Let the rampant playoff speculation begin

Today in 16 cities fans dream about the possibility that their beloved team will start on the winning path towards the Stanley Cup. Meanwhile Oilers fans were waiting to see what the future held for their head coach.

Steve Tambellini had a press conference at noon today, but it’s he didn’t give much insight into who will be the next head coach. It would have made sense to do that today, but it wasn’t the case.

And we will be live on the TEAM 1260 all afternoon if you want to call in and express your thoughts: 780.426.8326

And while some of you sit there analyzing the implications of the MacT resignation, many of you will, or have, put lots of effort into winning some money in a playoff pool.

A degenerate buddy of mine, Steve, is in 18 different pools, including the Hudsons pool. He is in for over a $1,000 so far, and in most drafts his final four teams are Anaheim, Detroit, Carolina and Washington. I do agree the best philosophy is to go hard with players on four or five teams. The key is picking the right four. I don’t like the Ducks’ chances v. the Sharks so Stevie will have to recoup his losses with Sports Select.

I will take the Sharks, Wings, Blues, Hawks, Bruins, Caps, Hurricanes and Penguins in round one.

Since you still have a few hours to enter our draft, here are the career playoff numbers for the teams still in the dance (It’s a PDF, because bingofuel’s too lazy/busy to turn it into a readable graphic).

Good luck lambs… Let’s hope you select better than Stevie!