Oh those falling Leafs

So we’re playing a little game with the kids from the Pension Plan Puppets blog. We’ve asked them five questions about their precious Leafs, and they’ve asked us five about the Mighty Oil. And tomorrow’s GDB thread will feature the questions we posed those sad, sad bastards as well as their high-larious answers.

In the meantime, we invite you all to comments and provide your responses to the questions below. The best one (or two) for each will be sent back to PPP which they will add to their own game-day thread.

You have until tomorrow morning at around 9am MST to get your responses in. Make ‘em good, lambs!

Questions from Leafs Fans

General Borshevsky asks: “Do you hold out hope that NHL superstars will again one day want to play in northern Alberta, and not, say, somewhere nice and pleasant to live?”

1967ers asks: “Where do Oilers fans get off trash talking anyone? Your vaunted youthful speedy star-laden roster has one (count it) more point than the rebuilding doomed-for-last-place slow, no promising youth Leafs do. As a follow-up, in what Bizarro universe is 1990 considered recent? Nobody under 30 has any vivid memories of the Oilers as a powerhouse.”

Jrwendelman asks: “How did it feel when Chris Pronger and his wife basically hocked a loogie on the statue of Gretz out front of the Rexall Place/Skyreach Centre/Edmonton Coliseum/Northlands Coliseum? How did it feel when Roli the Goalie got steamrollered in Game 1 of the ’06 Final, following which the Oil coughed up a three-goal lead and went on to lose the series in 7 games? That’s gotta hurt.”

PPP asks: “Picking up Dwayne Roloson before the trade deadline in 2006 turned out to be one of Kevin Lowe’s best moves as GM. It was one of his last good decisions before stepping down as GM (or screwing up upwards). Then the gamble on Mathieu Garon which worked out really well last year. Now JDD is apparently the second coming of Bill Ranford. What do you think Steve Tambellini is going to do to solve the overflowing crease?”

Chemmy asks: “Since I actually like the Oilers unlike some blogging partners I know my question isn’t antagonistic: What is your favourite playoff series post-1990?”

Let’s see some masterful responses, Nation!

  • I'm a Scientist!

    QUESTION #1.

    We have no doubt the superstars will come. Sheldon Souray's rugged good looks and unquestionable manliness will lure in the stars and have them questioning their own heterosexuality. Although I do hope that we can real in a player with the star power of Jeff Finger. That would be good times for the Nation.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    #3 (a) What Chris Pronger did to us I'm sure felt similar to how Leaf fans felt when CuJo left Leafland for Detroit for much less money than Toronto offered.
    (b) Yes, it feels horrible making it to the Stanley Cup finals – I guess that's why the Leafs don't try to make it there themselves.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    1) Home grown talent my friend. See the 4 highlight reel goals that Hemsky got last week. Nuff said. For you Makebelief fans, home grown talent is all those GREAT players you traded away at the trade deadline to push your hockey team to the umm … 2nd round ?

    2)In 2006, the team was one game away from winning the Stanley Cup. So, you think wow, what's the big deal ? Umm … let's see … the Leafs have not been back to the cup final since 1967 – the last year they won the cup. All those great draft picks, etc. they traded away to make the push have never gotten them back to the finals again – ever. So you say people under 30 don't know about the powerhouse teams. Hell, the last stanley cup photo for the Leafs was taken in black in white. Kids have to go to Wikipedia to understand what that means … unless of course they photoshop it … LMAO …

    3) I would rather reminisce about our 5 stanley cups since 1984 and our cup appearance in '06 than pretend that one stanley cup in 40 years is something to get excited about.

    4)I hear Toronto is in need of a goaltender. They can have Roli for two first round draft picks, a 2nd round draft pick and beers …

    5) The most memorable would have to be the '06 run. It brought the city back to life. It was amazing. How can you match the ups and downs of the playoff run or begin to describe the fans singing the national anthem (both US and Canadian ones). Passion my friend, pure passion ! We were playing hockey in June and showing up to Rexall place in golf shorts, sandals, jerseys and drink beer to keep cool ! It was amazing !

  • I'm a Scientist!


    1993 Campbell Conference Finals

    It was great watching the Leafs blow the series after Wendel Clark scores a hat trick in game 6, then lose in overtime. Then to Watch Wayne Gretzky score a hat trick in game 7 topped of the misery of Leaf Nation.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    2) a- We get off trash talking you, because as fans we are better. We actually get to go to games, and when we do we cheer, scream and sing. You talk about being Canada's team, but no one sings the anthem. Half of your lower bowl is empty at the start of each period: are you networking or are there no washrooms in your building. b- 1990 is recent in comparison to 1967 (PS I am under 30, and I have vivid memories of Gretzky, but mainly of Mess and Randford carrying the cup: Does anyone under 50 have memories of the Leafs doing that?)

