Frozen in Time II


On February 24th 2009, Edmonton Oilers Head Coach Craig MacTavish locked eyes with an Oilers fan sitting behind the bench prior to the game against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

This is their story.

MacTavish: “And just what the hell are you looking at there Missy?”

Girl: [snaps fingers in MacT’s general direction] “Not a whole hell of a lot from where I’m standing, you fossil.”

MacTavish: “Is that so? Seems to me one of us had to pay to get in here and one of us has been hasn’t paid for a ticket in years.”

Girl: “Seems to me everyone in the building knows the best Coach this team has had in the last five years was traded to Anaheim in 2007”

MacTavish: “I’m getting sick of all you fans bashing me. I have half a mind to come over this glass and show you how I got these teardrop tattoos.”

Girl: “I’m no Harvey the Hound, MacT. You come over this glass at me and you will have to deal with the Star of the Senior Girls wrestling team at O’Leary High”

Sam Gagner: “I wonder if I remembered to put my cup on…”

MacT: “Do you think that scares me? Did you know that I used to be Captain up in this bitch back in the day? I didn’t even wear a helmet either. I had this sweet afro deal tha-“

Dude to the left of Billy Moores head: “Did I really just pay $46 dollars for two beers? Now that can’t be right…”

Girl: “I could care less if you taught Gretzky himself to skate backwards, MacT. You get this team into the playoffs stat or me and the rest of Rexall may just come over the glass for YOU.”

MacTavish: [swallows nervously, adjusts tie] Well, I … er.

Sam Gagner: [sighs contentedly] “Oh yeah there it is. The ol’ boys are snug as a bug in a rug…”

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Brent G. wrote:

    lol your a funny guy Wayne Gretz. I actually laughed out loud when I read the title.

    Oh did you now. Your jealousy is oozing out of your foul mouth Brent G.
    1 Dumb F@#k
    2 Stupid @ss
    3 F#ggo%
    4 Moron
    Hum very creative choice of names you burp when your Jealous …Sounds familiar???
    The only reason you dont like your teams history
    well ,I already explained it to you

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Seriously Wanye… Once a week JSBM (because they are killer at finding stupid pictures) should post a picture like this and then we can all make fun of it. I had some good laughs today. Greys Anatomy… that's rich.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Not to pick nits on a hilarious post but:
    If you're referring to pronger he was traded in 2006. If you're referring to smyth he was traded to the islanders.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Colin wrote:

    Not to pick nits on a hilarious post but:
    If you’re referring to pronger he was traded in 2006. If you’re referring to smyth he was traded to the islanders.

    It's ok, Wanye screws up the dates all the time. We come to accept this as life. If he says it was '07 then it was '07.

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    Girl: "hmmm…why does Penner have that sinister look on his face? He better notta done something to my boy Sam Gamges…or I'm gonna go all Christian Bale on MacT!"

    MacT: "I think that fat ugly chick wants me! Now where is that damn Usher when I need him? He better have that stack of my business cards with him or I'm gonna rip him in the media!"

    Billy Moores: "I wonder if my stache will ever rival Lanny's?"

    Sam Gagner: "man my balls feel itchy right now."

    Penner: "man Sam's cup is small! Oh well, I like a nice tight fit."

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    MacTavish: "Listen young lady, we're going for a few celebratory drinks after the game. If I were you I'd be cautious crossing the street. Bad things can happen. Trust me."