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We get vulnerable when we come onto the Nation the day after a loss and see that people are still having to comment on last night’s GDB cause there is no new content. Consider this article “what we would talk about this morning if we worked together in the same office.” Just rambling BS. Feel free to join in instead of working.

No matter what they are trying to tell us over at EdmontonOilers.com the Red Wings did not “edge the Oilers 3-2” last night at RX1. Anyone with functioning eye organs could tell you that the Oil got out to an early lead and got outworked, out shot, outplayed and eventually out scored by the Detroit Red Wings.

The standings

Despite our constant prayers to the Hockey Gods, the Oil hardly are sitting pretty in the standings. It’s tighter than a Tokyo Subway Car right about now in the West. Look!


Ugh. In playoff runs of years gone by you would say to yourself, “yeah man, the Oil were this close. They went 19-3 down the stretch but remember that one loss in there to Phoenix? They totally needed that game.” Now, not so much.

There have been literally a dozen must-win, should-have-won, needed-to-win and didn’t-wins that the Oil have gassed this season. Is last night’s loss going to be the straw that broke the camel’s back? Personally we think the Oil made the playoffs when they beat the Hawks last Friday. We even declared this fact at the top of our lungs at the Nation party. “The Oilersssh have made the playofffsh!!!” we yelled in jubilation firing an imaginary AK-47 in the air and waving our other arm side to side. Imaginary gunfire is just one of the many awesome things about Nation parties.

We are rambling…

If this team makes the playoffs – nay WHEN they make the playoffs – it’s clear they won’t be doing it with the usual head of steam. Except in one regard.



Man, is this guy ever a gamer or what? 46 shots on goal last night? In what, his 46th straight hame? In what, his 57th year on earth? How long can this guy keep it up? Forever? Totally.

*dances in front of desk shooting imaginary AK-47 into the air*

Dudes getting booted out of RX1

Still reading? Good for you. Here is another rambling tale fellow co-worker. We were sitting in the seats at RX1 enjoying reasonably priced $15 beers and some good ol’ boys behind us started to heckle Conklin. Nothing too crazy, just your garden variety “CON-K-LINNNNN” chant that must haunt the dreams of retired NHL goalies years after they hang up the skates. After a few verses of “CON-K-LINNNNN” had been good naturedly screamed, some of the Oilers faithful began doing the old look-back-stinkeye move. You know the move – the old “turn-around-in-seat-and-look-at-the-offender-as-though-he-is-screaming-his-undying-love-for-his-hot-cousin” look. Why do people do this?

You are at a hockey game people. We can see why some people get rattled if the drunk two rows over is screaming his theories about the sexual habits of the opposing teams star defender, particularly if there are little kiddies present. We can also see people getting rattled if it is an opposing teams fan. When the Oil lose, we personally want to go put the boots to every opposing fan who had the balls to wear a Wings jersey to the game. These people should stay home and not grace the hallowed halls of RX1 with their heresy.

But Oilers fans yelling Conklin? Give them the stink eye? Seriously, WTF?


That doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. It made even less sense when “the man” showed up and starting giving these die-hard fans some stress. What exactly are you telling us Mr. I’m-a-Security-Guard-now-but-I-tell-chicks-I’m-training-to-be-a-cop? We are supposed to pay the money to get into the game, pay the money to get good and gassed on hockey beers, but not scream and yell?

We will never understand the mandate of these security people or the fans who want to come to a game and listen in complete silence. If you want to watch a quiet game stay home. Or go to a game in Phoenix. It ain’t noisy there.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Poo Czar wrote:

    I hereby nominate The Towel Boy as “Official Photoshopper of the Oilers nation”. The first photo was awesome, the new one is perfect.
    Well done, Sir.

    I totally second this motion. TB would it be ok if we worked in concert on these kinds of photos???

    @ Jack "FMNF" Bauer:

    No obscenities at all. All they did was chant Conklin! and got the boot. No swearing either though they were gassed.

    @ Mills:

    Wasn't section 222, though I can't remember where it actually was. Somewhere in the 2-0-somethings.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    I was at the game last night too and after the second goal the red wings scored security came over to the two wings fans beside me and said if they were going to cheer for the away team they had to do it quietly. After the third goal the guys went even crazier and security told them to leave. There only was a minute left but still I think it is pretty unreasonable. As much as I wanted to put my boot down their throats I still think it was bs they had to leave

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    @ Jorge:

    See that to me is just nonsense. I completely agree with you. Cheer quietly? Has there ever been a bigger oxymoron?