  • I'm a Scientist!

    1) Compared to Toronto, real superstars ARE playing in Edmonton.

    2) Comparing points on November 12th is as stupid as planning a parade down Younge Street every September.

    3) It has felt good. The slow burn it caused amongst the fans has kept us warm through two winters now.

    4) He is going to trade one to Toronto. It's just a matter of time before the Leafs GM of the moment outsmarts himself once again and decides the rebuild is over and all this team needs is Gary Roberts, at which time he promptly trades Toskala to get him, crowns Jospeh as the starter and then for some veteran experience ships a 1st rounder to Edmonton for Boulerice and Roloson.

    5) Single series would be Dallas in '97. That question was no fun at all.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Problem with most superstars is that, they're usually older with families. Edmonton's flying schedule, gotta admit, is pretty horrible, and is easy to see why some will hate Edmonton. But if I love hockey as much as some NHL players claim, I'd rather play in hockey hotbed Edmonton, than the sunbelt where hockey gets buried deep in the papers.

    The vaunted youthful speedy star-laden roster is better than a joke-of-a-contract-Jeff-Finger, AHL goalie duo team. Edmonton will improve, only a matter of time before the team clicks with newcomers Cole and Visnovsky. 1990 may not be that recent, but it's not a generation away, like how, oh, say 1967 is.

    Pronger is gone, and he can stay in Anaheim. We don't need any dirty crap like players stepping on other players. If he thinks anonymity is important for his job, then I feel sorry for him. It means he's not doing something he really loves. Roli getting steamrolled, was unfortunate. But considering that our previous duo of Markkanen and Conklin was unable to get us to the 8th slot, and yet we managed to regroup under a duo that little had confidence in to come back from a 3-1 deficit, only to ultimately lose in game 7? Things could be worse. You know, like not even making it to the finals in 41 years.

    Me, I think (hope) that Tambellini is gonna trade off Roloson for a draft pick. He is, in my opinion, a strong backup-quality goalie. He's not consistent enough for number 1, although when he's on, he's phenomenal. Our minor league is filled with a ton of quality prospects. No superstars, sure, but lots of solid solid players. Roloson isn't enough to get us back a quality prospect relative to what we currently have, so all we could hope for is either a mid draft pick, or a package for that third-line center the Oilers need. For Garon, JDD, and Dubnyk, I think he'll sign Garon for 2-3 years, however long he thinks it'll take for Dubnyk and JDD to be ready for the NHL, then give it over to those kids. They're huge, especially Dubnyk at 6'5"

    Easy. 1997, round 1, Edmonton vs Dallas. Watching Marchant speed down the right side, embarrass Ludwig (I think it was him anyways) by making him spin around and drop, then rifle a shot past Moog? That or, Cujo's diving save on Joe Nieuwendyk in OT to save the game? Or the many comebacks in that series? It was 11 years ago and I still remember the reaction to Cujo's save and Marchant's goal and celebration. My favorite series, even more so than the 2006 playoff run by the Oilers.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    As A side note…

    Couldn't this trash talking questionaire have been done AFTER the Leafs game?

    Didn't the whole Penguin fiasco teach you guys anything about the hockey gods?

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Rick, clearly, no. Learning from our mistakes is not something we're very good at. I'm walking an even finer line tomorrow, as I'm crushing beers and watching the game with a die hard leafs fan that will do nothing but chirp me for the rest of the season if, by some sort of miracle, the leafs do pull out a win.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    None of the responses are meant to be antagonistic, even if they come across that way. While I am not a Leafs fan, I respect the team and what they have done for the game, and the fans are some of the most dedicated in sports, which is something to be commended (unlike certain other teams *cough-Canucks-cough*). The Leafs have been a surprise this year, and I look forward to a great game tomorrow. Now onto the questions:

    1) I would consider Souray a 'superstar', moreso than Jeff Finger (I'm sorry, I really cannot rationalize that signing). Also, it seems that free agency is being slightly hobbled by GMs offering longer-range contracts to their young talents, thereby placing more importance on a farm system and scouting than on signing 'superstars'. So with any luck, this question will become moot.

