Mike Comrie: do over?


Not once since Mike Comrie left this city after the Edmonton Oilers traded him to the Philadelphia Flyers in December 2003 have I thought to ask him if he’d ever consider playing for the Oilers again.

I didn’t think to ask during his tenure in Philadelphia, or during his time with the Phoenix Coyotes, the Ottawa Senators or the New York Islanders in the six seasons since he played here.

I didn’t think to ask in any of the off-seasons along the way. Or the other day, when I ran into Mike down the street from my place at brother Paul’s house. It didn’t dawn on me at the K of C Arena during an interview we did Monday. And why would it?

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Given all the ill-will I remember in the months leading up to Comrie being traded — a nasty bit of business involving Mike, agent Ritch Winter and then-GM Kevin Lowe that came to an ugly head when Lowe queered a deal with Anaheim by asking for $2.5 million to complete the trade — you’d have to be nuts to even ask, no?

Well, apparently not. The question of whether Comrie might be a fit for the Oilers right now was discussed by Dan Tencer and Bob Stauffer on 630 CHED Tuesday night. Really.

God Almighty, Steve Tambellini, in the name of sweet mercy make a move of some kind before everybody is completely insane. I can hear Hillary Duff screaming at the top of her lungs now, “Noooooooooooooooooo.”

I hear you, girl.

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Second time around

I’d be the first to suggest Tambellini be fitted with a rubber mouthpiece and a jacket with extra-long arms if he even considered inking Comrie, who is a UFA and is bunking at his brother’s house while awaiting a contract offer.

I’m not sure if Tencer, who I’m guessing was barely out of high school when the Comrie fiasco unfolded, was just filling air time, floating a trial balloon or fell down the stairs and hit his head before going on the air, but there’s nothing about the first time around I didn’t understand.

Now, there’s no indication whatsoever from anybody I know the Oilers are even considering talking to Comrie. I’m taking the discussion to be nothing more than a what-if bit of radio filler.

While Comrie, now 29, is good enough to play in the Oilers top six and could be had for a discount rate, like maybe $2 million in a one-year contract, it’s a profoundly bad idea on so many levels I don’t even know where to start. But, hell, let’s try.

Let’s get real

— Comrie didn’t enjoy the attention he got as a home town boy while playing for the Oilers his first time around, and he’s not going to be spared the spotlight now on a team that’s missed the playoffs three straight years.

— While Lowe has been bumped to the background in favour of Tambellini, the fact that he’s president of hockey operations means he still has a say in player personnel. He’s the head of hockey ops.

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Forget what made it into the papers back in 2003 when things got ugly — the best stuff that conveyed the depth of the bad feelings between Lowe and Comrie never made it into  print, and I can tell you that because I knew most of it. I don’t see the passing of six years healing that wound.

— Comrie and Winter never did go public with the reasons they wanted out of Edmonton, despite suggesting the “real story” would come out at the appropriate time and fans would understand their position.

While I don’t see a need to sift through that pile of dirty laundry, Comrie and Winter never did deliver the dirt. All fans know, without the reasons why, is Comrie took a pile of bonus money and turned his back on his hometown. They haven’t forgotten.

— The last thing the Oilers need right now is another five-foot-something forward to join the ranks of Sam Gagner, Andrew Cogliano, Robert Nilsson and Patrick O’Sullivan. Where’s the fit? Where’s the cap room?

No cigar

Look, I’ve got no beef with Comrie. As you might recall, I was accused by some of being in Comrie’s camp throughout the whole mess back in 2003. Maybe, in some ways, I was.

I never thought he owed it to fans here to stay if he was unhappy, whether he went public with his reasons or not. I was sympathetic to his position. It was criminal how some people tried to smear Comrie with the allegation he slept with Tommy Salo’s wife. That was bogus.

