GDB 61: San Fernando es muy bueno!


The Oilers will get a lift tonight when Fernando Pisani returns to the ice for the first time since Nov 17th, a span of 42 games. He will skate with Moreau and Cogliano, while Stortini returns to his usual spot on the fourth line with Reddox and Brodziak.

His teammates wasted no time trying to make him feel part of the team again.

Moreau said jokingly, “It’s easier for him to come back compared to a skilled player.”

When Mark Connolly and I asked Pisani about that he replied, “He should know. Have you seen the puck after he handles it? It’s chipped up badly,” laughed Pisani.

Pisani is well-liked in the room, and Moreau went on to say how much of a boost it should be for the team.

Pisani does play a simple game, and since he doesn’t play very physical his conditioning shouldn’t be an issue.

Grebeshkov will not play tonight, but thinks he might be able to go on Saturday.

The last time the Blue Jackets were in town, it was the Ales Hemsky show. He scored twice, had two assists and basically beat the Blue Jackets himself. Hemsky has been okay of late, but he needs to amp up his game again. The Blue Jackets have been a good match up for the Oilers offensively this year, and they sounded like a confident bunch at the skate today.

Of course that doesn’t guarantee a solid effort, but for unexplained reasons this team has been able to ramp their game up at this time of the year before, excluding 2007.

Spotlight on coaches

Ken Hitchcock goes for win #501 tonight. He became only the 12th coach to win 500 games when the Jackets beat the Leafs last Thursday.

Pat Burns is next in line with 501.

Here is the top ten.

  1. Scotty Bowman: 1244-574-323
  2. Al Arbour: 782-577-248
  3. Dick Irvin: 692-527-230
  4. Mike Keenan: 660-539-163
  5. Pat Quinn: 657-481-180
  6. Bryan Murray: 620-465-154
  7. Billy Reay: 542-385-175
  8. Ron Wilson: 539-452-158
  9. Jacques Lemaire: 528-405-172
  10. Jacques Martin: 517-406-175

Pretty exclusive company for Hitchcock, but the Oilers are hoping he waits to tie Burns for at least another two days.

But wait, there’s more!

And what were the Penguins thinking? Why not just sign Ryan Malone to the $4.5 million contract in the summer. Is Chris Kunitz better? Of course not. Ray Shero must have something else up his sleeve or Ryan Whitney has completely lost his game. I’m betting on the former.

  • Deep Oil

    Colin wrote:

    Yes, deep oil and his conspiracy theories and thread hijackings are getting old, him and his long lost brother WT need to bugger off for a while.

    Sorry mised the ride to Texas with WT this morning

  • shakey

    @ caloilfan:
    Both of those guys must lead the league in bullsh*t answers.
    Are they completely oblivious to the crap-show they just witnessed and really think they were in it and were 'a bounce away' from taking it?
    That had to be the most lopsided 1 – 0 game I've seen.

    Sorry that you had to drive a few hours for that one. All I had to do was turn off the TV and go upstairs when it was over.
    We both lost last night…you just paid more for it.

  • Peter Pan

    @ Deep Oil A.K.A. Deep Throat

    Don't you have a job? Don't you have a life? You're on this site all damn day! Shut the computer off and go get some exercise dude. I don't want to sound like an ass, and I mean no offense to you, but this can't be healthy. Mix it up brother.

  • Deep Oil

    Peter Pan wrote:

    @ Deep Oil A.K.A. Deep Throat
    Don’t you have a job? Don’t you have a life? You’re on this site all damn day! Shut the computer off and go get some exercise dude. I don’t want to sound like an ass, and I mean no offense to you, but this can’t be healthy. Mix it up brother.

    I have three screens – two work and one for the sheep.

  • Mike Krushelnyski

    @ caloilfan:

    That sucks man, I feel for you. Thanks for not jumping ship and becoming a Flames fan, must have taken a lot of willpower after watching that abortion of a hockey game and hearing MacT's ridiculous excuses.

    I liked how he just seemed like he was in awe of the Blue Jackets after the game. Bigger and stronger, they played a perfect game etc. Don't worry Craig, we're not blaming you. What chance did you have against the unstoppable juggernaut that is the Columbus Blue Jackets. THE COLUMBUS F**KING BLUE JACKETS!!! What happens when Detroit comes to town, does MacT just spend the whole game cowering behind the bench until it's all over?


  • shakey

    Fan; "Hey Mac T, you were just out-coached by a guy that used to work in the basement of a bike shop. What are you going to do now?"

    Mac T; "Well, we're going to go in and have Bucky breakdown the tape and see if he can find ways we can get Moreau, Pisani and Reddox out there more often near the end of games when we really need a goal. We'll have Hud's (Huddy) talk to Hemmer and see if he can help him, he seems to be lacking offensive creativity right now and maybe Charlie can get him out of the funk. I'm going to go a sit with Kevin and maybe we can prank call Burkie and make fun of him picking Bobby Ryan. That guy has zero JAM."

  • @ caloilfan:

    I totally feel your pain – although I don't have to drive 3 hours one way to watch this garbage. It truly is a sad state when people from all over Alberta flock to the RX1 to watch some of these games. How do people that travel from Whitecourt, Grand Prairie, Lloydminister, Edson etc feel about driving in & watching this garbage.

    So far this season I have watched them lay eggs in person against Chicago x 2 & last night against Columbus. It is getting tougher & tougher to find people that WANT to go to these games. They are so inconsistant it makes it so much easier to stay at home & watch games.

    Last night took the cake though – behind my seats are a mom & daughter who have seat & go to every game. Last night they left with 5 minutes left. Normally they have nothing bad to say about the team, but their actions speak loud to me.

    1 night out for me…
    2 seats = $130
    Parking = $14
    2 German Sausage = $12
    1 Perogy = $5
    3 Beer = $24
    1 Bottle Water = $4(!!!!)
    50/50 tickets = $30
    Fuel to get to the game = $30?
    $250 for that garbage

    I have done this like 6 times this season. I have not problem going to watch our top 6 players compete & play their asses off for 60 minutes. But when you are watching the foot soildiers play & the 'talent' taking the night off in an important game I feel your pain man. Hopefully you feel inclined to try the experience of an Oilers game in the future…

  • caloilfan

    @ shakey:

    I just want the truth…is that too much to ask of these douchebags?

    I'll never be in danger of cheering for the Flames…no worries there MK, but shit, at least their organization is willing to do something to try and shake things up. Playfair finished his one season as a head coach with more points than Sutter did the previous year and they fired his ass…I'd honestly rather have Tambo blow the whole ship up right now and start from scratch than continue down the same road that we have been traveling…at least it would show that the braintrust (do we have a sarcasm button here?) is willing to do something.