It’s amazing to us that the Oilers are 4-0 to start the year. This hasn’t happened in (insert fact here) and it certainly bodes well for weathering the first 16 games which had been described as a death march for the Oil. What’s even more amazing is that overtime wasn’t required to accomplish this feat. What’s even MORE amazing is that the Oilers have been coming from behind too. Can this be?

What’s positively mind shattering is the leading scorers to this point:

Moreau 4 GP 1G 3A 4 Pts

Souray 3 GP 1G 3A 4 Pts

Hemsky 4 GP 0G 4A 4 Pts

Grebeshkov 4 GP 0G 4A 4 Pts

Yeah, we bet a lot of us predicted Ehtan Moreau would be the leading scorer after the first 4 games. You go back in time and tell that fact to Wanye Gretz circa Sept 2008 and we would have bet you a cool $1,000 that our article today would be titled “where did it all go wrong?”

When reached for comment Grebeshkov was asked if we would be able to keep this going for the remainder of the season. “Baaaaaaaa” was his jaunty reply, flaunting his goatish ways and affirming our point that he will be forgotten soon.

Who are these fiendish wood nymphs disguised as the Oilers Hockey Squadron? Will they deliver an Ike Turner style beating to the Blackhawks? Will Patrick Kane be reduced to tears for a second time in less than two weeks? The Oilers will give you something to cry about you baby.

Oh yeah

The Oilers have taken a lot of heat lately. Bloggergate, the Sophmores signing autographs for $25 bucks a pop, the plan they are considering to charge Santa Claus to fly over Rexall Place airspace this Christmas. It all hasn’t amounted to a good PR month for the team.

But dammit Nation these are the Oilers. They are also capable of good. To wit there is this:

Good on you Joey. Good on you Oilers.