    2) I think the reference to 1990 is odd considering your name "1967ers". Anyways, trash-talking is a part of sports, and will always be (unless you are a Detroit Lions fan, then you can only trash-talk other Detroit Lions fans). Although a team may do well or not do well in the beginning of the season, it does not translate into a whole season of play. However, I find it interesting that your compatriot in question 1 says that no 'superstars' will sign in Edmonton, yet you call the Oilers a 'star-laden' team. Which is it?

    3) Like a girlfriend leaving you, it sucked and tore the soul of the team out. However, in the same way one hits the gym, learns a new skill or hobby and finally goes out and gets a better, hotter girl, Edmonton has done the same thing in landing Souray (arguably), in hiring Tambellini, and in having a more solid base for the future than it did even in 2006. Losing Roli sucked, but that's the nature of the game. Things happen, you play on. No excuses.

    4) I might argue Roli being one of K-Lowe's best moves. Our drafting has been pretty darn good. But, that said, I see Tambo trading Roli to a team needing a 1A goalie, maybe for a playoff run, and maybe Garon, depending on how contract talks go. I have no idea what he'll get, but MYR's guess of a draft pick seems reasonable for a 39 year-old goalie who is a UFA next year.

    5) Favourite series post-1990 is also 1997 vs. Dallas. That was the resurrection of a one-proud franchise and the beginning of a return to respectability (not to mention the awesome rivalry (in game-play if not wins) with Dallas since then).

  • I'm a Scientist!

    1) Yes. Billionaire owners waving cold hard cash around can do that.

    2) Umm, what was the question?

    3) It sucked when CFP left…you know that unwanted/sad/dejected feeling you got about 2 months ago when you realized that Sundin no longer wanted to play in T.O.? It's kinda like that. But, time heals…and in the end…it's for the better. Hang in there! As for how it felt when Rolie got steamrolled? Markkannen played pretty damn awesome. How many backup goalies have the leaf had that got a shutout in any game in the SCF's? I can't google back to 1967 or I'd look it up myself.

    4) Tambo is gonna trade one of them and get picks. Unlike the Leafs who seem to trade picks for guys like Rolie…HEY! I have an idea…..

    5) My favorite playoff series was probably in 06 when we came down from 0 and 2 in the San Jose series to pull out 4 straight starting with the triple OT thriller winner by Horcs and capping it off with a home game Rolie shutout in game 6.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    5) Is this a multiple choice? One of:

    1)1991: Battle of Alberta, Oilers come from 3 goals down in Game 7 to win on Esa Tikkanen's hat trick goal in the Saddledome.

    2) 1997: Oilers take out Dallas on the strength of two Cujo shutouts in Dallas (one in double overtime) and his finest moment, a spectacular diving stop on Joe Nieuwendyk in OT in Game 7, setting the stage for Todd Marchant's flyby of Grant Ledyard and perfect shot past Andy Moog.

    3) 1998: Oilers come from 3-1 down in games and a 1-0 deficit in the third period of Game 5. Cujo doesn't allow another goal for the entire rest of the series in his other finest hour, outduelling Patrick Roy in the process. Like many Oiler stars, Cujo then goes elsewhere to actually get paid for what he accomplished as an Oiler. Can't recall where he went …

    4) 2006: Shock elimination of President's Trophy winning Red Wings on the back of superior goaltending by Roli and huge goals by the likes of Brad Winchester, Fernando Pisani and Ales Hemsky.

    5) 2006: After falling behind 2-0 to the powerhosue Sharks, Oil take Game 3 in triple OT (the Chiclets Game) before rolling over the Sharks in Games 4, 5, and 6. Shawn Horcoff outplays Hart trophy winner Joe Thornton in leading the way.

    There's more of course, a couple wins over Gretzky's Kings and a sweet upset of the Canucks, not to mention the five-game elimination of Brian (Blowhard) Burke's "Mighty" Ducks when half the Oiler team had the flu. But I have to draw the line somewhere.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    How did it feel when Chris Pronger and his wife basically hocked a loogie on the statue of Gretz out front of the Rexall Place/Skyreach Centre/Edmonton Coliseum/Northlands Coliseum?

    It was like we were a newlywed couple and after having our first baby together, he took a good look at us with our stretch marks, extra 20 pounds and cold "you go feed the damn spawn of satan for once" stares and found himself some slut whose jugs would fall out of a turtleneck and left us to pick up the pieces of our shattered lives.

    How did it feel when Roli the Goalie got steamrollered in Game 1 of the ‘06 Final, following which the Oil coughed up a three-goal lead and went on to lose the series in 7 games?