    Answer: Yes.

    Hire MacTavish

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Wayner….Not too long ago…at the Mighty Oil v Nucks…My old lady got the boot….After I had just paid for 2 (resonably Priced) beers…then they told me I had to go too….Something about getting mouthy…But I just couldn't understand, why wait till I pay like $300 for 2 beers and then boot us…why not boots us before….OH YA….

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Arena/stadium/event security guards are some of the dumbest people out there. No disrespect to anyone out there in OilersNation that might have this particular profession, but your job sucks and so do you.

    Have a nice day.

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    @ The Towel Boy:

    Towel Boy we were talking about you last night on JSBM. Those two suckers need you to come up with a new banner for them. That thing is atrocious. LOL

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    @ Milli:

    I remember you telling us that awhile back. That is complete BS. I understand that on any given night 99.5% of RX1 is greased and rowdy. That's why Penner can make $4.25 million per year.

    That's the whole point – not the problem.

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    @ Wanye Gretz:

    Power corrupts… I guess you don't have to worry about pissing off your fans when there is a waiting list… Kinda like GM didn't have to worry about making the best cars with their 50% market share…

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    Wanye Gretz wrote:

    Poo Czar wrote:
    I hereby nominate The Towel Boy as “Official Photoshopper of the Oilers nation”. The first photo was awesome, the new one is perfect.
    Well done, Sir.
    I totally second this motion. TB would it be ok if we worked in concert on these kinds of photos???
    @ Jack “FMNF” Bauer:
    No obscenities at all. All they did was chant Conklin! and got the boot. No swearing either though they were gassed.
    @ Mills:
    Wasn’t section 222, though I can’t remember where it actually was. Somewhere in the 2-0-somethings.

    Listen Mr. 24 and Wanye…… you have to understand that in the opinion of Northlands….. you are on private property and it is a privelege to be there, you have paid your dollar, but if you hollar, you will get a collar. Going against Northlands is like debating a mute – not much accomplished – most of these people are government workers that are milking the salary for little scrutiny – it is a monopoly – as you can the service is bad, food is terrible and overpriced…. WANYE — you ended your aticle about PHX…. but in the world of private enterprise the experience in Glendale is one of an oasis of service, great food, liquor by the bottle for $40 – $60 insuite service – much the opposite of Siberia here at RX1.

    Here are some arguments against this nazi warcamp mentality…..

    1) City Owns The Land – not Northlands
    Northlands rents the land and gives the city two
    seats on their board.

    2) Government paid for the buildings that Northlands
    operates – they are the caretaker – not the owner.

    3) Employees at Northlands are non decision people,
    meaning if you make a mistake – deny or do not
    respond – you can always settle out of court via

    4) Oilers don't care – talk to their in house lawyer
    They need Northlands today, tommorow and in the
    future so they will not rock the boat – LaForge is
    clipped here – no balls of steel – supporting the
    Oiler season ticket holder is second to maintaining
    the truce with Northlands – a neccessary evil.

    5) Cops are actually private security – acting on
    contract to / behalf of Northlands for private duty – via the city on a overtime basis – working traffic
    and in house security – about 6 – 8 cops per game
    for 17 000 people.

    Case in point……….

    1) St. Albert Lawyer banned for life – not providing ID
    2) 3 Pregnant Women being told to cover their #44 on
    their bellies during DUCKS visit.
    3) Man evicted for TRADE LOWE two years ago…..
    4) Woman banned for 6 months for exposing her breasts
    to inhouse camera – oilervision jumbotron….
    5) Man banned from Northlands suing EPS,
    Oilers, Northlands and cops for 1.1 million dollars
    for false arrest and assault.

    Sad point here is that Northlands will be involved with new RX2 due to access to government infastructure and ongoing lottery money – this is evident with the province supporting the failing horse racing industry in exchange for jobs and tourism???

    So in conclusion – when you step on city property leased by Northlands for a discount – check your freedom at the door, stay sober, yes sir three bags full sir – this is not the USA, you left Canada when you used your ticket stub to enter the dictatorship of Northlands – you may cheer but do not jeer.

    This is from seeing the security, cops and northlands management in both management and non action on site at events.

    Deep Oil

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    humantorch wrote:

    deepoil wrote:
    blah blah blah i can’t put pants on without falling over *drool*
    seriously, dude, just stfu.

    I think his comments are fair. It's a valid perspective