A night of treachery and deceit


We will go uh… WTF  for $500 Alex.

A: On March 26, 2009 this team shot itself directly in the foot, losing 3-2 to the Phoenix Coyotes.

Q: Who are the damned Edmonton Oilers of 2009?

If you’ve just woken from a doctor-induced coma and are seeking to catch up with the world since you were put under, we can bring you up to speed pretty quickly on everything you have missed in the past 10 years:

  1. Britney Spears was a teenage popstar.
  2. She rose to the top of the world with her sweet, demure nature and sexy looks.
  3. She then went completely crazy, nailed half of the paparazzi in LA, shaved her head and trashed a car with an umbrella.
  4. When all was lost, she sold her soul to Satan and quickly rose to the top of the pop world again, with her demure nature and sexy looks.
  5. The Phoenix Coyotes beat the Oilers last night 3-2, scoring a goal for every Phoenix fan in attendance in Glendale. Britney’s thoughts on the matter are unavailable as of press time.

There. Now that we’re all on the same page we can proceed with railing against how awful the Oilers are and worse.

Let’s get this straight

Dwayne Roloson started in net AGAIN? Really MacT? You do realize Roloson is older than you right? You do realize that if the Oil manage to get out of their own way and somehow make the playoffs your starting goalie will already have the fatigue level of a 7th-game Cup appearance. You do understand this right?

We could go on about the Oilers losing until the cows come home. But even greater treachery is afoot. Coupled with the Oilers losing, it is probably the greatest attack on our values that we have suffered in a single evening in quite some time.

The worst thing ever

As we have been known to do on most Thursdays we went and played some poker with the boys. It’s 51% beer, 40% “something” and 9% poker and on nights when the Oilers play it can go downhill very quickly.


Last night, the Oilers were busy in the long and torturous process of gassing a game that they could afford to lose. Your ol’ pal Wanye, on the other hand, was coming off a win the last time we played poker and we were busy slow playing the table to a second place finish whilst drinking our usual 58 Bud Lights.*

We go to the fridge to grip a beer and it was at this point in time the absolutely unthinkable occurred.



At first blush this may look like nothing more than another soldier about to get crushed by your ol’ pal Wanye en route to another world class poker performance. But upon closer inspection Members of the Jury, you will note two key facts:

Exhibit A: This can remains unopened – note the sealed top.
Exhibit B: There isn’t a drop of beer in the can.

Is anyone else’s mind just completely blown by this? Is anything sacred anymore? An empty Bud Light can shipped in a case to some devil-may-care Canadian Poker Sensation? Uh WTF?

A pair of losses

We’re at a loss to explain how the Oil could show up with as little emotion or skill as they did last night, with the playoffs on the line and facing one of the worst teams in hockey. We can’t even begin to explain how in the hell the fantastical beer Oompaloompas at the magical Bud Light factory somehow allowed one of their delicious cans to escape unfilled.

This is an absolute outrage and it won’t stand. Doesn’t anyone care about professionalism anymore? Is anyone interested in competing on a night in and night out basis anymore? Or is everyone just mailing it in and rushing home to watch American Idol?

Make a note in the log: March 26, 2009. The night both the Oilers and Bud Light completely failed us.

*The cold and crisp taste of BLs are not being endorsed in the least in this article.

A non-Bud-Light-Scandal-related note

As we have never it discussed prior to right now, no one knows that the official band of the OilersNation is a band called Toast. No one knows this, but they totally are. Our boy Chris basically runs most of E-Town with his crazy band and they recently performed a jam called “Smile On,” on CityTV’s Breakfast Television last Monday morning. Completely unsolicited by Chris we are going to demand everyone able to walk, run or drive should make their way down to the Crown & Anchor pub in Castledowns and witness musical history this weekend.

But if you order a Bud Light at the concert make sure it isn’t already empty. Cause that totally can happen.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    jeanshorts wrote:

    baggedmilk wrote:
    No votes for Big Bear? Hmm…
    *cries hysterically while draining love rocket into bottle drinks and doesn’t notice difference*
    Remember that time our friend, let’s call him “Steve” drank that bottle of piss? Yeah, good times.

    Has everyone pissed in a big bear bottle & gave it to the drunk guy? Wow, I thought I was the only guy 🙁

  • I'm a Scientist!

