Chris McCarthy, Tomas Kaberle, and One More Reason To Hate Barry Fraser


With reports from TSN that Toronto is entertaining a serious offer for defenseman Tomas Kaberle and the draft upon us tomorrow, it seems appropriate to pass on this horrifying story of Oilers draft-day decision making.

Lowetide’s the guy who pointed this link out in the comments section here, and Guy Flaming is the guy who did the original article. Here’s the quote, in all of its terrifying glory:

Even trying to promote a player who impressed them could have been problematic for a scout if that player was not already a favorite of Fraser’s too. Every scout out there has a tale of the one that got away and, ironically, it’s usually about a type of player who seems to be exactly what the team is missing from its current lineup.

“Tomas Kaberle,” said [Oilers’ scout Chris] McCarthy right away when asked about his own personal fish story.

“I went over to Russia for a tournament that was almost in Siberia. It was just Kent (Nilsson) and I because Barry (Fraser) didn’t go that year. I saw Kaberle there and I said to Kent ‘this guy’s a player!’ He had a skinny neck and he was a stick of a player back then but he had great wheels. We were talking and I really got Kent on the bandwagon once he started watching him too. The only other scout there was Anders Hedberg from the Leafs. I had Kaberle ranked 25th or 26th on my overall list that year and I couldn’t even get him listed on our entire list! Then Toronto takes him in the ninth round and the kid is still playing! I was killing myself! I never said anything much about it later but I did say to Kent ‘We screwed up’ and we really did. Here’s a guy we could have stolen and Anders got lucky because we couldn’t keep our mouths shut.”

Anyways, Kaberle’s likely to be traded this summer, either at the draft or a little later on, but regardless, this was a guy the Oilers should have taken a chance on. But I suppose Barry Fraser was busy in Mexico anyway.

This isn’t exactly recent news, but it’s the first time I’ve seen it.