World Championship Scoring Leaders


With the first two days of the 2009 IIHF World Championship in the books, most of the games have featured the hockey powers dominating smaller countries.  Canada, Russia, Finland, Sweden, the Czech Republic and the United States have beaten Germany, Belarus, Latvia, Norway, Austria and Denmark by a combined score of 30-4. Of interest to Oilers fans is the leaderboard for the tournament:

  • Linus Omark: 1GP – 0G – 5A – 5PTS, +5
  • Dany Heatley: 1GP – 2G – 1A – 3PTS, +3
  • Matthias Weinhandl: 1GP – 2G – 1A -3PTS, +3
  • Peter Cajanek: 1GP – 1G – 2A – 3PTS, EV
  • Marcel Hossa: 1GP – 1G – 2A – 3PTS, +3
  • Jaromir Jagr: 1GP – 1G – 2A – 3PTS, +3
  • Jason Spezza: 1GP – 1G – 2A – 3PTS, +3
  • Tony Martensson: 1GP – 0G – 3A – 3PTS, +3

It would of course be fool-hardy to draw any hard conclusions from a single game, but it’s nice to see an Oilers’ prospect looking so successful early in the tournament.

  • Hippy

    @ Chris:
    What, not looking forward to todays matchup against the ~powerhouse Hungary team?~

    I dont mind one game against the weak countries every once in awhile but ya, being in a Group that only has 1 other competitive team sometimes is just boring. But make it just 1 weak game a tourney or just 1 at the Olympics and Im happy. Its sometimes fun to watch your country absolutely obliterate someone, makes watching Canada lose in summer sports a lil more bearable.

  • Hippy

    It's worth noting that all of the points are secondary assists and some individuals who watched the game commented that Omark wasn't particularly responsible for most of the goals.

    5 points in a game is still impressive though.

  • Hippy

    Looks like the game may have delay for TV. TSN shows it starting at 12:15 mtn but WSH game on from 1130-2pm. On Omark, I believe we should have pissed him off AFTER signing him not prior. I understand not wanting to eat a big contract in the minors, but a rookie maximum should be easily absorbed by Mr. Katz if Omark didnt pan out, because after 9-10 games in NHL, if hes absolutely bombing – then he should be more receptive to spending time in minors rather than insist on NHL playing time/contract. We shoulda signed and then if need be sent to minors even if it angered him in future (he would have no one to blame but himself – and if still acting like a punk after that then his character alone would be enough of a reason not to like him, this case too could help out our abysmal AHL team)

  • Hippy

    Omark are amongst the top 3 players in the Swedish national squad, he has been extremely good in the Swedish elite league, actually been much better than some of the most talented Swedish exports to NHL (compared when playing in the elite league). He is one of my favourite players, and I have just a few, amongst those are Nicklas Bäckström, Peter Forsberg, Thomas Holmström and Henrik Zetterberg…….If a bit lucky, he will be one of the most interesting players in the NHL.

    Yes, I am Swedish…….

  • Hippy

    Archaeologuy wrote:

    So, Canada has outscored the competition 15-1 and somehow Horcoff has managed to be -1.
    Shawn Horcoff, great player or greatest player?

    Haha wow that is pretty sad though.

  • Hippy

    @ Ribs:
    not according to the IIHF website. Horc, Lombardi, and Upshall are all -1. Horc was involved in 1 power play goal, which doesnt count towards his +/-.

  • Hippy

    Ah, forgot that was a PP goal. My bad.

    Really though, he's on the ice for a goal that comes from a bad bounce off the dasher on the boards and he loses a linemate in the 2nd period in the next game and we're heckling the guy?

  • Hippy

    Archaeologuy wrote:

    Lars wrote:

    Yes, I am Swedish…….
    I think i could have guessed by the way you had those wicked dots over your vowels

    Wicked, yes….even spinal tap and motörhead used it 🙂
    hmm, maybe its not that wicked then after all 😉

    The biggest Swedish newspaper has a story (by the newspapers most prominent hockeywriter) about who should continue where Forsberg and Sundin ended, the answer is Forsberg light version (Omark) and for Sundin its Harju. Both which was going to Oilers, but since the deal was to lousy and that they accordingly to the players wasnt really committed to bring on the players and help them make a career (this in the first link).

    Actually, since the news about them going to Moscow, the newspapers has been laughing at Edmonton Oilers inability to seal the deal with those players, which is the kind of players which totally can dominate games. With little more experience in the national squad, moscow and hopefully in NHL, these two boys will be franchise players. Edmonton via Kent Nilsson (father of Robert) defended Oilers by saying that Oilers didnt get the opportunity to raise the offer of 525K to match Dynamo Moscow and that he believes that the boys rather would have liked to play with Oilers in NHL instead.


  • Hippy

    @ Digger12:

    If Tambellini was serious about making the team better, there are ways to acquire him. If Burke can get the Sedin sisters together, there's no reason two unproven but highly skilled Swedish forwards can't be reunited, especially if Harju is the less proclaimed of the pair.

  • Hippy

    Hi again
    Well correct that Harju do not 'belong' to Oilers, but that was one of Omarks suggestions, to bring him along.

    Omarks performance so far has been up and down. At least he has the lead in making points, penalties and +/- in the Swedish team and is high up overall as well :-), I guess it will be a few more points when Sweden meet France and Switzerland.

    It was obvious even vs Latvia (have some good, players and a lot of heart as well) that he was overdoing things, same against US, but there he learned other things as well. Against Russia yesterday, he didnt pursue the things he tried vs US and Latvia even though he sometimes played around with a strong Russian team. The most impressive is that 'little' forward is so strong and has a Forsberg style of balance. He need to improve the tactical skill and also shoot much more, otherwise he will be too easy to read and make some simple mistakes. He definitely need to adapt, but he has shown that he is able to do that. I believe that one year in KHL he will be more experienced and a better player. He need to shoot more and get some experience, thats it. He is a FUN player to watch…..