What A Depressing Weekend: Vancouver Highlights, Random Stuff

Vancouver Canucks: 2

Edmonton Oilers: 0

So I must apologize for not putting up the highlight package from the Calgary game on Saturday night.  I ended up playing hockey in the late afternoon, and afterwards went to a buddy’s place (which was fairly evenly split between Oilers, Canucks and Flames fans) and watched the game and consumed rum and cokes.  As you might imagine, the latter represented the high point on that portion of the evening.

Suffice to say that by the time I finally got home I was in no mood to write about the loss.  In fact, all I feel like remembering is Lubomir Visnovsky’s lovely powerplay goal, and that’s it.  That loss, combined with the 2-0 effort this evening now has the Oilers exactly one win over .500, with a 6-4-1 record.  And yes, the OT loss counts as a loss – otherwise you end up with 22 teams playing .500 hockey or better in a 30 team league – do the math.

The flu is part of the reason for this mini-slump, I’m sure, and the good news is that they’ll get better.  Another part of the reason is the inevitable decline in shooting percentage, with the bad news being that it’s going nowhere but south.

Back to tonight’s game – the Oilers didn’t score a goal, and Roberto Luongo set a franchise goaltending mark (which, given the team’s history, is about as remarkable as becoming Atlanta’s winningest coach or Nashville’s best scorer).  On second thought, forget about it – there’s no need to revisit tonight’s game.  

  • BarryS

    The first two Calgarys games we should have won but the boo-lin wall seems to let in easy goals, with about four goals a game. All I hear is how good Khabibulin has played, and i would bet if our strater was JD all we would here is how good the rookie is playing.
    I can't wait for Souray and Staios to come back then we will have three good d-lines that will move the puck out of our end. When the all D are playing the the game opens up, and right now it's killin us. Just watch Strudwick make a bad play or and the play will be in our end for his shift and X that by each time his line is out there = two lost game.
    Horcoff smarter not harder.

  • big D

    Does anyone remember our captain throwing a hit this year? or is it just me?………….
    He can't get up for Calgary or Vancouver?
    dam visors…….they do it every time.

  • <>I believe the flu is having a big part of the last couple of games. Stortini (who has played excellent) has been playing way more minutes than he is used to or maybe even conditioned to play.

    The loss of a guy like Stone looks bigger than anyone would have expected as well. A guy who made the team out of nowhere, but played a simple banging & crashing game that nobody else wants/can play on this team. Bobby Nilsson is looking better than last year, but not good enough to play on this team IMO.

    JDD played good enough to build confidence in Quinn to get another start. He didn't lose the game for us.

    • Librarian Mike

      Penner was probably the best Oiler (except for JDD of course). He had a great chance right at the end, but it was too little too late.

      If you were a fan of pre-lockout, MacT hockey then you missed a doozy.

  • Lofty

    Cant wait for the team to get healthy. When Strudwick, Nilsson and Moreau get as much ice time as they have over the last couple games nothing good is going going to happen.

    Also… I do not understand why Patty O is playing the point on the power play? The shots he takes are terrible! Gotta love getting possesstion, moving the puck around to get a quality scoring chance and as soon as it hits Patty O's stick he rips it 6 feet wide.

  • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

    Not really concerened yet. Injuries are catching up with us and while we did lose yesterday at least JDD put up another good showing.

  • Hemmercules

    Nilsson and Struds need to go asap. Both were horrible last night. Can't wait until this flu bug is gone from the team, Comrie is even missed right now. Any word on Souray ans Staios???

    • That is the problem – no depth. When those guys (Storts included) are playing that much they are going to get exposed for some mistakes. Only difference with Stortini is that he is getting some scoring chances & still playing his role. Some players appear not willing to be slotted into 'roles'.

      Strudwick is playing some tough minutes (3 minutes s/h) that he normally wouldn't play if Souray or Staios were healthy I bet. Smid has picked up his game too because of the injuries. Grebeshkov hasn't looked very comfortable playing the extra minutes. Too many turnovers.</P.

      • Chris.

        I don't know if I'd call this a depth problem. The injuries/Flue have gone way beyond typical. If you're 9th dmen is playing and you've got 4 forwards on the shelf, you're going to be in trouble.

        • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

          I was just going to say how is it bad depth when we have 6 guys out and maybe more playing injuried/sick. Also yesterday was a back to back game for us, so that has to hurt some too.

      • Hemmercules

        Well said. Did I see Peckham take a shift or two on forward last night or was I still too hungover from Saturday night?

        For a guy fighting for a spot on the team Nilsson isn't getting it done. Every pass he tried last night was either to high, too hard, too soft or picked off.

        p.s. HIT THE NET!!!! If Gagner and Hemmerr hit the net half as much as they missed it they would be leading the league right now.

        I have a feeling we play a hard game tomorrow and drop those pretenders. Go OIL!!!!

    • Lofty

      Strudwick is impressivly slow. He doesnt get much attention for his turnovers but two goals over the weekend were caused by him softly shooting the puck around the boards right to the point-man. Then the oil run around and gets burnt. HIGH AND HARD!!! Ice it but dont turn it over!

  • I'm a Scientist!

    *suddenly remembers what last year feels like*


    *goes to google pictures of Britney to increase the sunshine level on this otherwise bleak day*

  • Lofty

    Goddammit I hate loosing to those no cup Caslunks! I need to break somthing! This is a banged up sick team, so I'm not gonna panic yet. Any word on Souray yet? He should be close by now.

  • Chris.

    You characterized it perfectly Willis: What a depressing weekend. Only two goals in two games against divisional rivals… More disconcerting, is the complete absence of secondary scoring for three consecutive games…

    One positive: I'm sure looking forward to tuesdays game. At the start of the year it seemed pretty obvious that a tuesday game against Colorado would be a complete dog. I didn't even try to get rid of the tickets figuring there would be little interest; am glad I didn't.

  • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

    I dont know about you guys but Colorado kind of scares the fu$k out me right now. As injury and flu riddled this team is right now we could be looking at a a$$ kicking.

    • I'm not worried about Colorado at all.

      They've fallen back to earth, as any rational observer would expect them to. hey rode a hot goalie and an unreal SH% to a very decent start, but while Anderson should remain at least decent that lineup is really chopped liver.

      Any team running two guys from the last draft has problems, and I'd be shocked if Colorado was a playoff team by January.

  • Hemmercules

    Points divided by possible points equals winning percentage….it's the only way that makes any sense. The fact that it means 22 of 30 teams have Win% over .500 is irrelevant.