shy of #1), despite having very mediocre linemates. I think its odd that no one seems to mention that, given that age is such an important factor at this stage in a player's development. I really can't understand why so many people are so eager to give up on a guy who's basically as good as anyone else his age or younger in the second best (?) league in the world.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    JF Jacque got a 46 game tryout? What about Nilson he got 40 games at least and Schremp has the hands and speed of a Nilson. Keep Schremp as the 13th forward for 40 to 50 games and sub him in for one of Gagne, Cogliano or Nilson if that line isnt producing. After that, if Mac T still isnt convinced than trade him, at least he'll have a more convicing argument.

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    I agree with Cole. Give him a decent shot – say half a season. If he doesn't work out, then all the haters (MacT included) are right. But right now its all guesswork until he gets a long try.

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    Schremp would be wasted in the limited role Jacques has played in the NHL. They wanted somebody who could take the body and provide energy. Schremp is better served getting max minutes in the AHL than playing 5 minutes a game with the big boys at this point. He's an offense-first guy, and needs to be first two lines for it to benefit him as a player. Plus, the Falcons were hurtin' with injuries, and Schremp was one of the only guys keeping them alive.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    ut we believe he’s done all he can to turn things around, including changing his name from the young and cocky “Robbie” to the demure and veteran “Rob.”


    Training camp will be a telling story of Rob (Robbie's) future as an Edmonton Oiler