TSN is reporting that the Oilers are “first out of six teams to land Marian Hossa” and are reportedly offering the Slovakian winger $9 Million per year. Zounds! Wouldn’t that be a direct hit to the sternum by a air-to-ground Joy Missile?

Velvet Revolution part 2 

In 1989, Czechoslovakia overthrew it’s Communist government and became a Sovreign Nation in Europe. In 1993, the Nation peacefully divided into the Czech Republic (home of Super Gangster Ales Hemsky) and Slovakia (Home to Visnovsky and soon to be signed Marian Hossa) in a revolution gangsterly referred to as the Velvet Revolution or the “gentle revolution.”

If the Oilers are able to sign Hossa, we here at the OilersNation pledge that we will continue to feature top notch features on both Slovakia and the Czech Republic – both wonderful Nations – in an effort to make all new Oilers as comfortable as possible.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    I would personally consume a helping or two (per game) of Slovakian Fast Food at Rexall Place, despite it being overpriced and possibly watered down.

    According to my hasty research on the AlGore the choices include:
    Slovak specialty – Richman – a bun with ham, mayonnaise, cheese, cabbage or other fillings of your choice, on the cheap and late into the night.
    Langose (local garlicky fried potato flatbreads),
    Lokse (potato pancakes),
    Baguettes in the indoor market at SNP Square.

    mmmm, Lokse.
    And a place run by one D. Katz serving something called "Richman"? Seems like a natural fit.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    $9 million's a lot of cash, but really, two years ago $6 million was alot, and now 2nd and third liners get signed for $5 mil+…

    Maybe in a few years $8.5-9 mil will be good value rather than overpayment?

  • I'm a Scientist!

    TSN was correct in their report that Edmonton is was in first place… to get dissed. all that wooing and coddling only to get bitch slapped by the team that can underpay a top 5 NHL talent and Selke Trophy winner 2-3 million dollars less than his market value over the next 5 years… and then step up and steal your UFA at a bargain. "no one makes more than Lidstrom", so how much will Zetterberg be underpaid? and you people are worried about players being overpaid? Pavel Datsyuk is making 2k more than the pathetic defensive intellect of Wade Redden. need a timely playoff goal scored against you? have no fear, Redden's near.