Get a move on, Sundin

Mats Sundin needs to pack it in. There. We said it. It’s about time someone told the truth.

We get it, Mats. You’re complicated and stuff. You want to decide about your future on your own timetable because it’s so complex.

What should you do with all of the money the Leafs have given you over the past decade? It’s so crazy! Who could say?

We have an idea. How about you do your franchise a favour and don’t leave them twisting in the wind until the first week of September. That could work for starters.

Go to Vancouver. Fine. Stay with Toronto. Great! But stop waiting until the last minute as though it will somehow impact the Leafs. They have enough problems without your bald ass leaving them hanging.

Man up Sundin. Enough is enough. Make a decision. We hate the Leafs but even a cold hearted snake feels bad.

  • "We hate the Leafs but even a cold hearted snake feels bad."

    I guess that makes me a cold hearted snake, because I love that he's playing with their Heart Strings. It seems to me that Matts is leaning towards pulling a Niedermyer / Selanne, and coming back to a team after X-mas, so he can sit in his sauna eating meatballs until then. I guess the grind of a regular season is too much for a 37 year old. The league better get on a grip on these actions, or we won't have anyone in their 30's playing in the fall.

  • I dunno, can you imagine how that punk gillis is feeling? I offered this guy, basically 20 mil for 1 year, and he can't decide???? Now he's talking about wanting to win the cup? This year, maybe, but last year he wouldn't waive his no trade for a shot??? He must be smokin the good stuff, of course, not the stuff good enough to sign in Van!!!! I love it, 2 loser teams hoping and praying this past his prime, oft injured swede signs with them for way too much moolah and becomes there savior!!!

  • Sundin would turn this team into a contender overnight. He's a much better player than he gets credit for, and takes a heap of abuse he doesn't deserve. In the current instance, the blame for this story lies largely with the media, who insist on printing "no news yet!" stories.

    That said, I'd guess he retires or pulls a Selanne/Niedermayer.

  • Sorry, Wayne, but I'm going to disagree with you on this. I've thought about this long and hard; should the league somehow regulate when a team must have players under contract by? After looking at it from all sides, such a proposal would not only be undesirable (recent statistics 'sources' say 90% of the time) but in most cases would be impossible to regulate without locking team rosters for a significant part of the season.

    The bottom line is that most people would probably agree that giving a team flexibility to sign who they want when they want is a good thing.

    Let's suppose a free agent is looking for the best deal and decides to wait until someone somewhere gets hurt, gambling that such a roster spot offers a bigger contract than playing a full year for significantly less. You can bet that if that 'significant injury' happened in Edmonton, we'd be all over our right to sign that sitting free agent, and we'd be riding Katz to get the cheque signed.

    So if we can all agree that teams should have the right to sign pretty much whoever they feel like, including Billy the WaterBoy, right up to the trade deadline, then now we're not debating whether Mats 'should' have the right to do what he is; we're simply debating whether he's being personally unfair to any particular organization.

    I can answer that right away. Popular rumour has it that six teams are interested in Mats Sundin for this season. I'd personally guess that if you knocked on all six of those doors today, you'd get at least a couple that didn't answer. The bigger statistic, though, is that there are at least 24 teams with the sense to recognize that this gamble isn't worth hanging your season on. 24 teams went out and got business taken care of. If a team wants to extend an offer to a player, then they do so but the smart team sets a timer on how long that offer is good for. When the timer dings, the team moves on to plan B.

    So do I feel bad for those few teams too dumb to set a timer, let alone even develop a plan B? Not really. It appears as though Vancouver's plan B is try and justify this year's season with a top lottery draft position. Toronto should have seen the writing on the wall last season and moved on then. Montreal has to be dumber than a sack of hammers not to have regognized their opportunity passing when their exclusive negotiating rights passed without a pin dropping. I can't justify regulating stupidity.

    So is Mats the bad guy here? No. The GM's who have hung their hopes on a wing and a prayer should be bearing the wrath of the local fans, and anyone who is still angry at Mats is probably more upset about not being able to set his fantasy roster than about Mats being resposible for his home team sucking wind this season.

    (More than) enough said.

  • EndertheDragon: Why would it be so impossible to set a deadline on UFA signings? The CBA has one for RFA's so a precedence has already been established.

    I agree with you that in this specific case the embarrassment falls at the feet of the GM's that hitched their wagon to the Sundin train but are now left looking.

    Mind you from a fans perspective I think there is a more fundamental frustration developing.

    Yes NHLers are the best hockey players in the world and as such they largely deserve the preferential treatment they get BUT the NHL exists for or because of the fans not because of the players.

    Because of that there should be a reasonable expectation that the NHL is icing the very best talent they can assemble.

    Not the very best talent they can assemble for the first 3 months and an even better talent base for the last 5.

    Aging star players are treating their ability to play in the NHL as a right and not as a priviledge like it actually is.

    Last year when Neidermayer and Selanne did this it was pretty much dismissed as a unique situation. By Sundin doing it (if in fact he does) he is taking it to the next level by treating it as a viable option. If the league and PA doesn't do anything to curtail it, these types of situations will only become more frequent.

    I don't think that is a situation anyone wants as part of the NHL's future.

  • Say what you will about Sundin, you’d be shitting your pants with glee if Lowe inked him for the year.

    Only depending on the amount of cash. I'm not saying he's a terible player, I'm saying 10 to 20 mil is way too much, i'm saying he will be injured and i'm saying that guys that miss camp struggle. I'm also saying here is a guy who had a shot at going to a contender last year, didn't want to, wanted to stay and play out his career with his beloved leafs, but now he wants to win a cup???? Well, I'm sure the leafs nation is wondering where that passion to win was last year when he was trade bait and they could have got a whole bunch of good prospects for him.

    For my money, he's going to the habs and I'll lay down 10 bucks if there are any takers!!!!!!!!