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For those who don’t know, when it looked like the deal with Anaheim was done — before Lowe asked for some bonus money back — the Oilers had a going away party at Comrie’s house. Salo was there. So was captain Jason Smith, who, according to somebody’s fantasy, had roughed up Comrie for bedding Mrs. Salo. Again, bogus.

Be that as it may, any flights of fancy about Comrie returning here will crash and burn when he signs with Ottawa, Philadelphia or New Jersey, Maybe even Los Angeles, if Ms. Duff has any pull around the Staples Center. But here? No way.

I’m not even going to ask him.

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  • Not interested either. There is nobody I'd push off of our top six to make room for Comrie, not even Penner. And I don't see any possible way he fits in our bottom six either. Plus as you mentioned, he's too small.

    And really, the level of obsession for Oilers past baffles me sometimes.

    If this team picks anyone up at this point, it should be a big offensive weapon, a shutdown d-man, or a faceoff/PKer (or all of the above if Tambellini wants to completely win me over). Comrie has no greater potential than any one in our top six.

    I think Dan Tencer just really like Hillary Duff. I'll e-mail him some google image search results.

  • Cam

    Edmonton has a habit of trying to push 2nd line players into a 1st line role and then scratching their heads when it doesn't work. Playing with those expectations against the toughest opposition on the opposite team has been to much for many young players, and when the fans and management are expecting more than can be delivered the player gets frustrated and leaves.

    If they just played the players in roles and in expectations that are reasonable it could have been a different story.


    Every time someone says to move Gagner or Cogs to the top line I shudder. I thought people liked those players? Why set them up to fail like that.

  • Fish

    The guy is a good player. It didn't work here. Big deal. He wasn't the type that relished all the attention he received in is hometown. You can hardly blame the guy for wanting to leave.

  • the best stuff that conveyed the depth of the bad feelings between Lowe and Comrie never made it into print, and I can tell you that because I knew most of it.

    I know you probably can't or won't, but GOD I'd love to hear more about this.

  • Robin Brownlee

    humantorch wrote:

    the best stuff that conveyed the depth of the bad feelings between Lowe and Comrie never made it into print, and I can tell you that because I knew most of it.
    I know you probably can’t or won’t, but GOD I’d love to hear more about this.

    Things said in confidence and off-the-record from both sides have to stay that way. There's no statute of limitations on that.
    I'm not trying to be cute here, but if you recall from 2003, I was writing Comrie out of town for good when others were assuming it was just a spat or a contract negotiation. I didn't need to guess on that front.

  • jeff

    I remember that Comrie was built up to be the best player the Oilers had drafted for years. Like Schremp now he was built up so much and then when the results weren't what we thought fans got made.

    I never could stand Comrie when he was here, but soon as he left I really liked the guy. He really was a shifty little bugger who could make plays happen out of no where.

    As for him coming to edmonton. What would he bring? His faceoff abilities have seemed to drop every year over the past few years. He is another small player. He doesn't play the PK. Do we really need a 40ish point player at this point?

    I say no.

  • Librarian Mike

    humantorch wrote:

    the best stuff that conveyed the depth of the bad feelings between Lowe and Comrie never made it into print, and I can tell you that because I knew most of it.
    I know you probably can’t or won’t, but GOD I’d love to hear more about this.


    The thing that annoys me about Comrie/Pronger/Heatley is that they made a big production about 'Oh, you would think differently if you heard my side of things', but they refuse to give their side.

    Sure, there's always another point-of-view, and if Lowe has demonstrated one thing as an executive it's that he can be hard to deal with. That said, if you're not willing to be clear about your beef, then don't be surprised if people fill in the blanks for you.

  • OvenChicken8

    Just to be a sh*t disturber…

    I would rather have Comrie at 2M than Nilsson. Just saying.

    Colin wrote:

    Comrie couldn’t hack it the first time, don’t see why it would be any different this time.

    33goals and 60pts says he could hack it.
    Be honest you would cream yourself if we could pick up a 30 goal scorer for 2 mill or less, I know I would lol.