Steve MacIntyre on Waivers

To the surprise of absolutely nobody, the Edmonton Oilers have put Steve MacIntyre on waivers.

MacIntyre, who bounced around the minors for years (as recently as 2006-07 he was playing for the Quad City Mallards of the United Hockey League) was claimed off waivers by the Oilers at the start of the 2008-09 season. Florida had signed him to provide a physical presence for their AHL team, but with so many small players on the roster the Oilers felt the need to add a so-called ‘nuclear deterrent’ to their team. MacIntyre got into 22 games (Craig MacTavish used him sparingly, and injury was a factor) but spent the entire season earning a big league paycheck and seemed to be genuinely well-liked by fans.

Unfortunately for MacIntyre, when the Oilers axed MacTavish and brought in Pat Quinn, they effectively ended his time with the team. In an interview with CBC’s The Hour this summer, Quinn was asked how he felt about sending a guy out to beat someone up. His answer:

I’ve never liked that. I’ve always said, in my mind, I’ll keep you on the bench if you learn how to play – I won’t keep you on the bench – but you’ll be a part of my team if you can learn how to play.

He’s stuck true to that, and with all due respect to MacIntyre (who has worked his way up the hockey food chain in the most difficult possible way), he doesn’t have the necessary ability to play a regular shift, and as a result Quinn has refused to use him. Bruce McCurdy detailed the extent of that a few days ago:

On four occasions that Pat Quinn has had no choice but to dress every healthy body on the roster, MacIntyre has played 2:44, 0:51, 1:19, and 1:24. Twelve shifts in all, for 6:18 of total ice time.

Bottom line: MacIntyre wasn’t being used, and with the team battling injuries and the flu, it made no sense to keep him on the roster. Also, possibly of interest to the Oilers – Buffalo’s Adam Mair is on waivers. Mair played briefly for Quinn in Toronto before being dealt to Los Angeles, but he’s come a long ways as a player since then. Might the Oilers be interested?

      • Jason Gregor

        And I didn't take offence to the comment about contracts. But waiving MacIntyre only to bring in another contract wouldn't really help them, unless the player was better than what they have. And Mair isn't, so they had zero interest in him.

        • You're probably right on Mair (although I may have taken a chance on him). With guys like Stone & Jacques out, Mair could've supplied some sandpaper. They could've ditched him 2 weeks down the road if they wanted (what's the harm?). Mair has played 484 NHL games, are you sure that Stone is better? Just a question (I'm not sure either way).

          Here's what Garth @ HockeyBuzz (who?) had to say about him…

          Mair is a proud guy, and he's tough as nails. His teammates appreciate his warrior spirit and his true grit. Frankly, I'll be surprised if he lasts on the waiver wire. I spoke with a friend in Toronto this afternoon when I heard the news of the move and my guy told me taht he thought that Brian Burke would be intersting in making a waiver claim on Mair. Is Mair: Pugnacious? Check. Truculent? Check. Aggressive? Check. Pugiilistic? Check. Passes Burkie's test with flying colours.

          But I guess no one took that chance on him, so you must be right J-Greg.

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    Good Call, Dan the Man…

    It is brutal that cogs continues to slug it on the fourth with Marra on the 2nd … wow… guess that's what he gets for insisting he is a centre?