GDB X: Another provincial civil war

Watching the Oilers come back from a 4-1 deficit last game against the Blue Jackets was really something. Like Gregor and Brownlee alluded to yesterday, it’s been pretty unreal watching PDP blow fans, hangers-on and bandwagon-jumpers away. Even Hemsky came alive!

And this gives me hope.

Now let’s hope this fekkin’ flu bug that’s knocked Gilbert Brule and Mike Comrie out of the line-up has run its course. I’d hate for hope to fade.

Battle of October

Can someone please explain to me why we’ve played the Flames twice since the beginning of the season? Tonight marks the third iteration of the Battle of Alberta. After this we don’t play Calgary again until after Christmas — twice more before the New Year. After that, we play them one more time in January and that’s it for the regular season.

Won’t get fooled Iginla

After the knock-down blow Iginla dealt Souray in the last Battle of Alberta, there was a lot of fuss kicked up by, well, just about everyone. Was it deliberate? Will Pat Quinn’s curmudgeonly ramblings result in more fines? Should Ignila have been fined too? Is Bulin staying hydrated?

The real question I think everyone wants an answer to is what’s going to happen in tonight’s game. Whether you believe Ignila’s hit was dirty and deliberate or not (deliberate hit, yes, but surely he didn’t intend to injury Souray to the extent that he did), you have to wonder what the Oilers have in mind for Iggy tonight.

A good, old-fashioned beat-down? And who rolls up their sleeves to get this done?

We need answers

Thankfully, we needn’t wait much longer for answers to at least some of these questions. And although the Flames and the Oilers share the exact same record so far this season (6-2-1), I’d say the Flames have more to worry about than we do… The Oilers are playing spirited hockey.

And it’s a blast to watch.

Oh yeah, check out what the competition has to say about tonight’s game.