    @ shakey:
    LOL, that guy was a douche. I am convinced that he simply changed his name to Flamesforcup3. Which doesnt make sense because the Flames only have 1 cup.
    Im sorta in a battle of minds with oilmanoilfan and bigE right now. I'm trying hard not to hate those guys for loving MacT so much. Its hard but there needs to be less Oilerfan on Oilerfan crime out there.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    …I'd just like to throw out my personal fave for beers…Mickey's Big Mouth….mmmmm….5.5% too…and a stubby bottle with resealable lid. So good.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    BUCK75 – FMNF wrote:

    @ Milli:
    When in Vegas drink Bud Lime or Miller Chill.
    Just my opinion, if you’re going to be wasted all day drink beer you can’t get in Canada.

    Amen brother, when in Texas drink Shiner Bock, when in Vegas I concur Bud lime but also try the Blue metal bottle of Bud light. When in Cali drink Miller High Life. Denver drink Original Coors. Heck when you in Saskatchewen drink Bohemia and Calgary.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    @ OilersNinja:

    Vegas, blue metal bud light, yep. "Only" 7 bucks on the pooldeck – the wife's margarita (granted, getting an icy drink when it's 11 billion degrees ain't the brightest move)…which was pretty much bad tequila and syrup…$14 shatyounot.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    @ I'm a Scientist!:

    Oh yeah…and when you're drunk, no matter how stupid of an answer you come up with for the puzzle…you think it's right…scratch that…you know it's right.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    @ Zamboni Driver:

    That's why I do all my drinking at the nickel slots…since drinks are free…slip the waitress a 5 or 10 spot on the 1st drink and then keep giving her singles after that…she will form you into a puddle inside of an hour.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    RLH wrote:

    @ The Towel Boy:
    I’ve never understood why one would close a beer.

    If you're used to lady beers, drinking a real beer will force you to take a timeout or two… Drinking the whole thing would be simply overwhelming.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    I go for lunch and come back to an absolutely tremendous string of comments here. Let me summarize the questions I seem to have been asked.

    1."Wanye, you are a puss for drinking light beer." Now listen here. I bet you out of EVERYONE you know I have drank the most RX1 beers in a single game. SCF06G6 – best game in history. A slightly younger Wanye arrives at RX1 for the pregame beer gardens and proceeds to drink 16 – count em 16 – RX1 beers by the end of the game. Then I went out on the town after. I have witnesses to this too btw. Why 16? One beer for every win needed to win the cup.

    I was so buckled during the third period that I almost started crying I was so happy. I was completely unintelligible the rest of the evening and the brain damage suffered lasts until this day. Can anyone beat that? Pfft. Puss indeed.

    2."Wanye, Bud Light sucks. Instead try ." No thanks. I can see the value of other tasty beers, don't get me wrong. But if you are looking to ingest Quantity over Quality of beer – 100 BLs is the move. No aftertaste, no bloating and a great tasting beer.

    3."Wanye, you can't get buckled on beer with less alcahol content." Drink more of them. You will be amazed what you can do.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Wanye Gretz wrote:

    100 BLs is the move. No aftertaste, no bloating and a great tasting beer.

    Thank goodness, we've found a new lead trombone player for the Easter Parade.

    If you're going to drink 100 anything, it should be Jackie Parkers with whatever concoction it is that hot red-headed dame was puring into Karius and I that time at . . . never mind.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    offside wrote:

    @ Milli:
    When in Vegas head to the little dump of a casino, Casino Royale for the $1 Micheloeb’s (or the $1 Strawberry Daiquri’s)

    Oh god, last time I was in Vegas I stayed at the Mirage right across from there. Royale was a fantastic place to start the evening.

    Oh and for the record I drink Carlsberg. And yes, I wear a visor while I drink my Euro beer

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Oh man oh man, my nights before a game usually start out with some Keith's Red and end up with a bottle of tequila swearing at the tv and complaining about taxes. I mean the Oilers are just another reason to stay depressed in these recession times.

    Everytime I watch an Oilers game I think back to the old day's when we had guys like Marchant, Grier and Weight here playing for pennies and getting it done. We have fifty million or so invested in a group of guys who couldn't spell effort. And a coach who wants to be articulate and friendly to all those reporters.

    Here's an idea for the rest of season, go out there shoot the puck on net. Have our overpaid pansies drive to the net and try spank in as much ugly ones into the net as they can rather then spanking their ugly ones on the bench. Eight straight years of barely making the playoffs and all the stress of a stretch run have worn thin on me and my fingernails. Please oh please guys give an effort and keep me to my beer, with the weather still not being able to make up it's mind I don't wanna be left outside after I finish that bottle of tequila and being thrown outside by my wife. If that's the case I'm going to a hotel and billing the Oilers for the room.