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After watching and listening to Kevin Lowe’s comments last night, it is clear to me that change within the organization is coming. The Oilers played one of their better games of the season last night, yet they still lost, and coupled with the Blues and Ducks’ victories, it is clear that the off-season will start April 12th for the Oilers, and that the changes will follow soon after.

Lowe didn’t state once that his coach would be here next year. He didn’t say he wouldn’t be, but the fact there was no, “Craig will be here without a doubt”, type statement to me it is clear that there will be a change behind the bench.

Lowe’s opening statement actually made a lot of sense

“Daryl is an extremely passionate and emotional about the game. He said he was extremely disappointed and somewhat frustrated that we are in the middle of a playoff race and all the discussion and the focus was on the future of our head coach. He found that odd and he wanted to suppress that once and for all.”

The Owner cares about the team. We know that. He has admitted he is a true fan, and will continue to be one. He is also very respectful of both Lowe and MacTavish. I can understand if he was pissed that before another must win game, the talk was about whether the coach would be here next year or not and not the actual game. That is not the message the host broadcaster should be saying. Fine. Understandable.

The organization will not drag their coach through the mud. They won’t have him be Dead Coach Walking for the final four games of the season. I get that. We all know there has to be a change behind the bench, but Katz wants his coach to leave with some dignity. The problem is that one simple text has now thrown more attention on the coaching situation than ever before. His one sentence text did the exact opposite of what he wanted; reduce the focus on MacTavish.

Most of us have regretted sending that drunken, late-night text to an ex. At one in the morning it seems like a great idea, but the next day when she thinks you are back together and making you breakfast, you slap yourself muttering…”What was I thinking?” Texting, while convenient, allows many of us to say things too quickly, especially guys. The consequences of our actions are an after thought, or most times we don’t even calculate what they will be.

This is what happened to Katz. It just confirms he is human like the rest of us.

The difference is when we send a ill-advised late night text it effects one or two, or maybe three people on a good night..haha. Katz’s text resonates across an entire city; a city that is frustrated and fed up with another spring without playoffs. Of course the fans and media are going to talk about the coach’s future. It is a hot topic and one that was, in fact, brought to light by MacTavish himself earlier this week.

The winds of change are in the air, and while every player, coach, manager and owner has to believe they can still get to the dance, the fact is they won’t. No one in Edmonton wants their playoff fix to come solely from other cities and through the TV. Even those who oppose a new rink get caught up with playoff fever when it grips a city.

I respect that Mr. Katz didn’t want his coach to suffer through talk about his future while the team still has a mathematical chance of making the postseason. Having a boss that wants to shelter an employee is refreshing, but his text backfired.

Now, after another loss, all the focus will be on change

And there will be changes. I will be stunned if MacTavish doesn’t resign. Every level of the organization will be evaluated this summer, and there will be changes in the scouting department, coaching and on the ice. Their scouting needs to improve. A new voice is needed behind the bench, and some veterans and even a youngster or two will be moved.

It is inevitable, especially when you are one of the highest spending teams, but have missed the playoffs three years running. If the owner doesn’t want it talked about until the team is officially eliminated, that shows he isn’t a quitter, however, as we have all experienced ourselves, an ill-timed text can fuel a fire much quicker than an actual conversation.

As another disappointing season wraps up we look ahead to what will surely be the biggest summer of change in the OilersNation in a long time. If you don’t believe me, ask Brownlee, we exchanged texts this morning.

  • deepoil

    Jack "FMNF" Bauer wrote:

    @ Dennis:
    How can someones opinion be wrong? That is not possible. His point that you cant seem to grasp is that although you managed to piece together something legible and coherent, you still couldnt resist the tired old, “THE MSM HAS NO BALLS” reference.
    The only thing that is dissimilar about your post is the day it is posted on, otherwise its the same tired old BS that we are sick of reading.
    “I won’t lump everyone into the same group but if those who read the papers and think they’re getting objective fare are the same ones who are amused by my bemusement over what passes as reporting, then the connecting dots say more than anyone ever could.”
    Deep Oil?

