GDB 66: Contre les Habitants. Also: QTNA


A game-day thread and QTNA all in one. Bless you, Nationeers. If you have Questions that Need Answers, email Jason Gregor and ask him!

Zach Kassian does look like a solid pick considering we’ll be drafting around the 18-20 spot. He could be a Milan Lucic type guy. I haven’t seen him play, what is his speed like? Could he make the Oilers in the next two seasons?
— Luke in Edmonton

I have been pumping his tires for the past few months as a guy the Oilers need to look at when the draft rolls around. He is everything they don’t have in the system; big, physical and has decent hands. I’ve seen him ranked as high as 13, but he falls normally around 14-20. But then again some people have the Oilers taking Ryan Ellis in the 1st round. If the Oilers do that, then they should fire the scouting staff. The Oilers don’t need a puck moving D-man right now.

Kassian is the biggest forward ranked in the 1st round, and combined with his scoring he is EXACTLY what the Oilers need. Considering they have no one in the farm system close to filling out that role, I would bet if they got him that he would get a look within a year or two. In 2010/11 the Oilers will need some cheaper forwards who can produce, considering the cap will go down. If Kassian is in their system he will get a long look.

John Buccigross says we have a lot of questionable contracts. But in all the lists of bad contracts like this one, I never seen an Oiler deal listed. I would agree Penner’s contract is questionable and perhaps even Horcoff after this year, but “a lot of questionable contracts”? What do you think?
— Shayne

Bucci had to be referring to Horcoff and Penner’s contract. After that it is hard to find a real questionable one. Gilbert will score 45 points this year, so his $4 million doesn’t seem out of whack. The final year of Staios’ $2.7 million in 2010/11 could hurt because of how many minutes he will be playing. Outside of that I don’t see any horrible contracts on the Oilers.

I think the Province was sleeping at the wheel when they didn’t include Horcoff and Penner with the likes of Fisher, Hamrlik et al. There is no way that Horcoff can live up offensively to his $7 million dollar deal next year, ($5.5 million cap hit). It shows that there are other horrible contracts out there, but with the cap sure to go down in the 2010/11 season, either Horcoff and Penner produce or the Oilers will be hard pressed to score.

If Penner finds a way to score 25 goals then his contract won’t look as bad. Horcoff needs to be an 80-point guy and win 56% of his face-offs to even be considered equal to his contract.

What are the chances that the Oilers buy out Penner’s contract either this summer or next summer?
— Daniel

This summer seems unlikely. They would have to pay him $8.5 million of his remaining $12.75 million, although they could spread it out over six years at a $1.42 million cap hit each year. While Penner is frustrating to most fans, it is too early to just give up on him. Some players take five or six years to “get it”, and if Penner does find some consistency in his game, he could be very effective. Remember, it took Bertuzzi seven years until he scored 36 goals. He scored 25 in seasons five and six. Granted Bertuzzi plays a more aggressive game, but if you are looking at production it is to early to just give up on Penner.

If he has another underachieving, uninspired season next year, then maybe they consider it next summer, but only after exhausting every possible trade avenue.

Does the Guy who does the SHAW phone commercial (the ones where he is playing tag and other things wit the phone) look a lot like Scott Howson?
— Andrew

I’m not well-versed in look-a-likes, although I have a friend who resembles Elisha Cuthbert (click on Friday picture at Yes she is single, and as long as you are better looking that Phaneuf you might get a date with her.

I’ve seen the spot since you asked, and yes there is a small resemblance. But then this guy thinks he looks like David Hasselhoff.

Tonight: Les Canadiens

The lines for tonight will start like this:

21 – 10 – 83
12 – 89 – 78
19 – 13 – 34
85 – 51 – 46

So O’Sullivan and Cogliano, the two fastest forwards will play together, while Nilsson will get another shot with Gagner. Gagner scores five points in three games without Nilsson, so why not try Nilsson with Cogliano?

Nilsson and Gagner haven’t produced all season, so why keep going back to it? If MacTavish is looking for production why not try a duo that had some chemistry last year, in Cogliano and Nilsson?

After tonight, nine of the Oilers next eleven games are against teams below them in the standings. Based on how they played v. OTT and TOR there is no guarantee they will take advantage of the schedule, but the Oilers have a pretty favourable one the rest of March.

Ladislav Smid will play tonight, albeit with his faced still pretty messed up. And Roloson starts his 22nd straight.

  • R-DAWG

    All in all a decent effort for a change…F'in power play looks like 5 monkeys humping a doorknob though!! Let's all collectively pray that Mac-T gets Carbaneau'ed!!
    *Realizes that praying is reserved for those not going to hell but hopes someone is listening anyway*

  • the Menace

    Sully was the only Oiler forward working in the third, and he was flying tonight. Too bad about that OT penalty – I was looking forward to seeing him and Kotalik in the shootout!

  • Hmmm.

    Why not just hand me a bottle of f*cking whiskey along with that pistol, MacT?

    I'm proud with the boys and pleased with the effort. Should've won the game if it wasn't for retarded coaching.

    I mean that.

  • Jay

    kyle brodziak sure allows a lot of goals when he is on the ice. how many times does he "backcheck" by skating next to the guy, instead of actually lifting the guys stick or tieing it up. He should take a lot of blame for that third goal, which was totally off the glove. garbage

  • Hey Dan, although my ramblings in the email you read don't say it, I really appreciate the 4th line's work this season. Normally they are very reliable and don't give up too much. But tonight they were getting outplayed, so I think they needed less ice-time (particularly in the latter stages of the third).

  • B-rad

    B-rad wrote:

    my god…oilers. and to think when shaw cable went out with 2 mins left i ran to the -26 truck to listen to the radio……
    good choice.

    in Red Deer at least.

  • Deep Oil

    B-rad wrote:

    my god…oilers. and to think when shaw cable went out with 2 mins left i ran to the -26 truck to listen to the radio……
    good choice.

    I believe the Oilers had influence on this decision to pull the feed on shaw, keeping the sheep in the dark so to speak. Ho Hum another .500 night – fore.

  • Bob Cob

    Phil wrote:

    Should’ve won the game if it wasn’t for retarded coaching.

    No, Montreal got 2 lucky bounces that ulimately ended up in the back of the Oilers net. The Oilers played well in a place where it is hard to win period, 6 losses in regulation at home is not bad. Could've and probably should've been 3-1 Oilers, but this one is not Mac T's fault because you dont coach luck.

  • topshelf

    @ Bob Cob:
    You create your own luck. The reason Montreal got the bounces, in the 3rd anyway, was because they were out working Edmonton. Montreal was first to the puck for most of the night especially in the offensive zone. More times than not this will eventually lead to a scoring chance, which it did.

  • David S

    Yeah Yeah. FMNF – because he' certainly the cause for all of our losses. You guys should think of how much more challenging it might be to write a post that tried to look at the bigger picture, rather than follow the sheep so much.

    While it's true we were getting stormed in the third, we were also without Souray and Gainey was using his last change advantage to put some pretty decent guys against our fourth line. Put together a pretty good home team record with a few good bounces, add a couple of useless aquistions, mix with homer reffing and you get what we got.

    The bigger problem is our first line. Usually when Sam and his crew are playing well, we should win. Right now our first line is a bloody Greek tragedy. My guess is both Whiffcoff and Hemsky aren't 100%.