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Anyone who knows us in real life knows that we like to get excited about stuff. Once a week we hear something, see something or dream up something that gets us so excited we run around in circles till we are exhausted and forced to sit down. It’s a great way to go through life – particularly when we follow through on whatever we dream up. Once upon a time it was the OilersNation itself that hit us like a bolt of lightning. This other time it was a website that built edible dog collars. Other things that excite us can be found below:

1. This Star Wars videogame trailer

We don’t play videogames. Part of our brain thinks that we do and says “oh totally waste your last 300 dollars on a Wii. Of COURSE you will play it. You can then inhabit an imaginary alternate universe where you have gobs of free time to learn to play Star Trek: Conquest.” Then we buy the Wii and Star Trek and stare sadly at it as we return from our job at the bottle depot, pass the Wii and go directly to bed on business.

Then we see a trailer like this one above – pointed out to us by our boy the human torch on Twitter and the love affair begins anew. As the human torch pointed out “How is it that a 3 minute game trailer better than all 3 Star Wars prequels put together?” We love Star Wars anyway, but the Torch is right as is usually the case. If we lived in Amsterdam like he does we would spend most of our time in the local coffee shops, not drinking coffee and would never be right about anything.

But that’s just us.

2. This Young Buck song

Yeah we know it isn’t the actual video – thanks to Universal for not allowing it to be shared on YouTube. But damn this is a wicked song. If you don’t get pumped listening to Young Buck you either don’t own a set of ears, played the song wrong or your brain isn’t able to interpret audio stimuli into favorable recognition patterns.

Either way you suck and Young Buck doesn’t.

3. Yelling about junk 


Our buddy Chris from the most ass kickingest band ever TOAST has just started a podcast with his boy Tyler. We have listened to their first show and we are so jealous. Their show included a call in from God at the 43rd minute – who was interested in talking about Eskimos football of course – and a sound discussion of someone paying people at the bar to engage in fisticuffs. There is even a shout to the Nation and to our own Jonathan Willis at 19 minute mark.

*insert digital schwing here*

Two things came as a result of this podcast:

1. We have mad respect for T&C Sportstalk and will listen to their show regularly
2. We want to podcast too (imagine getting a call from God??)

We have been pondering the idea of podcasting for a long time but we had never heard a podcast until this morning. It looks like great fun. Let’s be honest Nation, we aren’t a writer. We know it, you know it. People have suggested to us that we keep writing articles but also start talking too. Apparently we talk funny and we have heard from a few people “I can actually hear you talking when you type out this stuff.” We would never give up writing – even if some of you insist that we should. Actually the last person that suggested we give up writing got a beating to the tune of Young Buck and hasn’t been a problem since. But you get the idea.

When we first started OilersNation we can vividly remember the day that we realized twenty people read the site per week and we were hooked. Fast forward 20 months and we are cracking 150,000 people a month which blows our mind. If one single person would listen to our podcast we would set to work making one. We even have a cohost in mind.

‘Cause everyone knows  – if you don’t have time to play your Wii you most certainly have time to learn how to podcast.

Would you listen? Would you teach us how to play Star Trek: Conquest?

  • I'm a Scientist!

    The Human Torch lives in Amsterdam? Lucky prick! Guy probly lights up hist fatties with his middle finger ala Wanye's avatar. Ammmmmsterdammm f*ck, YEAH!

  • I'm a Scientist!

    jeanshorts wrote:

    I have an easier time trying to figure out how to unhook a bra then I do playing video games.

    It's easier when you're taking them off somebody else than when you're taking them off yourself.

    Just saying.

    Wanye – podcast. You know you want to.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    That Dam Star Trek game….

    I appear to be living in that other time line,
    as I have won on Hard, with every race….

    All but the Federation!
    I alas, am not Jean-Luc.

    Which is why I now am in the lead in my

    Sigh.. I really hate the off season…

    So call me a dumb ass, but what is the nuts & bolts,
    as far as a pod cast goes ? I log on somewhere ?

    ( I really have to sell that dam Wii )

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Ender the Dragon wrote:

    If only someone would design a video game where the objective was to unhook bras. Then you’d have something, right? Right . . .?

    You know.. There might be something there…
    Maybe a whole line of games, that would involve
    different "levels" of the art of undress…

    Name the levels, like the Baseball reference
    1st, 2nd 3rd Base.. then "Sliding in to Home"

    If you did it on a Wii, think of the wrist
    movements, as you hold the remote in your hand,
    as you on screen, work that Bra clip …

    Man ! That is it ! My Wii has to go !

  • I'm a Scientist!

    MikeP wrote:
    I have an easier time trying to figure out how to unhook a bra then I do playing video games.

    It’s easier when you’re taking them off somebody else than when you’re taking them off yourself.
    Just saying.

    Uhhhhh… dare I ask the obvious question?

