Daryl Katz vs Momma Laraque: Le bataille continu

Jim Matheson had an interesting piece in the Journal on Sunday about Daryl Katz’s foiled attempt to land the big fish Georges Laraque back in the Oilers rowboat.

According to the article, Laraque was offered a four-year deal at $1.5 million per season to come back Chez Oilers and give Boogaard the beating he has so richly deserved since Georges left in 2006.

Laraque goes on to say:

“I see Daryl Katz almost every morning at the gym (Body by Bennett)… We’re good friends, and I talked to Kevin (Lowe) and Mac (MacTavish). At the end of the day, my mom said ‘You played here for nine years, give the family back home a chance to see you live.’ “She said, ‘If you sign there for three years, you’ll still only be 34 and maybe you can still finish in Edmonton.’ “

There is a lot to take in here:

  1. Laraque was that close to resigning in Edmonton? It just goes to show you how little actually hits the newswires ‘round here.
  2. Laraque and Katz work out together? That’s gangster.
  3. $6 million for Big Georges? That would have been a pretty big admission of error on the part of the Oil, who as I recall were offering him in the area of $1 mil per year when he left. I wonder if they would have given him the no-trade clause he so highly desired last time around.
  4. It’s good to see Georges listens to his mother, like any good Canadian boy should. Imagine how tough she must be, to still be able to tell Georges what to do.
  5. We like how Katz rolls. Goes to the gym, sits down at the elliptical machine next to Georges, “accidentally” lets a gigantic money roll fall out of his pocket onto the floor, then talks Laraque’s ear off about the new Anthony Henday opening in 2010 and about how great it is living in Edmonton.

All in a day’s work, we suppose.


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  • I guess we sorta knew this after the contract that was offered to Hossa The Good but in light of that past development and this previous Laraque development, someone soon is gonna get a helluva overpay from Katz.

  • Sans Dome –

    That my friend is a rare strain of 18th century "Sailor's Itch." The only hope is amputation.

    Dennis –

    I completely agree, as a Medical Doctor – someone is going to get an overpayment extrordinaire. My prescription? Overpay someone who at least has the potential of rising to the occasion – like an Ovechkin/Malkin/Crosby contract.

    Let the overpayee be a legitimate superstar, who was lured to the great white north by the irresistible Katz Buck. Please don't let it be some mid level player or Yashin-esque deal.

  • Dr. Wanye: How little hits the newswire around here? Clearly, you are too busy lancing boils, removing genital warts and trying to find malpractice insurance to pay attention. ON was all over this long before Matty got after it.

    On July 3 . . .
    Can Big Georges come home again? Yes, he can.
    Georges Laraque never wanted to leave the Edmonton Oilers, but when general manager Kevin Lowe turned down his request for a no-trade clause in the summer of 2006, Laraque reluctantly packed his bags and signed with the Phoenix Coyotes as an unrestricted free agent before being traded to the Pittsburgh Penguins.
    Jump ahead two summers and Laraque, fresh from a Stanley Cup final appearance with the Penguins, is again free to play where he chooses and has an opportunity wear copper and blue again in the city where he began his NHL career and played 490 games in Oilers silks.
    If you never thought you'd hear that, given some of the things Laraque has said since he left town with his feelings obviously bruised, believe your ears. It's true.
    The Oilers are interested in bringing Laraque back into the Oiler family and they've had preliminary talks with agent Steve Kotlowitz, who represents the NHL's sometimes-reluctant but reigning heavyweight champ. A reliable team source confirmed that with me this morning . . .

    51 votes? Jackass.

  • Robin – firstly let me thank you for addressing me by title. People buying into your self-given moniker is key for it to take off.

    Secondly, I totally realize that we (you) were all over the concept of Laraque coming back as a news item.

    I was meaning more the length and the price of the offering. That's big smoke to be throwing at an even bigger person, and had been unknown to me.

  • Oh and PS It's 52 votes now. One single vote shy of your total. This poll isn't coming down until one of us is declared a winner.

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