GDB 64: Welcome the new kids


Sometimes we get so busy reading this site we forget that we are technically a writer on here. Not a connected writer like Gregor, or a smart writer like Willis, or able to see into the future like Brownlee, not really responsible for anything writer like Bingofuel, more like johnny-on-the-spot-you-can’t-fire-us-cause-we-invented-this-bitch-type-of-a-writer with a gigantic wang and a mind like a steel trap.

Today though? Not so much. We were reviewing the comments on Willis’ article and came across the lineup for tonight’s game:

Kotalik – Horcoff – Hemsky
O’Sullivan – Gagner – Pouliot
Penner – Cogliano – Pisani
Jacques – Brodziak – Stortini

Isn’t that interesting, we thought to ourselves and stared at the line up doing an indepth analysis in our steel trap of a mind. Then we read this comment by our boy DK0:

#28 DK0 March 5 2009, 4:05 pm

@ B-rad:
Lines are here: this isnt the GDB, should be one any minute if they come up at the usual number of hours before a game

“Totally right” we agreed “when WILL those idiots get a GDB up?” Then we came to the horrible realization: technically getting a GDB up in time for the game is our job. Then we theorized that the game mustn’t be for hours and we took a peek at the time for puck drop and saw that the game impossibly starts at 5:30 PM MST. Makes sense right? The game is being played in Ottawa, they are two hours ahead of OilersNation HQ.

Well son of a bitch.

Here is your GDB for this the 64th game of the year OilersNation. And right now, at this very moment we would bet each of you that there are a couple of scared new faces in the dressing room wondering all sorts of questions in their new little heads:

“Where do I sit?”

“Where is the Captain?”

“Why isn’t anyone listening to Coach?”

“Is it cold in Edmonton?”

“Will I make any friends?”

“Why is that one guy over there eating a donair before puck drop? Is that healthy?”

Easy, easy new Oilers. There will be plenty of time for these questions. First get ready to whip some Senator ass. You have 15 minutes till puck drop.


  • I'm a Scientist!

    David Staples has just put up an excellent blog post over at the Journal's site. He figures that unless the first line gets it together, we're dooooooomed.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Neil T wrote:

    o ya and i forgot to add how much i dislike Pierre Mcguire. He is a complete uphill carrot planter.

    Ya I cant stand his acting it's too animated And fake! he is a Pen#s with glasses and ears.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Jack Bauer wrote:

    Anybody want to explain again why NHL refs arent the worst in all of sport?

    They've got a ways to go before they reach the level of incompetency displayed by the CFL.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    W.T. wrote:

    W.T.thinks when Oilers are knocked out of the playoffs with a few games left in the regular season, why not all the Oiler faithful boycott a game? Stand outside with banners that suggest Lowe must Go! Or maybe boycott Rexall Drug Stores? Which one would get the owners attention?

    Northlands is private property and the oilers control all thought inside and outside the building. Negative signs could mean a trespassing charge and a letter from Northlands banning you from the facility. This type of protest would have to be done from the sidewalks or across from Diesel. Don't you remember when Smytty got traded and the poor gentleman was escorted to the holding cell to destroy – remove his "TRADE LOWE" sign
    and this made the news for the next three days.

    There was also the time that three pregnant women put #44 on their bellies for Pronger night, and again the thought police told them that they have to cover their stomachs – I guess Northlands and Oilers security don't go to Shania Twain concerts.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    10 Ways the Oilers will lose a game:

    10.Play against former team mates.

    9.Play against teams that are on a losing skid.

    8.Play against teams that have their top scorers on 10 game pointless streaks.

    7.Play against bottom dwelling teams that they should beat.

    6.Play in a game with special ceremonies honoring a player.

    5.Play in a game with more than 2 time zones from theirs.

    4.Play against teams with which their starting goalie is a rookie or backup.

    3.Play against teams that have a rookie head coach.

    2.Playing with alot of expectations from their own fans.

    And the no. 1 reason why the oilers will a lose a game: (rim shot)

    When they have a chance to secure a playoff spot!

  • I'm a Scientist!

    David S wrote:

    Sam figures the team battled hard tonight.
    Oh well. He is only 19 after all.

    Well he did. So maybe it makes everyone elses effort look a little better to him.

    I was impressed with the little guy, when it would have been easy to lay down and take it like a bitch like the rest of the team, He tried to take them on his back; it wasn't enough, but was nice to see just the same.