GDB X: Another provincial civil war

Watching the Oilers come back from a 4-1 deficit last game against the Blue Jackets was really something. Like Gregor and Brownlee alluded to yesterday, it’s been pretty unreal watching PDP blow fans, hangers-on and bandwagon-jumpers away. Even Hemsky came alive!

And this gives me hope.

Now let’s hope this fekkin’ flu bug that’s knocked Gilbert Brule and Mike Comrie out of the line-up has run its course. I’d hate for hope to fade.

Battle of October

Can someone please explain to me why we’ve played the Flames twice since the beginning of the season? Tonight marks the third iteration of the Battle of Alberta. After this we don’t play Calgary again until after Christmas — twice more before the New Year. After that, we play them one more time in January and that’s it for the regular season.

Won’t get fooled Iginla

After the knock-down blow Iginla dealt Souray in the last Battle of Alberta, there was a lot of fuss kicked up by, well, just about everyone. Was it deliberate? Will Pat Quinn’s curmudgeonly ramblings result in more fines? Should Ignila have been fined too? Is Bulin staying hydrated?

The real question I think everyone wants an answer to is what’s going to happen in tonight’s game. Whether you believe Ignila’s hit was dirty and deliberate or not (deliberate hit, yes, but surely he didn’t intend to injury Souray to the extent that he did), you have to wonder what the Oilers have in mind for Iggy tonight.

A good, old-fashioned beat-down? And who rolls up their sleeves to get this done?

We need answers

Thankfully, we needn’t wait much longer for answers to at least some of these questions. And although the Flames and the Oilers share the exact same record so far this season (6-2-1), I’d say the Flames have more to worry about than we do… The Oilers are playing spirited hockey.

And it’s a blast to watch.

Oh yeah, check out what the competition has to say about tonight’s game.

  • Zamboni Driver

    Funny after that, the one thing that jumps out…

    Macintyre….seems like a good guy.

    But 'buh-bye' comes to mind.

    One game, one shift and get your clock cleaned…with a coach who doesn't like your kind anyway.

    hope he can catch on some where, but….not here.

  • I'm gonna throw some names out there for D. Like I said, I'd move both Gilbert & Grebeshkov. Here's some (potentially available) D I may have some interest in for the Oil…

    Shaonne Morrisonn

    Barrett Jackman

    Zbynek Michalek

    Mark Streit

    Dan Hamhuis

    Matt Greene

    Bryan Allen

    Rostislav Klesla

    Scott Hannan

    Cam Barker

    Tim Gleason

    Ron Hainsey

    • Librarian Mike

      Are you Eklund? You can't just throw out names. Especially when half that list is not "available". Barker for Gilbert is highway robbery on Edmonton's end. Go back to drinking your happy juice after your regular season win.

      • Dude, I never said that I was talking straight up swaps for any of these guys. And by potentially available, I guess I meant I wasn't gonna count obvious unavailable guys like Weber or Seabrook. I threw some names out to talk about. Bitter much? Coward.

        • Coward

          –noun 1. a person who lacks courage in facing danger, difficulty, opposition, pain, etc.; a timid or easily intimidated person.

          –adjective 2. lacking courage; very fearful or timid.
          3. proceeding from or expressive of fear or timidity: a coward cry.

          Try not to throw words around like you do "trade options". Bitter much? Yeah, the Oilers just lost to their archrival. People put up with you (a Flames fan) because for the most part at least you're on topic. However, coming on to Oilersnation (a pro Oilers forum) and gloating after a (flu assisted) win is downright pompous. There's a reason why lists the Calgary Flames as the least popular NHL team (2008) and you're a primary example of why. Suck our collective Oilersnation cacks, we still have 5 Stanley Cups!

