Tim Sestito Traded to New Jersey


As per the Edmonton Oilers official site, Steve Tambellini today traded prospect Tim Sestito to the New Jersey Devils in exchange for a conditional draft pick.

The undrafted Sestito joined the Oilers’ professional system as a 22-year old in 2006, making his debut with the ECHL’s Stockton Thunder, and became a full-time AHL’er in 2007-08. This past season, Sestito made his NHL debut as part of Craig MacTavish’s effort to turn his fourth line into more of a crash-and-bang unit.

Sestito’s been a good soldier; he’s almost always described as a character player, and he is a willing mucker and grinder. Despite that, his offensive game is nearly non-existent, and he’s always been deep in the red in the plus/minus category.

This trade surprised me because the Oilers have always been enthusiastic about Sestito; he was signed to contracts while other players with comparable (or better)skillsets remained unsigned, and he was also named captain in Springfield last season. That said, this was probably a good decision; Sestito isn’t a difference maker even at the AHL level, and unlike many AHL’ers he was signed to a two-way contract. Given how many players the Oilers have had counting against their 50-man list the last few years, clearing away one with as a low a ceiling as Sestito simply makes sense.

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    The Menace wrote:

    And people say that edmonton has to overpay to get guys here. That Kotalik contract is an overpayment by at least 20-25% IMO.

    I was listening to Gregor's show and he claimed that when all is said in done in the state of NY players will be paying roughly 50% in taxes, compared to 39% in Alberta. So the Rangers HAVE to overpay in order to overcome the loss of taxes.

    50%?! ~Those socialist pig dogs!~