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Wayne Gretz wrote:

    If we lived in Amsterdam like he does we would spend most of our time in the local coffee shops, not drinking coffee and would never be right about anything.

    My lawyer says that I'm supposed to say I don't know what you're talking about.

    Harlie wrote:

    The Human Torch lives in Amsterdam? Lucky prick! Guy probly lights up hist fatties with his middle finger ala Wanye’s avatar. Ammmmmsterdammm f*ck, YEAH!

    My lawyer says that I'm supposed to say I don't know what you're talking about.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    bingofuel wrote:

    @ Cam:
    The key, as I have found, is to find a girl who loves videogames. Then all kinds of once-disparate behaviours can be successfully conjoined in a cocophony of digital and real-life bliss. *swoon*

    But then you have to vie for the controller when it is a one player game. I prefer having a wife who drinks beer and watches hockey with me. ah… bliss.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    The answer to the Oilers goaltending issue is Antero Nittymaki as far as UFA's go. Kari Lehtonen or Josh Harding as far as RFA's go. All 3 are capable tenders that are young enough to become the man and be here for a long time IMO.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    @ RossCreek:
    Dude, we were talking about bras and video games… how did goaltenders creep into it?!? 🙂

    Seriously though I don't think the Oil should be going after RFA's this season. Let's keep our draft picks etc and concentrate on the UFA's. I kinda hope they keep Roli. He has a fire in his belly and I like that.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Lol. I'm not suggesting that they make an offersheet on the RFA's, but they're both guys that could be available because they are RFA's and their current clubs may be looking to move them. Gilbert and Nilsson for Lehtonen and Armstrong?

  • I'm a Scientist!

    @ RossCreek:
    @ Cam:

    I love it when someone comes into a conversation about donairs and bras and tries to talk hockey. LOLZ

    @ OilersNation :

    I am surprised no one chirped me for my suggest-o-tron. Very well! I shall begin putting what remains of my mind to developing a podcast.

    *realizes he has bitten off more than he can chew, googles "how do I podcast?"*

  • I'm a Scientist!

    I don't think that Star Wars game is gonna be nearly as cool as that preview vid. It's one of those massively multiplayer online games like World of Warcraft. Not my cup o' tea. Phtltptptptp *thumbs down*

    As for your pod casting idea Wanye…git'er done! Eklund has a podcast, look how famous HE is now!

  • I'm a Scientist!

    @ roughneck:
    Haha, I totally think it is. Man the only thing Lacuna Coil is good for is when they turn off the amps and Cristina Scabbia and Angela Gossow (Arch Enemy) did that Revolver's hottest chicks in metal photo shoot.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    bingofuel wrote:

    The key, as I have found, is to find a girl who loves videogames.

    There is a line. I got my girl gaming thanks to Oblivion (I love you Bethesda). Sometimes now when I want to leave the house for some Red Lobster or sun shine, she prefers to stay in playing Online action games together. It sounds wonderful, except that you take a womans natural anger, add in gamer rage – and being the distance away to physically strike you – you have a recipe for getting in sheet for the strangest things.

    Ever not gotten lucky because of a badly timed teamkill? I have.

    I'll try not to complain TOO much tho, because a hot gamer girl is more advantageous than not.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Totally off topic, but should make for good conversation… I just saw Al strachen on the score talking with Stve Kouleas (taped from last night, but I missed it because I was drunk), however Strachen says, and please take his word for what it is, but he says that the Islanders WILL NOT take Taveres at #1 and instead opt for the Swede, leaving Taveres to go to Tampa. That being said, it opens the door for Tampa to unload Vinny and his 10 mill for 4 years salary in order to boost the defense. Would it be concievable to package Souray (breaks my heart to say that) and another d-man and go after Vinny?

  • I'm a Scientist!


    Do it Wayne, DO IT!!!! Have special guests and drink beer whilst recording the show. It will be so mega awesome Dan Tencer will be so mega jealous!

    OILERS 09/10 Stanley Cup Champions!

  • I'm a Scientist!

    @ Fiveandagame:

    Not only can I drink beer, but because I will do this from Wanye Manor TM I can podcast naked and swear till I am blue in the face if I feel so inclined.

    Ah CRTC – you have no say here.

    Yes, this will work out JUST FINE

  • I'm a Scientist!

    You do realize that a podcast can be a video right? I'm sure you look stellar naked, but not in my house, son, not in my house. Keep it to audio if you want to lose the pants.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    @ ScubaSteve:

    Video podcasting? That hadn't occurred to me. That would require a whole new level of effort. No, I'll stick to nude and drunk audio.

    Much like many popular radio hosts of today.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    @ Wanye Gretz:
    How much will it cost ON to get James Earl Jones to read for your podcast? You could always go for the cheaper Sam Jackson if that doesnt work out. He would likely be more familiar with your vocabulary anyway.