Three things and a promise

Damn it’s good to be home. We always feel out of place when we aren’t on the mean streets of E-town. Not as out of place as Lil’ Jon must have felt in that picture, but out of place all the same.

First thing: Pre-season can’t be over soon enough

Let’s be straight for a second. We can’t wait for the pre-season to be over as soon as it begins. There’s some excitement in seeing your first game in a few months, sure. But you quickly realize that the games don’t mean anything and that everyone seems to be wearing numbers between 50 and 90. We can tell you this. If your number falls between 50 and 90 in the pre-season you are one of four things:

  1. A Star
  2. A Joke
  3. A has been
  4. A never will

For a prime example of how little the pre-season means, consider that the Canucks were a undefeated 6-0-1 in the pre-season. We will bet you anything, ANYTHING that the Canucks will not go 6–0 to start the regular season. Anyone want to take that bet?

We don’t care if their goalie is now their captain, their old captain is now their coach and their old coach is starring in the new season of CSI: Miami. Pull all the Jedi mind tricks you want Canucks. You are brutal.

We’ll also bet you that though Lee Stempniak scored 12 points in five games in the pre-season he won’t keep that pace up and score 199 points in the regular season. Anyone want to take that bet?

Second thing: Brule vs Schremp

There has been much ballyhoo and the like about which of the Super Busts™ is going to make the Oil: Rob “Sassy attitude” Schremp or Gibert “Crème” Brule. And after seven mind numbing pre-season games the winner is…


Man, Willis is going to be so pissed that we suggested we write the four-part Brule story that almost killed us. Ha Willis. We wasted your time.

Third thing: 46 Teams in the Draft

That’s gangster. Prepare to be ridiculed, chastised and occasionally encouraged you, cheese-eating surrender monkeys. There is still time to sign up. If you want to go here.

A promise: we are starting work on the economics piece

We threw out the idea of discussing the potential economic impact of a severe recession on the NHL. We had some interesting comments and suggestions.

Most folks either didn’t care or seemed to want to read something about this issue. So we will start work on it. We are going to draw from some smarter folks than ourselves (which qualifies pretty much everyone) but the final product will be worth the wait. We are sure that is probably all over an article discussing their own potential demise, but just in case it takes awhile to get it out we will put something together.

—Wanye is loving the emails sent to