You want Malone? Show him the money


We’ve talked a lot about Ryan Malone here at the Nation, praising his grit, marveling at his power-forwardity, laughing heartily at how his last name rhymes with “trombone” and generally suggesting that he come lace ‘em up for the Mighty Oil.

Word now out of Pittsburgh that recent speculation he would be traded to a Western Conference Team at the draft has been dismissed by none other than Malone’ agent himself. From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette today:

Amid speculation that the Penguins were about to send Ryan Malone to a Western Conference team for a player and/or draft pick, Malone’s agent signaled last night that his client was not interested in such a deal and that Malone would rather wait to become an unrestricted free agent July 1.

The Columbus Dispatch reported yesterday that the Penguins were going to trade Malone’s right to Columbus, Vancouver or Minnesota. But Malone’s agent, Mike Liut, suggested that a team trading for his client might end up empty-handed if Malone chooses not to sign. “Ryan doesn’t want to go down that road,” Liut said. “His preference would be to go ahead and go until July 1 [and become an unrestricted free agent].”

If Malone waits until July 1, he would be on the open market and teams could drive up his asking price through bidding.

Now generally saying “so-and-so won’t be traded” is an imminent sign that so-and-so is about to be traded. Nevertheless, it’s refreshing to see yet another player demanding more dough through free agency. Hey, the guy takes pucks to the grill in the Cup Finals, why shouldn’t he be well paid? And hey, remember former NHL goalie Mike Liut? Now, he’s an agent! See, Ray Emery? There could be life when your career ends in about a month!

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Man these hockey players have it made.

    Malone takes a puck to the face and now he can write his own ticket to anywhere in the league.

    When I took a puck to the nuts in beer league all I got was made fun of by my teammates.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    that sucks rick, that sucks. I bet you wish you had off worn your cup!!!!! God, I can't wait for hockey….why is the offseason so long? Maybe they should play 120 games and like best outta 15 in playoffs.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    I once forgot my cup at home during pee wee tryouts, and went on the ice without one. Sure enough, just skating around before try outs start I got nailed in the pills with a puck.

    This could be why I am called "Uncle" by some, and "Dad" by none.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Not that I don't love the comedy, but seriously this is a bad result for Howson. All that's happened with the media getting information about a "bidding war" for Malone's rights for another two weeks getting out is that Malone now knows there's a market out there for him. Why would he accept a trade now that he knows there are multiple teams willing to give away either draft picks or prospects in order to attempt to sign him to an inflated contract? Imagine how much more they would be willing to give up now that they can do it without a trade? Nashville did this right last year and SUPRISED everyone; but I guess you can manage that when no one cares about hockey in your market except Keith Urban.

    On a related note: Wanye, there may be a number of ladies who refer to you as their, "baby daddy" … I'm waiting for the impending Maury episode to confirm my suspicions.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Malone's motivation for saying he will wait until July 1 may not be market motivated. It's kind of a no brainer that he will one way or another get a nice pay day.

    If I was in his shoes and Pittsburgh was basically ushering me out the door like they seem to be doing after I bled for them the way I did, my motivation would be more along the lines of F.U.

    If the Penguins didn't want me why would I want to help them on my way out the door by fetching them a draft pick or two as a parting gift.

    There would be poetic justice to see him end up signing in Columbus on July 1 anyways.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Robin – I stole that line directly from Austin Powers!

    (Austin to Mini Me) You just can't go about hitting people in the pills Mini Me. Its just not cricket!

    Ah Mini Me…