GDB8: Roli to take on the Bruins

Dwayne Roloson will get his second start of the season tonight. What does this mean?

This is more about Coach MacTavish being frustrated with Mathieu Garon, than it is the Oilers showcasing Roloson. Garon didn’t look good in Vancouver, and he let in a soft third goal in Colorado. The Oilers need him to be better if he’s to be their everyday #1 goalie.

Starting Roloson also is a sign that the coach doesn’t have confidence in young Jeff Drouin-Deslauriers just yet. If he did, tonight would be an ideal time to start the 24-year-old.

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This is a huge game for the Oilers. A win puts them two games over .500 before their longest road trip of the season. Then all they would have to do is go 2-4-1 on the road trip and return home .500 after 15 games. If the Oilers are .500 or better after 15 games, with 12 of them on the road they will be ecstatic.

If Roloson plays well, this will muddy the goaltending picture even more, and it will also push Garon to be better. When asked what has been the difference in the last three losses compared to the first four games MacTavish was quick with a response, “Goaltending and special teams, plain and simple.”

That sounds like a coach who is expecting more out of his goalies, and his decision to start Roloson proves that.

Pisani back in

After missing two games with a sore back, Fernando Pisani draws back in centering Ethan Moreau and Eric Cole. Pisani tweaked his back on a snapshot in the morning skate in Chicago, and has been getting treatment for the past four days. He says he feels fine and it shouldn’t be a reoccurring problem.

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It looks like Zack Stortini will sit out tonight, as he was the last player on the ice at practice this morning. And Jason Strudwick won’t play due to a sore shoulder.

October and November games matter

After 20 games last season, only one western team that wasn’t in the playoffs at that time (Anaheim) was able to make it in. The Oilers need to be in the playoff race come the first 20 games, or it will be much harder to make up ground. The Oilers schedule could make it easier to make up ground, but they have to be close after 20 games.

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  • Gregor, good news that goggles is back in the line up tonight. I'm still waiting for Gatorade to release the Pisani formula that tastes exactly like meat balls. Tonight could be the night that finally convinces them.

  • Smokin' Ray Burnt

    I think Mac T is giving Roli a chance because he spent a lot of $$$$ for the Fuhr replica pads. Might as well let the guy wear them at least on before he is traded.

    With Deslaures at 1-0. Don't you think he should get another shot at starting? I do. But I'm not there at practice so I dunno.

  • Fiveandagame


    As one of Wayne's new hired Goons, I am obliged to tell you, you now owe Wayne 25¢ for use of the"S"® word.

    Pay up or Dr. Randy Greggggg and I will personally taunt you from the street…oh and what a taunting it will be.

  • jdrevenge

    It's a little scary that goaltending would be considered a problem right now.

    Roli going into this game seems like a worse bet than Garon. He's morphed into a Conklin style goalie. Good positionally but horrible side to side and has a slow glove.

    Is Mac sending him a message?

  • I think Mac T is giving Roli a chance because he spent a lot of $$$$ for the Fuhr replica pads. Might as well let the guy wear them at least on before he is traded.

    It make you wonder what the eff is going on when Roli (your back-up # 3?) is starting one of the most important games of the young season.

    Classic MacT – hopefully that's gut feeling isn't an ulcer acting up.

    Roli better show up tonight, or I think we might have a bigger goalie problem than us minnions want to think.

  • Lest we forget that while the Oilers played possibly their worst game of the season in Chicago, Roloson didn't play THAT bad. He had a lot of rubber fired at him and virtually no one to help him out. So I'd like to think that if at least 4 dmen show up tonight, then we might not be bad off with him between the pipes.

  • OilersNinja

    Well Smid is in, Gagne is on the first line Power Play unit and Old man Roli is tending the pipes. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

    I can only think of one more thing that can be done and that is applying the OilersNinja personal guarantee the Oil win tonight. This carries more clout then any "lock of the week" or "shoe in"

    Oilers win 6-2 Gagne with 3 points

    I also predict SmacIntyre delivering one of his famous beat downs on Mr. Thorton

  • Dear God,

    Please protect Milan Lucic tonight. Don't let him score any goals and get any helpers, but don't allow him to do something stupid like putting his face in front of Smac's fists. I would like to continue to watch him put Leafs through the glass for years to come.

    Big ups.

  • charlie

    I want everyone to relax, the Oilers WILL WIN TONIGHT. I know this because i am NOT getting the PPV, and the last time I didn't get a PPV the Oil won in a shootout in St. Louis.

    It will be tough not to watch, but it is for the good of the team…go Oilers!!!