    Like in wrestling, you know when the hero needs to team up with somebody cuz he has this beef with two guys? So he finds this guy who he thinks is his friend and they work just great together but once it gets to the PPV, as your getting the life pounded out of you, and you just find that one opening to crawl over, stretch out and tag him, he pulls his hand away and walks back down the aisle to the dressing room. Yeah…like that.

    Btw, continuing with my wresting analogy…Anybody remember that awful give away by Ty Conklin after he gets into the game? Would ANYBODY have been suprised after game 1 of that finals if Ty Conklin were being interviewed on CBC by Scott Oak if it went something like this…

    Scott: So how do you put a game like that into words?
    Ty (looking dejected with a towel over his head): I dunno, all I can say is Im sorry….im sorry…

    (suddenly he breaks out in an evil grin, the american anthem goes off)


    (He pulls his Oilers jersey off, revealing a Carolina hurricanes jersey, Rod Brindamour and Eric Staal come in pouring champagne on Tys head yelling "We did it! We did it!")


    …wouldnt sports be more interesting if it played out like wrestling?

  • I'm a Scientist!

    @kai LMAO HAHAHAH wow i love your answers

    1) We hope to attract "real" hockey players, not players like Michael Nylander, CFP

    3) it felt like shit. Especially when someone doesn't reveal the truth, then said person goes on Jim Rome show and claims Edmonton fans broke into his old house and stole his furniture and burned his baby's crib.

    5) one of my favorite and first was when we defeated colorado in the first round only to lose to Dallas. And basically every Dallas series…i would love for the oil to play Dallas in a playoff series again and spark up the rivalry

  • I'm a Scientist!

    How does it feel when Sundin won't wave his no trade and then signs in , oh I don't know, how bout Vancouver to "Win the Cup"???? HAHAHA, like the nucks are gonna win, he hates the leafs that much!!!!

  • I'm a Scientist!

    1) Having hungout and attended games in 10 NHL cities I can assure you that Edmonton is one of the best barns in the league. Do we pretend that Edmonton in February is more comfortable than Florida? Hell no.

    But there isn't an NHLer collecting a dime in any of the 30 markets that doesn't love being a big deal. You have 8 or maybe 9 seasons in the league and after that you are foever known as an ex-NHLer. Want to maximize those years in The Show? Want to score N*Sync level groupies? E-Town baby.

    You are all we got, we pay buckets of dough and no one will ever hear what you do for a living in a bar and say "that's cute" and go looking for an actor or NHL player. Ask someone like Doug Weight what his favorite team was. For that matter, ask The Great One. The stars that matter will continue to play in E-Town.

    2) Wow. Firstly Leaf fans asking Oiler fans where they get off chirping people is pretty much the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Check that, the dumbest thing I have ever heard is a team that last won in 1967 asking about recent memory. 1990 wasn't yesterday but there has been a Campbell Conference Final appearance AND a Stanley Cup appearance since then. You have to visit Palliative Care units to find people who remember the Leafs being anything better than terrible.

    Better still we can chirp you folk because when the Oil heard that Jason Blake and Andrew Raycroft were available they said "pass." What did the Leafs do again? Exactly. We make good decisions out here in Alberta kids.

    3) Honestly dude it felt worse than a cobra enema. You guys couldn't understand what a Game 7 Cup Finals loss followed by you star leaving feels like. It feels bad.

    The inevitable divorce Pronger will get will probably feel about the same level of crap. Much like when George Michael left Wham, we the fans move on.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    1) Winning cures everything. (Would you really want to live in Detroit otherwise?) If we become a contender in the near future, they'll be beating down the door to be the missing piece. Happens all the time. Besides, I'm not seeing where Toronto's record is better in recent years.
    2) Standings are only marginally relevant this time of year: anyone can get hot or lucky. It's where you stand at the end of the season that matters. Furthermore, seven finals and five wins in 25 years is better than no finals and no wins in 40. Next question.
    3) a. Shit happens, I'm over it. b. I'm pretty sure the game was tied when that happened, actually; the lead, she was already hocked up. Anyway, we'd have been fine if Conklin and Gator hadn't screwed the pooch behind the net late in that game.
    4) If he's as in line with Kevin Lowe's thinking as we're led to believe, he'll sign JDD to three years and $10M at the end of the year. Seriously, though, your guess is as good as mine.
    5) Most people will say Dallas '97, but I'm going with Detroit '06, for personal reasons.