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Rob Schremp does not suck. He doesn’t have horns, he is seemingly able to back check at will and not once did he refer to anyone’s anything as sloppy seconds. According to our calculations he is not the worst player in the NHL — as some curly haired coaches have led us to believe. Hell, Pouliot even scored playing on his line. Perhaps he can make miracles happen.

For the record we are surprised how loud the cries were getting from everyone to bring up Schremp. Generally maladjusted propsects with crappy attitudes get no love from the OilersNation. We think its a testament to the Shitanusly® bad play of the Oilers this year that he is coming in to such fanfare. If it means a win, you get the feeling we’d demand Craig Muni come out of retirement if he could be of any help. Of course he is busy in retirement running a watch cleaning business in Guelph called “Sloppy Seconds” and can’t be pulled away. It’s too bad.

There we were

As much as it killed us to leave our beloved JL meeting for an evening, we had to spin down to RX1 to run a few hockey beers through us. Our game attendance record has been spotty at best this year and we had to make up for lost time with our favourite beer vendor: All Of Them.

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Don’t tell me there’s a better city to watch a game in. There were louder cheers during the Tom Thumb game at intermission than those reserved for goals in Anaheim. And Anaheim is an awesome zone to watch a game in, believe it or not. We would hate to witness a 1-0 pre-season game in Florida. Even our interest in the game would be tested — and we still occasionally play NHL95 on our Sega Genesis when the mood hits us.


Great Googly Moogly. What do you animals want from him? He’s sorry! He sent his publicist into the dressing room to make an apology on his behalf! His publicist! That’s what they are there for people. Publicistizing things that you think so that you don’t have to talk to anyone. What more can he do? Send a fax to a media outlet? Pen a kindly worded telegraph? Surely you don’t expect him to apologize in person. A Vogue man doesn’t stoop to such levels. How gauche.

“I don’t know if we can make the best possible team with Avery on the team.” — Coach Tippett

Oh please — if the Stars were a band they’d be Shitallica. Interestingly, because the Stars have no AHL team they can assign him anywhere they like — or so some talking head from TSN explained to us this morning.

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Why don’t they send him wherever the hell Emery now calls home? They can sit at that Siberian Railtown collecting cheques from Russian mobsters, driving bullet proof Ladas and acting as badly as they please. Then one night, as they are celebrating a win in front of 1,300 fans they can look each other in the eye and know in their heart of hearts:

Douchebags eventually get what’s coming to them.

Schremp watch: 1 G, 0 G, 1 A, 1 PT.

  • Chris

    What will the roster look like in two years? Horcoff, Penner,and Hemsky will still be under contract. Gagner, Nilsson, Cogliano, AND Schremp all have skills but lack size and grit. A properly built elite level roster probably only has room for two players of this ilk in the top six moving forward. Any predictions? If Schremp can maintain a high level game will he stick… or is management showcasing him?

  • Which one of the Mini-Pops gets traded? I don't think there's room for 4 small, skilled forwards in the top 6, considering the general lack of grit on the team. Does one of them play on the 3rd line? What about the return of Fernie? If Schremp can stick, boy, we just have more questions don't we?

  • Malc

    As tough of a going as Gagner is having right now, I can't see him going anywhere unless we're really getting something in return. Remember, he's only 19, and he has huge potential.

    The other three though… anything is possible.

  • David S

    Well the 'sphere is pretty harsh on Sam, but you have to see the small steps. I've seen him in more corner scrums this year, in front of the net more often too. Then there was the play last night where he used Schremp as a decoy while slipping it to a trailing Cogliano. The kid sees the whole ice and thinks the game better than most vets – at 19.

    On top of which, it doesn't appear to me that he's being sheltered as much as last year, being thrown out there against some pretty tough players. Looks like he's on MacT's accelerated program. Bound to be some bumps along the way.

    Lastly, he was a relative unknown until now. Teams probably have a few pre-game words about the kid line now and as a result he gets a whole lot less room than he used to.

    I agree that he needs a game or two in the PB to settle down. But from what I've seen so far, the kid is going to be something special.

    Schremp? Yeah OK. Not bad first game. But lets see what he does in the next while before we proclaim him the next 99 huh?

  • Hockey Gods

    "Chris Says:
    December 4th, 2008 at 3:08 pm
    I pronounce; Henceforth all rebound goals shall be referred to as: Sloppy Seconds."

    Chris you thunder theif!!! I amde that comment last night in the gameday thread and it got a lot more mileage.

  • stef

    Why does the short-leased Oilers fanbase like Schremp? Good question. I have a theory. It could be complete gunk, especially amongst the younger fans. For the fans of the glory days… judge for yourself. Staples was in the right church…. though the pew was way off.

    When Schremp was drafted there was already hype around him. After almost making the team right away, he went back to the London team that in hindsight seemed to win a lot of games 7-5. Remind you of anyone?

    I know after the draft, I found it very easy to keep an eye on Schremp's exploits like no other prospect in recent history. As an Oiler fan not tied to the team by geography, it could have been the same thing that attracted me as a young kid… winning and lot of goals. What an awesome combination! Now, ya got this hotshot who seems to be just playing with the rest of the league. In my mind, this guy was born to wear an Oilers jersey.

    Then Gagner ends up in London and picks up the Schremp-slack and magically ends up on the Oilers even quicker. I think I wept over the thought of Schremp-Gagner-Hemsky once Gagner made the team so quickly.

  • coach

    perfect job mac t coach of the year again. hey i got an ideal . lets mentor edmonton minor league coaches on being winners. 3 goalies couple huggy bears an some 4th line ass kissers that dont shoot the puck for 3mill a year . one guy 3 points in 4 games 5guys 6 points in 24 games hmmmmm . happy golfing ha ha p.s. its like watching a dog with 2 legs swim. boys clubs are losers. prove me wrong.