GDB 44: Party Time

Oh we hate Fridays.The misery that comes as you count down your final eight hours of the work week. The terrible knowledge that the weekend is upon us and that there will be two whole days of not having to work before the joy of Monday returns. Someone may try and sell you beer in the next 48 hours for heavens sakes. We must have the strength to say, “No thanks friend. I don’t need beer to enjoy yourself.”

*pregnant pause*

If you are watching the game tonight do your ol’ pal Wanye a favour. If you are near Edmonton — come to Hudsons on Bourbon Street. Click on the Game Day Party ad on the main page and print off the evite too. We were originally going to use the money to support the rebel troops closing in on the Capital City and General Montoya. His bloody regime must be brought to an end by any means necessary.

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Then it was helpfully pointed out to us that we don’t actually know any rebel troops and that General Montoya is simply someone we made up in our head. Apparently imaginary political causes can’t accept real money as donations. Instead it was politely pointed out  that the Nation is currently supporting Kids with Cancer and that for every evite returned the people at Hudsons will donate $2. Decent.

For those of you who won’t be in attendance…

We will pour a little on the ground for the homies that can’t be with us. Top of the list: Willis. If he lived in Edmonton — or Alberta for that matter — we would load up the Nation Van with duct tape, a black hood and some Twizzlers, in case we got hungry on the way. Then we would cruise over Chez Willis, kindly negotiate with Mrs. Willis, then strong-arm Jonathan out of the house and roughly load him into the van. Then we would go to the party.

Those of you who won’t be in attendance — our hearts and thoughts are with you. We generally get a little emotional watching Ryan Smyth playing for any team that doesn’t rhyme with Snoilers. We may get a little extra emotional after a few beers tonight, especially if Smyth scores. We will need emotional support to get us through the evening and we appreciate all the help we can get. We will also be selling off the tickets to the Oilers rematch against the Wild on Jan 30. These tickets were donated by Buck75 to the cause. Personally we wouldn’t part with Oilers tickets if someone had our entire family hostage.

But we don’t negotiate with terrorists.

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That’s our policy.

Thoughts of last night

When Sheldon Souray positively ended the life of Weller we can’t help but think fondly of all the Souray haters that didn’t give the guy a moment’s peace on the airwaves and on the Nation in the off-season. Still think that he was a bad signing? Other than the odd giveaway here and there he has basically been everything that the Oil wanted when they brought him in. Plus he is a rockstar that make the ladies go “OOOOOOOWHEEEEE!”

And when is the last time Liam Reddox did that? Huh? Never.

That’s when.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Ok so it's almost 2:00am and I am farkin funk as druck. My girlfriend made me come home early so here I am. Yay win against a divisional rival for the Oil. I swear to hell that party you guys were at better have been a good one. I was trying to pretending that I was partying with the JL tonight but my girlfriend was just not quite up to playing the part of Wanye for me. oh well, I 'm going to bed to dream about Souray beating down some more mofo's. I love you Nation. You complete me.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    baggedmilk is hungover as balls wrote:

    Why did we pick up another goalie? Seems strange to me.

    Well, we had to solve the three goalie problem and Springfield has been openly critical about how the big team has been treating them.

    JDD comes up.
    Roster spot opens (which we'll need when guys get healthy).
    New goalie (JDD insurance?) and better assets for the junior team.

    The thought is that there's still another trade cooking. Guess we'll see soon enough. Good job Tambo and Lowe.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    David S wrote:

    Dominican Republic?
    It’s fairly unlikely a guy who writes like a retired bus driver was ever on the Oil payroll, let alone has any credible “inside” info. Here’s a news flash – alot of us over the age of forty could tell enough Oiler “Grinder” stories to sound legit.
    If you want to make yourself sound important by spewing Oiler “inside news” crap in an authoritative tone, that’s your sad reality. But how about leaving Glenn out of it huh? Any idiot knows his only affiliation with the team these days consists of friendships he gained over the years. Not to mention that nobody ever told him what to do anyways.
    Seriously man. One of the greatest Oilers of all time is having his jersey retired on Sunday. I’m sorry you never really had anything to do with the team or those guys, but have a little respect huh?

    shiny at river cree, poker at river cree, club live at river cree, why not just retire the sweater at river cree – hit me

  • I'm a Scientist!

    @ David S: NUMBER 11 – When the oil retired his jersey this is how it went down – Mess has a leadership camp that conflicted with the oil desired schedule – he choose the date leading to the SMYTH trading date issue – not the oil… then it was the oil's responsibility to cover all of mess' 50 relatives hangeron's that you saw show up on the ice behind him like fly's to honey…. then off to LUX for the Rexall – Cold FX party (endorsement) with the tragically hip until 3am – moosedictated what and when to the oil as they needed him more than he needed them……. $$$$$$$ expense reimbursement was to the max

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Dope Oil –

    Street talk + unhealthy dose of speculation + grade school grammar = EPIC FAIL.

    Even if 10% of the crap you spewed were true, outing gossip nobody cares about doesn't make you a "source", despite your ever so brilliant sign-in name.

    Congrats! You've become the Oilers Nation version of Eklund.

    Good luck with that.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    docweb wrote:

    If Tencer keeps using “locker room” instead of “dressing room” we might have to send Wanye after him to turf him back to the US of A.

    Even as an American I call it the "dressing room."

    Then again, I've been coached by Canadians for all my life, so the occasional "eh?" also enters my vocabulary. I also prefer Queen's English spelling (esp. with "centre," it just looks better).