    24 – this went over my head – this founder of rexall and partner of mckesson is breaking multiple rules of owner or pretend owner 101…..

    You have to follow a pattern – being yourself just doesn't work….. who are you….???

    1) Harold Ballard – nope – too old stream
    2) Eugene Melnyk – nope – look at me
    3) Peter Puck – nope – Puck likes to win lose – no
    middle ground….
    4) Nelson Skalbania – possibly – shell game
    5) Len Barrie – possibly – OPM – other people's money
    6) George Gillette – nope – two bankruptcies by GG
    7) Frank Anschultz – nope – stock option fraud SEC
    8) Jim Baisillie – media whore (smile) nhl bridesmaid – this seems to be the opposite of DK…

    What we have here is the globalization of Rexall via NHL expansion for branding, tax loss (possible), and control of downtown Edmonton for $100mm to be immediately recouped for personal seat licenses, pouring rights, corporate boxes, and real estate control and commissions.

    Nice play for the founder of Rexall – Dave from Wendy's would be proud…… everything is cool on the financial side as Mckesson is in control – IT IS OBVIOUS THAT the owner had a brain fart and either by accident or on purpose sent the info to Stauffer and instructed him to let it out of the jar…..

    Problem here is the info was not cleansed by Allan Watt leaving a bad taste for everyone and I mean everyone from the broadcast team, klowe, tambo, and the media…
    this is a major fart that ended up being wet….

    End result – Terry Jones quote that this doesn't sound like a billionaire is possibly very true…. and McKesson just left the puppet out and forgot that pinochio can talk on his own…….

  • Phil

    smytty777 wrote:

    Jason Gregor wrote:

    In a word yes. You heard it here first. Don’t be surprised if he takes the fall.
    Pure speculation, but is this perhaps a role that Mac T can fill next year if Prendergast is on the way out?

    My honest opinion is that MacTavish would be fine – not just fine, probably great – in a management role.

    He is an intelligent man and I think he knows exactly what the team needs for now and in the future.

    I know he's been hard for the fans to handle at times throughout the year, he's been frustrating to say the least, but I think in an assistant VP or assistant GM role, I wouldn't be too concerned.

    If he left altogether and was flat out fire however, it wouldn't bother me either.

  • Can someone tell me what is going on? What happened to this great hockey organization? we used to be one of the best now we are becoming a joke around the NHL,I am sure glad the lock out changed things around here? What if Tambalini resigns? Because of Katz I think he was promoised a bunch of goods and his buddy K Lowe let him down.If that happens we are in serious trouble, If you thought losing Pronger after one year hurt wait till our GM goes no players or management will want to come here.

  • deepoil

    Jack "FMNF" Bauer wrote:

    @ deepoil:
    Sorry, you lost me at
    #91 deepoil April 3 2009, 6:43 pm.

    maybe the founder of rexall and according to Terry Jones not acting like a billionaire is having trouble adjusting to the rules of being an nhl owner…..

    this would of played out much better if Rexall was presented as the owner of the club instead of presenting DK – how many people vent their anger in nyc at james dolan (msg)- doesn't work …… you can't shut people and the media out in Edmonton – doesn't wotk – people and MSM have started to carve Katz a new orface and the poop hasn't really hit the fan yet….

    bottom line is the founder does not know who he is, and
    is having some difficulty being the head of a public trust nhl club where you are accountable at the end of the day when your management and players let you down – where the buck stops here….. in comparison…being the founder of a drug store – when you have a (penner) dog on your shelf (like cold fx) – the media is not ripping you on why you haven't dropped that product as it is taking up valuable shelf space….. no cap space in the retail world…. and other choices suchs as shoppers or london drugs….. no other major league choice in Edmonton.

    Monopolies create power and we all know that power corrupts (not original i know) – so is it fair to say that the Oiler organization is arrogant and walks with a swagger even in times of peril….

    Rexall is a closed shop – private company – stay out…
    Rexall Sports cannot play by the same rules and this founder is going to learn the hard way…. the natives are more than restless….