          • Funny how one moment Oil fans say "enough of the glory years re-visited already" yet they still throw the "we won 5 Cups" around. Ya, big deal. The Leafs have 13 Cups. Does that automatically mean they're better than the Oil? I think not. Keep livin in the past. I didn't just come here at the end of the game to 'gloat'. I was here all game. Where were you? Pompous my assterick*

          • Eddie Shore

            "Funny how one moment Oil fans say "enough of the glory years re-visited already" yet they stull throw "we won 5 Cups" around. Ya, big deal. The Leafs have 13 Cups. Does that automatically mean they're better than the Oil?"

            – Well RossCreek, that depends entirely by what you mean by better. If you mean better presently, then no the Leafs (with zero wins) are not better. However, if you believe the Stanley Cup to be the barometer of a franchises success, then yes 13 is better than 5. I'm not going to lie, I would rather have 13 league titles than 5 (granted the Leafs are an original 6 team). If you would rather have 1 (which incidently like the Flames last Stanley Cup Finals appearance is now one year further than the Oilers last), then thats your perogative. If you would like we can compare first round appearances as well, however I'm confident you're still holding the short end of the stick.

            "I didn't just come here at the end of the game to 'gloat'. I was here all game. Where were you?"

            – If you must know, I was at home watching the game, of what relevance that has I'm not sure. The fact remains (by your own admission) you did come on here to 'gloat'. When the Oilers win, I celebrate with other Oiler fans, I don't go looking for a strictly pro-Flames forum to brag about it. That sir after a regular season win is pompous.

            If I come across as rude, I apologize. I can appreciate a loyal fan such as yourself. I can appreciate that you are probably one of the regular 12,000 who graced the Saddledome during the '04 season to be pleasantly surprised with not only the playoffs but a Stanley Cup run. I (like you) am passionate about my hockey club. Sure they haven't won the Cup in 19 years, but they've given me lots of reason to smile since then. Not only am I proud of having (arguably) the greatest dynasty in hockey but of pro sports. I'm proud of that short span in the late '90s when the Oilers (as Canada's sole representatives in the playoffs) were Canada's team. I'm proud of the Oilers first round upsets of Dallas and Coloardo, and I'll never forget the feeling of that late comeback against the Stars where they were down 3-0, I promised never to 'give up' on the Oilers again. I'm proud of the excitement of our annual first round meetins with the Dalla Stars, each year more optimistic than the last. Of course, I (like everyone else) cried when the Oilers lost gm 7 on '06, and I was a wreck for months after. I love my Oilers and I wouldn't have it any other way. PS 5 Stanley Cups is nice too.

          • Tony T, I am not here to start wars or anything. I live in the Edmonton area, always have. I see/hear/read all that is Oil because I am a hockey fan, and until this here interweb thingy came along (ya think its gonna stick around?), it was my main source of news. I follow the Oil closer than some Oil fans, even though I 'hate' them so much. Its the way I was raised. My Grandpa and my Dad both hated the Oilers, so it just came natural. Having said all that, I'm not on here spewing my hatred toward the Oil like a buffoon. I'm a hockey fan, period. I'm on here to share stories/articles/comments/arguments like most everyone else, not to cause 'rifts' just because I'm a Flames fan. When I first started coming here, I didn't let on I was a fan of the Flames because I didn't want that to stop close-minded Oiler fans from listening/reading/engaging with me. This is a great site, and there's not too many 'regulars' that I don't like. I have respect for most everyone here. My 'coward' blast was perhaps a tad over the line, but as I said earlier, I didn't just come here at the end of the game to gloat. I was here all game checking in. When the Oil scored, I was still here (and at a Flames site). When it looked like maybe the Oil were about to mount their patented comeback, I was still here. When the Flames looked like they were going to infamously blow yet another lead, I was still here. If the game went the other way, I would've still been here. My goal is not to be "just another simple-minded Flames fan that doesn't earn or deserve any respect. I have several Oiler fan friends – its all in good fun to me. Is there times where the blood gets boiling and its hard to remain civil – you betchya, but I'm sure you know this. Yes 'you guys' have 4 more Cups than 'us'. Yes I know a bra has more Cups than Calgary. Yes, I know the Flames had riff jersey's in the late 90's. And yes, I know that the Oil have looked pretty decent this year. And yes, things around here seem funner when the Oil make the playoffs. Until the Flames & Oil meet in the playoffs, I don't forsee any issues between either sets of fans. BUT, when that happens, ALL BETS ARE OFF! Until then Tony T, RESPECK!

