Things that makes us go SCHWINGGGGG for $100, Alex


From the Edmonton Sun on June 4, 2008:

“I think there’s potential there that we could conceivably do a three-for-one type deal that would make sense for us where we bring in a (high-end forward). In the past we’ve generally traded one-for-three. Now we have an opportunity to do the opposite. But these are all good players we’re talking about, so it would have to be somebody exceptional coming in.”
—Edmonton Oilers head coach and all around head busta Craig MacTavish

Oh MacT, you tease! Honestly, who does that? These are the kinds of articles and the kinds of quotes that keep us at our computer on a beautiful sunny day, dreaming about a minus 30 night in February when the Oil are playing. Don’t do that!

On the one hand, MacT is talking about keeping Pitkannen around, then lays that golden gift at the feet of the Nation. If the Oilers got an “exceptional” player, you could reserve us a room at the U of A Cardiac Arrest ward immediately.

When Pronger and Peca were announced as coming to the Oilers in 2005, we were on a houseboat in the Okanagan. When we heard the news and saw the press conference, we wanted to jump off the boat, swim to shore and drive home so we could walk up to anyone, ANYONE we saw in the streets and say “DID YOU HEAR?!?!?!?”

What “exceptional” player should the Oilers go after? Spezza (rumoured to be available)? Lecavalier (doubtful, but exceptional)? Todd Gill (not exceptional)?

What “exceptional” players are out there?

  • I'm a Scientist!

    I have been thinking about this very topic for a while. I think most of the names we hear kicking around may be wishful thinking at it's best, but who knows. Many times when a deal gets done, it's with someone you least expect coming back. Players that I think are exceptional that have a realisic chance of coming here?

    I've looked over rosters the past few days, mostly looking at up and coming free agents, but in looking for someone that could be dealt here, I examined which teams are in need of what the Oilers may consider to be expendable. Boston I think is a realistic trade partner, and I think someone like Bergeron could be acquired, if you are willing to take the risk on his condition, but the upside if he returns to form could be great, and it probbly wouldn't cost you an arm and a leg. It depends on how bad they want what you have to offer. They could really use a guy like Pitkannen. Maybe you could get Kessel out of there, problem being with these guys is they are both naturally centers.

    The 'Canes have been rumored to be interested in Pitkannen… Could Justin Williams be able to be had? I think it is possible. If you look at Carolina's D, it is nothing special, it actually looks pretty poor. They have some aging forwards (Whitney, Brind'amour) and could probably use some younger talent. I could see someone like Torres moving there, or a propect or two. Other guys I would look at there would be Ruutu, which never really got a fair shake in Chicago, maybe if he was a throw in on a deal with Cole. I don't think either player is enough to warrant a three-for-one deal.

    Despite the rumors, I don't really see anyone from the Rangers that fits in Edmonton, I jut can't see a deal from there. The place that makes the most to me, would be LA. With a surplus of young guns, I could see them moving someone to grab Pitkannen. This could also be a great fit for Roloson, as LA does not have a goalie worth writing home about, besides Bernier, whom isn't ready yet, and Roloson could mentor. Cammalleri could be had, along with others I'm sure if the deal was sweet enough on LA's end. There is others out there, but I'll try not to make this an article and leave it at that.