You’re so Money and you don’t even know it

Well, it’s finally happened, Nationeers. Our crack team of developer-monkeys (which, really, should be singular as Citizen Alpha has been the lead monkey on rebuilding the Nations) has made enough amazing changes to the site that we feel like we can sit back, relax a tip one or two back in the name of… well, OilersNation.

I’ll get to some of the changes that you’ll probably have already noticed here on the site in a bit, but first, let me provide you with some history.

You see, when Wanye hatched the scheme to start these websites, it seemed like a simple proposition. Build a blog, add some plug-ins, build an audience, and watch the trucks with dollar signs drop off cash every month.

It didn’t really turn out that way.

We built. We wrote. And we made hilarious photoshop images. And very little happened

So we re-built, and wrote some more, adding the talents of Robin Brownlee, Jason Gregor and Jonathan Willis to the roster. Finally some people started checking out the site. Some of you started to demand things, like a functional edit button, and more, better content.

Then the site broke because we had too much traffic.

So we re-built. And re-built. Yes. Twice.

And then we re-built some more, to arrive at this moment: OilersNation 4.0. Because what you see pictured below is what makes this all worthwhile.

‘We need an edit button!’

Well, readers fair, you have your pound of flesh. The demands for an edit button resonated across these hallowed halls for months and months. And every time someone said, "Damn, I wish there was an edit button," Wanye would become increasingly agitated.

You know that scene in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? when Eddie Valiant feeds Roger booze and he totally has that weird alcoholic relapse (pictured below)? That was Wanye’s reaction every time someone said "edit button." And he would rant and rave and kick the air and demand things — crazy things involving origami cranes and the blood of young animals — until the edit button was in place.

But it’s here. And as Wanye dozes silently in a corner covered in newspapers from the 1980s, I think it’s safe to say that he’s happy with our progress… for now.

I’d also like to personally welcome some of our new columnists, including The Towel Boy, MInister of the Draft, and Jeanshorts, back writing for the Nation in all of his glory. You boys are most welcome. Do us citizens proud!

But what’s next?

What I can tell you is that lots more is on the way. Stuff you guys haven’t even thought of. My stars, the things that we have coming next, you don’t even know!

But I can’t tell you any of that… Not yet.

Show me the Money

In the meantime, we’re trying to hook up exclusive offers for Citizens of the Nation. On that front, we’ve partnered with River Cree Resort and Casino to give away 50 pairs of tickets to see Eddie Money on November 28th. And really, who can say no to Two Tickets to Paradise?

Not me. And certainly not you.

Peep the ad on the right-hand sidebar from River Cree, give it a click and enter your name to see this rock n roll legend. Which rock n roll legend, you ask?


Right. On. The Money.