  • Shawn Cronin

    What a difference it makes when Stone & Brule are out, Jacques is flu bitten and Stortini is forced to play as much as he did (16:28). The grit and aggression was missing on 3/4 of the lines and it showed…….

  • Shawn Cronin

    Most interesting stat brought up all night. Tied for the league league in giveaways with Hal (Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay overated) Gill, is Grebeshkov with 16. Gilbert is 17th with 10. 27 between the two of them in 10 games. That is scary. Just in time for Halloween. I present to you, The Scare Pair.

  • BarryS

    It is highly unlikely their will be any major trades until after the olympics. As for G & G they could be split up and so could S & S making two G & S pairs. One tough d and one soft d per pair. Smid has become a good tough defenceman and perhaps could help his new partner.

  • Did i just see on Sportsnet that team Canada's Junior Team will wear green next year?

    Someone better be fired because of that. Why dont we just get them to wear pink pokadots, or instead of a Maple Leaf they can slap a picture of a Beaver on there.

    It's team Canada, dont f*ck with the colours!

  • Chris.

    Ross Creek wrote: "I can't wait til Smid gets 'his'. It may not be tonight, it may not be against the Flames, but he will bite off more than he can chew sooner than later and go yelping away like a shot dog."

    Nice. You sir are a wordsmith… The irony is rich coming from a man who cheers for a coward like Phaneuf. Phaneuf will never be the kind of dog that gets shot… as he chooses to cower in the dark and will only take advantage of prey in a vulnerable position. This kind of dog sometimes trys to act big by joining the pack late, willing to feed on a carcus he was too scared to engage when vital… Every once in a while, when pretending to be the alpha; the "big" dog realizes the half eaten immobilized body has some life left in it; so he turns tail and runs, yelping and sh!tting himself to the embarrassment of the pack.

  • Lofty

    Dear Flames Fan

    You guys are just as bad as Canucks fans…you have this arrogance that would normally come with years of success yet you have not had any success.

    The Flames have won NOTHING since 1990…simply making the playoffs means NOTHING unless you win the cup (or at least one round). Yet, because you have finished a few points higher in the standings than the Oil for the last few years you have a false sense of achievement that is making you sound and act like idiots.

    Finally, how can you cheer for a team with Dion Phaneuf on it??? He is the BIGGEST coward the NHL has seen in a LONG time…he alone will hold your team back from winning anything. Dion…take off your visor and back up that little smirk of yours with something other than multiple face-washes once the refs have jumped in.

    PS…the argument that we are living in the past because we talk about our 5 Stanley Cups in 7 years is RIDICULOUS and can only come from the fan of a team that has only won 1 Stanley Cup in 29 years…GOOD NIGHT NOW!!

    • Zamboni Driver

      I would say 'rack him'….if this wasn't bathed in nut-jobbery.

      I'm a Oilers fan, don't get me wrong but…..the Flames have had almost exactly the same success as the Oilers since 1990 – one accidental trip to the finals, both teams….whack of years not in the playoffs both teams (one has a current streak going, guess which one?)

      Five cups…yes. that was impressive.
      Twenty to Twenty-SIX years ago. It is time for us to stop living that far in the past. Were you even alive in 1984?

      As to Phaneuf…if you can name one Oilers defenseman you'd take ahead of him, you're kidding yourself. And if you say 'Big Sexy'…time to turn up the meds.
      (Btw…have you seen who Dion's doing? Dude wins just for that.)

      It's important to have some judgment before you go embarrassing yourself.

