• Heavyd

    Oilers shutout, again. No scoring from anyone, again.

    It's not a blowout but it's a sign. Don't get elated fans, we'll finish sub .500 and far out of the playoffs since teams that weren't expected to place well are hot and even with an even kiel will place ahead of our dismal team.

    Oh, but we'll place ahead of the leafs… so we can at least throw that in Brian Burke's face.

  • Librarian Mike

    Lets not forget we have been missing our Number one a 2 two defense man! the team has been ravaged by the swine flu, which takes awhile to recover from, trust me I have it. Lets not throw the towel in just yet!

    • I'm with Luke. The team stinks right now, but I'm not going to give up on them until we get another look at how they look when we're icing a healthy team – not just whoever can keep it together long enough to throw on a jersey.

      Does anyone remember the exciting team that played the first 5-6 games? If we can get those guys back, I think we 're going to be alright.

  • Costanza

    People can say that the injuries and illness are no excuse, and they are correct. They are not excuses they are REASONS. I can't imagine playing with the flu at that high a level. Heck most of us can't get off our arse to go sit at a desk never mind perform at that type of intensisty.

    • No kidding, even if they had all the guys who were sick back how good would they be? It takes a little time to get back in shape after having the flu, hopefully they can beat the Isles today and then take a couple of days and get healthy.

      These guys that write off a team one month in are hilarious, teams like Colorado haven't faced any adversity yet, but November 1 and the Oilers are already done. Wow, good analysis.

  • I Am The Law

    I was at the game yesterday and I didn't even recognize the numbers on the backs of some of our players. I agree with Luke, The Menace and Costanza that we can't evaluate our team without our top players.

    Also, both teams appeared to be really sluggish. I think it was due to the fact that the game was at 1pm. I don't get the deal with matinee games down here. Two Oilers games in two years, and they're both matinees…It's not like natural daylight is useful for a hockey game…

  • Librarian Mike

    From watching the game vs. Boston, it's pretty clear that having 3 AHL level defensemen who each play 15 minutes per game or more, is killing us.

    With the amount of time spent in our zone with Strudwick/Peckham pairing on the ice, it's no wonder we're not getting many shots on net.

  • Chris.

    Second and third tier teams are more likely to have their season ruined by injuries, bad luck, and the flu… there isn't as big a margin of error when your not that good… What would happen to the Oiler offence if Penner got hurt?

  • Some interesting tidbits from Jim Matheson in today's Edmonton Journal:

    -People watching the Springfield Falcons say Ryan O'Marra has gone from being a major project to a definite prospect for the Oilers. His work ethic has increased 100 fold, and some say O'Marra, who came to the Oilers in the Ryan Smyth deal, could come up now and be a role playing centre.

    -… the Habs would gladly move either Kostitsyn (the dour Andrei, with one goal or his disgruntled brother Sergei), and yes, the Oilers would have interest in Sergei because he played on the same junior line (London) with Sam Gagner and Patrick Kane, depending on what player they'd have to give up. Andrei has one of the NHL's top 10 shots, but an awful work ethic.

    -One Eastern NHL pro scout clearly wonders about enigmatic Oilers winger Robert Nilsson. He grades him like a call-up from the AHL, at least for now.

    -Oilers farmhand Chris Minard leads the AHL with nine goals and is fourth in league scoring.


    • Librarian Mike

      the Oilers would have interest in Sergei because he played on the same junior line (London) with Sam Gagner and Patrick Kane

      I hope that's not their rationale for picking him up. I'm certainly no expert, but Pouliot played with Crosby in Rimouski and we all know how that's working out…

      • Hatecoff

        i dont know how thats working out.

        can you tell me ?

        im not a pitsburgh fan so i dont keep track.

        tell me how pouliot and crosby are doing points-wise for the penguins, please.

        • Librarian Mike


          Uh, what I meant was that M.A. Pouliot played with Crosby in Rimouski in Junior. While Crosby is an undisputed superstar, Pouliot really hasn't panned out at all for the Oilers. Therefore, I question the value of Kostitsyn in the NHL and specifically on our team just because he played on a good team in Junior.

          • Hatecoff

            i know

            im just busting your balls

            but even thou his work ethic sucks most of "pro" hockey people still see value in his skill

            the kid needs work but i think he just got sick of the b.s. in montreal and gave up on them

          • So you questioned the value of him by using a completely unrelated example?

            No one mentioned playing on a good team, they mentioned playing with Gagner. The two demonstrated come chemistry in junior and it is reasonable to believe they might work well together again.

            Please explain how Pouliot playing with Crosby is even remotely analogous.

            If you want to make an argument against their potential reasoning at least use an applicable example..

    • Librarian Mike

      O'Marra panning out as a 3rd line center would go along way in improving our orginizational depth.

      Man I hope S Tit's stays far, far away from Edmonton.

        • Hatecoff

          nillson is just a spoiled little brat who plays hockey because he can.

          he has no work ethic for improvement.

          he hasnt changed attitude or skills wise since he has been here.

          no one will trade for him, he will be a some what of a compliment or a balance in a bigger player trade.
          if not put on waivers to the ahl anytime soon.

          oh and what would a hatecoff comment be without a little hate on coff

          for our powerplays sake……………….i'd take a top 10 shot with a poor ethic…………then a "two way" player with a poor shot………….

  • Hatecoff

    few other concerns i have;

    1.) strudwick

    man he sucks, and i mean really…….honest truth…i'm not hating…..he is so slow……..inaccurate poke-check……..panic around the net…………he makes me wish for staios return……..i cant believe i said that…..

    2.) trade ?

    i believe one if not few of the following players will be traded before the olympic brake……….pisani…..nillson…..moreau…….cogliano……stortini…….and/or……o'sullivan

    in return we will be getting someone younger then moreau and pisani…..bigger then nillson and cogliano……..with some scoring touch ofcourse……..

    3.) i cant see gilbert and grebeshkov finishing the season here

  • Hatecoff

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          • Librarian Mike

            Are we havin 'interweb beef'?

            Good thing I'm a vegetarian.

            Here's a discussion: Who certain players compare to. I was thinking about who Crosby stacks up with in terms of hockey history, and I came up with Bryan Trottier. He can score, pass, hit, and he plays a 'bitchy' type of game. With Ovechkin, the best I came up with was Pavel Bure, but with a physical game.

            I don't know, I'm just trying to keep this thread going until Robin comes in and cleans house.

      • Librarian Mike

        You know, looking at today's scoreboard has given me some perspective. The Oilers missed the playoffs last year, and this year they MIGHT get in. Compare that to Carolina. They are getting killed this year, and they were in the final 4.

        *curses self for picking Eric Staal in hockey pool*

        • My buddy is actually a die-hard Canes fan. Followed them from Hartford. I've resisted the temptation to start poking fun at him thus far, but soon that may change. Also, according to Eklund the Canes may be sending Ray Whitney to the Flames.

  • Heavyd

    Anyone find any information on the islanders and oilers talking trade? Horcoff sat out the morning practice with the flu, the only reason I asked is cause why is horcoff getting the flu now when most the palyers are over it. And who would we want off the islanders?

    • Hemmertime

      Jeff Tambellini has 6 goals and 7 pts in 8 games. Trading Horc for him… lol. Only ones we would be interested in are Matt Moulson, Kyke Okposo, maybe Park (too small though. I dont see Horcoff going there. Martinek is pretty much the only guy I would have interest in.