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Jonathan Willis (July 16, 2008 at 6:03pm posting a comment on OilersNation):
I want to see a picture of Marc-Andre Bergeron in Oilers silks displayed somewhere on this site for the remainder of the off-season. Why? Because he’s representative of the little guy. In fact, he is a little guy.

Brownlee (in an e-mail to Wanye at the ungodly hour of 7:24am today)
We must absolutely meet Jonathan’s demand that we run a picture of Marc-Andre Bergeron before he agrees to join the website. Of course, it absolutely must be the picture of Bergeron running Andrew Ladd into Dwayne Roloson and KILLING the Oilers Stanley Cup hopes. Stupid Dwarf.

Wanye (in an email to Spyn Cycle about 4 minutes ago)
Bergeron? That’s where he draws the line? One of histories greatest monsters? We might as well have a picture of Mussolini dancing the Macarena with Brian Burke whilst wearing Flames Jerseys.

Here you go, Jonathan. We remember M-A Bergeron well. All too well.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    like hey gord how bout u chill out about i like this site because its just people being real maybe this site is not for your sister or your mother or anyone under the age of 16 take them to Kdays go have a good time and have some family fun i m sure u wont hear anyone swearing on the fairgrounds.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Gord Says:
    July 19th, 2008 at 4:39 pm


    I am not talking about humor – I am talking about “gutter talk”….. Gretz’s “two squirts of pee” is what one expects to hear in a locker room – not at a family dinner…

    Wow, it sure is a good thing that this a website intended for humour, and not a "Family Dinner" as you keep referring to.
    Hey, Robin, can you pass the potatoes? Oh and Wayne stop hogging all the spare-ribs! Did anyone remember to say grace, btw?

  • I'm a Scientist!


    I am still trying to figure out why you commented on this site in the first place. You say that you felt a need to warn Jonathon into staying unassociated with this site for fear of compromising his values, standards and credibility.

    But why here? Why not on his blog or through his blog try to find his e-mail to pass a message directly to him?

    No, instead you posted it here which suggests to me that you were looking for a pulpit more than you were looking to make a point to Jonathon.

    Personally I find the unsolicited preaching of someone else's self appointed righteous superiority just as offensive as you find the word "fuck" or the expression "two squirts of pee".

  • I'm a Scientist!


    First you claimed I was a snob with no sense of humor. When that personal attack failed, you attacked my reasons for posting while impugning a religious slant. Nice try but you fail on all counts.

    Maybe your IQ is so low (two can play the personal insult game) that you can not figure out why I posted here. Those with intelligence recognize I was responding to a topic thread specifically created about Jonathan joining this site.

    It appears you believe this site exists so you can express your juvenile mentality. I believe this site was created as a money making venture that will attract visitors so credible bloggers will join a "one stop" marketing tool.

    Which means that I & others must feel comfortable in promoting OilersNation to our friends & family – if my brother-in-law found out that I was recommending a site to my nephew that considers fu** to be an endorsed word – there would be he** to pay over Christmas dinner – if I was ever invited again…

    On a relevant note, I suspect Brownlee must be scratching his head wondering if Team 1260 needs to be associated with a "gutter talk" web site.

    Since you asked…

  • I'm a Scientist!

    mc, good point. And if your team is behind, should it count more or less (or the same) than if your team was ahead? Peeete, Hot Oil had better respond well to an amputee unless they want a civil suit on their hands! (Or hand, if they've torn off an arm to prevent a breakaway.)

  • I'm a Scientist!

    "Those with intelligence"…

    – Would have recognized within 10 seconds that this blog was not "Family friendly" (and thank god for that!).
    – Could see that this is a marketing venture
    – Would know that people have the right to make their own decisions regarding whether they should join a blog (or anything else for that matter) as a contributor
    – Would realize that any successful marketing venture will never be "all things for all people"

    You sir have suggested that TEAM 1260 is associated with this site – I see NO evidence of this, other than the fact that a guy who works there contributes articles and comments. I can only assume that you are making this unfounded insinuation to further your argument – not very intelligent.

    Nor is it very intelligent that you are making negative comments on the obvious to support your moral position. Since I must assume that you are somewhat intelligent, then the only conclusion I can come to is that you are availing yourself of this forum to preach.

    If you find this site offensive, the intelligent thing would be to stop contributing comments to that effect (what would your family think of your association with this "gutter mouth" blog???) and go on your merry, moralist way. I am sure you will be missed.

    "Personally I find the unsolicited preaching of someone else’s self appointed righteous superiority just as offensive as you find the word “fuck” or the expression “two squirts of pee”."


  • I'm a Scientist!

    I have been reading this site since about December after I heard about it because of a mention on Stauffer's show.

    I think what is happening is that the people with this site are trying to bring in multiple points of view and the readers of all the camps are squabbling amongst themselves.

    I for one like Wanye. I thought he was an idiot at first, but I came to realize that he actually knows his stuff. I have never read anyone really like him, and I like his blend of pop culture, complete rambling and hockey knowledge.

    I have a buddy just like him, and I like that frat boy point of view. Not for everyone sure, but unique. I also like Robin Brownlee, and I have for years. Reading his level of insight on this site, where the editorial handcuffs are clearly loosened has been interesting.

    Rick/Gord, I believe the point is that if you don't like Wanye but like Jonathan, then read whoever you want. I also think all this squabbling will go away when the season starts and everyone has something real to discuss.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    This will be my final post on this site so will just point out that the agreed upon marketing strategy leaves a wee bit to be desired. According to Alexa traffic rankings.

    Dobber Hockey is the 5,820th most popular website in Canada & 74,254 most popular in the USA.

    Lowe Tide is 44,917 in Canada & 588,425 most popular in the United States.

    Oilers Nation is the 123,336 most popular website in Canada & has no ranking in any other country.

    On a relevant note Mr. Staples, is ranked #44 in Canada; I wonder how long you would be working there if you posted the fu** word throughout your blog…

    And to suggest that an employee can separate the company they work for from their other activities, try posting your columns on neo-Nazi sites then see if the Edmonton Journal considers your postings “fair comment” that does not reflect upon them in any way.

    Good luck in marketing your niche website. I am out of here!

  • I'm a Scientist!

    On a relevant note Mr. Staples, is ranked #44 in Canada; I wonder how long you would be working there if you posted the fu** word throughout your blog…

    Just something worth noting- I bleieve David S above is a different person than David Staples of the Edmonton Journal.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Sorry once again if I have impugned Mr. Staples, as Jonathan is correct in stating that I am certainly not him. Its my name as I am not comfortable with using anonynames.

    The "niche website" you refer to is an offshoot of a relatively new strategy called "long-tail" marketing. You might want to discuss that concept at your next family dinner.

    BTW – using absurdities to support your position is also not very intelligent.

    This is a fun site. Lots of different views, good information and plain fun stupidity. I especially enjoy Robin's articles and I'd be rightly pissed if some fundamentalist caused him (or any of the other guys) to stop posting.

    Now can we please move on? GOILERS!

  • I'm a Scientist!

    David S:
    "BTW – using absurdities to support your position is also not very intelligent."

    Does using the term `neo-Nazi' count as an invocation of Godwin? If so, argument over, Gord lost.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Saint Gordon:
    This is primarily a site for those of us who follow the Oilers. Looking at your self-righteous blathering I was unable to find anything interesting in your comments from either a spiritual or sports perspective. You are snotty and arrogant..never to be confused with true holiness.

    I wouldn't want your traits passed on to any young person.

    So pee off!