      • Librarian Mike

        Agreed. There is nothing more embarrassing as an Oilers fan than the old 'we used to be really good' chestnut.

        Seriously, we make fun of the Leafs for doing it. We don't want to be THEM, do we?

      • Zamboni Driver

        Yeah, I'm sure you are an oilers fan – nice try! I would take Gilbert with no arms over Pukeneuf. I'm sure his idol is Claude Lemieux.
        As a matter of fact I was 12 yrs old in 1984 and the memories and excitement of those times will never grow old and founded my very dedication to the oilers – in good and bad times! The fact of the matter is flames fans have used that " stop living in the past" excuse since the summer of 1990. It is simply because they have NO history to hang their hat on. For some strange reason think they are contending for the cup when they haven't got out of the first round of playoffs more than twice in their history.

        • Actually, Zamboni Driver is an Oiler fan. You would take Gilbert with no arms over "Pukeneuf"? I'm sure there's not more than 3 people that'd agree with you. I am not the biggest Phaneuf fan myself, but that above statement is pure rubbish.

          As for your "stop living in the past" blast, you're probably right, if the role's were reversed, I probably would throw that one in your face from time to time. My reference wasn't even so much to "stop living in the past", but that SOME Oil fans talk out of both sides of their mouth – "enough bringing up the past already", "get rid of the ol' boys club", "we don't need to see a 25th anniversary of the 1st Cup winning team, enough with the past already!" yet as soon as they're in an argument with a Flames fan, they go back to the clever "we have more Cups than you" take.

          For some strange reason think they are contending for the cup when they haven't got out of the first round of playoffs more than twice in their history.

          What relevance their 1st round history has on their future, I'm not sure. But yes, it has been a lousy record. Please don't tell me you'd rather miss the playoffs 3 years in a row than get ousted in the 1st round though.

          • Zamboni Driver

            I think you need to relax just a tad bit – I was using an exaggeration to display my passion for the oilers and demonstrate how much I hate the flames. Your right – after I thought about it for about 78 hours, in the end I probably would go with Phaneuf instead of someone with no arms. My point I am getting at is that I was under the impression this site is for everyone (regular or not) to read and breath Oilers. The name "oilersnation" is a good indication of which way the passion and feelings of most contributors tend to lean to. I very much enjoy the humour and sarcasm often directed at "everyone who opposes Oilers". I am not one of the oil fans who talk out of both sides of my mouth. I love the history of the team and I am a Kevin Lowe, MacT, Huddy, Buchberger, Semenko etc. fan and enjoy the fact they have joined the Oilers after they finished their playing career. Bashing flames is a great tradition that is passing generations. Don't panic – if Phaneuf was traded to the oilers for Hemsky, I would cheer for Phaneuf eventually and boo Hemsky. (probably not)

          • Eddie Shore

            I would wager that Dion will "get his" long before Smid does. Phaneuf plays a big mans game but disappears when the big men come calling. Take off that visor, answer the bell and play with a little integrity.

          • Eddie Shore

            Agreed – further to my thoughts Ogden Brother, I would NOT take Phaneuf or Regher over Souray or Vishnovsky. Souray has a harder/better shot, more offensive flair, and matches pyhsical play most nights. Lubo has more skill in his left foot than all of the flames d-men. Although, a Lubo and Bouwmeester pairing would have been sweet. They would pass our forwards on the rush and still get back to break up a play!

      • Eddie Shore

        Zamboni Driver,
        I would not want Phaneuf on the Oilers. I have no problem with an aggressive, chippy player but not backing up his cheap shots is embarrasing and it rubs off on the team.

        As for our success since 1990 compared to the Flames…no where in there did I say we have been more successfull…all I was getting at is that the Flames haven't accomplished anything either yet the fans act like they have.

        Trust me, I know how long ago the cups were and I know we have been a sub-par team for many years….but Flames fans piss me off with their false sense of achievement.

