Jagr coming to Edmonton?

Would six months make that big of a difference? I can’t see how the Oilers won’t push to sign Jaromir Jagr before training camp, considering they wanted him this past March.

Here are just a few quotes from Jagr courtesy of CBC.ca:

“I was excited when I heard that Edmonton pushed pretty hard to get me and I really appreciate it. And if I ever go there [the NHL], they would be my No. 1 pick because they showed me the interest first,” Jagr said after Canada beat the Czech Republic 5-1 at the world hockey championship on Thursday in Switzerland.

“I will never forget that and I respect that. They would be my first pick.”

The question isn’t whether the Oilers want him, but rather if he is good enough to be a top-six forward. And even Jagr admits he isn’t sure if he can come back to the NHL and compete.

“I am not sure I would be good enough anymore,” he said of playing in the NHL. “It is a different rink and I do not want to go there and be on the fourth line. I want to come back and be the top guy and I do not know if I can do it.”

Jagr was also very blunt in how he looked at role players in the NHL.

“If I was on the third or fourth line, I would probably still be in the NHL because you do not have to produce every night.”

Would a comment like this rile up current 3rd liners in Edmonton? I would hope not, because it is a fact. Being the man, money-wise and stats-wise is much more pressure than being a bottom-six forward who is expected to check and chip in here and there.

Jagr has said in the past that he would love to play with Ales Hemsky, and the two are playing together at the World Championships right now. You have to think that Hemsky is using his best sales approach to try and convince Jagr to come back to the NHL.

The big question is what would it take to sign him?

Would he accept a one-year deal? If the Oilers aren’t prepared to sign Dwayne Roloson for two years, why would they give JJ a two-year pact?

And what about money?

After a year away from the league, can Jagr realistically demand more than $5 million a year? The Oilers want to make a splash, and maybe he can use that in negotiations, but it will be interesting to see if Steve Tambellini will look for a quick fix or think long term?

I would sign Jagr in a millisecond if it’s for one season. Anything longer would be a big risk, due to his age and the impending salary cap decrease.

  • Dale

    First time I'm the first comment. Sweet.

    ***thinks too self…make it count…starts to sweat***

    I think Jagr can show Hemsky what it takes to be a top end player and how to be a factor in most games. Learning from a star I think would be better than what any new coach will bring.

    I say bring on JJ, as Gregor says…we need a stud. And even though Jagr isn't Hart Trophy winner from years ago, he is still a top end talent and we need someone with proven skill. Last year he was the Rangers' best player in the playoffs, so I doubt that in one year he has lost all of his talent.

    Tambo get it done.

  • Magicmeatbag

    I think as long as Jagr can keep his conditioning to an NHL level he will always be a dominant player and i'd personally love to see him and Hemsky have fun on the top line next season.

  • Archaeologuy

    If my choices are re-sign Kotalik or acquire Jaromir Jagr…I dont even need to finish that sentence.

    Come to Canada Jaromir, its time. Maybe sending yourself to Russia was just your way of Acclimatizing your body to Edmontonian weather. Good thinking, but you could have just put on a sweater.

  • Hemmertime

    Marc Recchi at 42 got 62 pts. Would you rather have a 42 year old Recchi or 37 turning 38 Mid season Jagr. I'd love for him to sign here for a year, if just for the fact I can buy a Jagr Oilers Jersey and not look like a retard 😛

  • Ogden Brother

    One year deal is a no brainer. Gives us that push that (should) get us in the PO next year, plus gives Gagner one more year before the riens are handed over to him.

  • Garett

    Thanks but no thanks JJ, let's invest in someone a little more long term, I don't like having old players and short deals, get a mid to late 20 something or even early 30's and sign them for 3 years. Build something, don't just fill holes for short periods of time.

  • BigE57

    Gaborik or Camalleri as better options to Jagr? Wow, everytime the wind blows Gaborik pulls his groin, considering how few games he has played over the last couple years I don't think he would be a good investment and Camalleri well I don't remember the last time the Oilers picked up a guy that just finished a season with the Flames and I think that would be a little uncomfortable, besides Camalleri is a pretty one dimensional player, he scores goals (which the Oilers obviously need) but I think you could argue that Jarome Iginla's game suffered at times this season when he was playing with "Cammi". Havlat and Hossa are going to be out of the Oilers market unless they unload some salary (the 7 million dollar man) as there is still a pretty good chance the cap will drop this year. I'd love to see the Oil pick up a big time player to play with Hemsky but I don't see this being the year.

  • Milli

    I just don't see us signing a big name UFA, so unless Tambo can make a bigtime trade, why not bring him in if the $$$$'s are resonable. I think he and Hemmer might be able to connect on the odd goal, and correct me if I am wrong, but we needs goals…