        I was alive in 1984 and I have actually played hockey rather than just driving the zamboni so…

    • Librarian Mike

      Okay, I'll admit I thought Schremp wasn't getting a fair chance at the time. I have to say I really thought he'd be ready to show something after being trashed by MacT for so long. It just goes to show how with the draft, 'Nobody Knows Anything'.

      So yeah, mea culpa. I know I'm not the only one though…

      • You're a bigger man than most, Librarian.

        Personally, I thought David Oliver was going to be a first line player, Jim Carey and Patrick Lalime would compete for multiple Vezinas, and Mathieu Garon would lead us to the promised land. Just in case anyone thinks I'm a know-it-all fan.

          • BarryS

            But that's the only hockey ability he is close at. Until he proves otherwise, which he is unlikely to, all there is to Schremp is hot air, his own and those sports guys who played up his suspect junior abilities. As far as i know, Schremp was never a good five on five player and it looks life never will be,

            Horcoff's history is he will get better stats as soon as he gets used to the problem many players have when they suddenly get a huge contract. Horcoff is not the first to suffer from the self-worth issues surrounding hitting the contract jackpot, won't be the last. A three million skill that suddenly is a six million skill takes some getting used to. Check the stats, I expect you will find most players in the first year of a huge contract boast suffer from lesser production. In fact, some careers have been ended by not being able to live up to the greatly increased expections, both theirs and others, of getting a huge new payday. Just look at these blogs, Horcoff is under great scrutany by those not expecting more for the increase pay. Quess what, the pay was based on past preformance in the expectation it remain at the same level, not rise to new levels. The sooner Horcoff and everyone else accepts that, the sooner he will reduce the pressure on himself and begin to play better.

          • he had a year to get used to the heat from that contract. he can get over it any time now.

            and he had 1 good season, and hit the jackpot. i'm not angry that he convinced someone that his 3 million dollar skills are worth 5.5, i'm angry that he's playing like he has 1.5 million dollar skills these days.

          • BarryS

            Last year all Horcoff had to worry about was coming back from his major surgery. The last thing on his mind would be a contract he might not be healthy enough to actually get when he had to be able to trust his body again.

            Players always take longer than the rest of us to trust their bodies are healed. (Spoken by one who has had several major surgerys to various parts of his body.) It takes time to get used to the lack of pain and to remember you now can do things you couldn't before.

            Unless those shots he's stopped with his foot lately have caused more damage than has been let on, it will take a half season or more to come to terms with the contract pressure.

            At least with Gagne seeming to get the hang of faceoffs a little better of late, and Penner taking some, perhaps Horcoff will have more time to work on the rest of his game.

  • Eddie Shore

    I would cheer for Phaneuf if he was an Oiler, but a piece of me would die every time I clapped.

    I used to really like Phaneuf when he first started with the flames, but that train left the station when he started showing his character on the ice. I honestly think he's one of the most embarassing Canadian hockey players in the league right now.

    Great hitter, really good shooter, decent enough passer, no dignity, zero respect for the game, and a spine you couldn't sell to Gumby's mother.

    I wish that Avery hadn't been suspended when he beaked about sloppy seconds. Then he and Phaneuf could have put on a big show pretending to fight each other from behind the linesmen.

    I hope they carpool with Dany Heatly some day.

    When ABC cancelled "Cavemen" I thought that meant I wouldn't have to see Phaneuf on TV anymore.

    And just to prove that this isn't an anti-Flames sentiment, I would still call it a good day if the Flames could somehow trade him to the KHL and get the first overall pick for the next 5 years in return. At least in the KHL he would be expected to play like a coward.

    • Librarian Mike

      My exact feelings as well. I silently thought his hometown connection would make him an oiler at one time. Thank God that didn't happen. I have 0 respect after he turtled over that pre-season hit. You have to believe he's going to get what he deserves soon. I'd laugh if he got knocked out for the play-offs – then Calgary would have ANOTHER excuse for their first round flopping.