First Star, Worst Star: Youtube Edition

Well, well, well. It appears to me that with Wanye hiding out from the law in parts unknown, that I’ve officially become the 6th coolest writer on this website. Take that my entire 8th grade class who refused to sign my yearbook! Who’s the loser now? *Still me*


First Star
First Star to Rick Nash for this ridiculous shootout goal.

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Remember when Crosby broke into the league, and he started the trend of kicking one skate up to throw off the goalie in a shootout? Well Rick Nash is taking this one step further. Look at that! Giguere was so confused he forgot he was still playing hockey. I’m pretty sure he thought he was having a stroke. He definitely started to smell burnt toast, I can tell you that much. This play reminds me of those skating drills we used to have to do early on in our hockey careers. You know, going on one foot and doing C cuts or whatever. Helps you practice your balance. Clearly it paid off for ol’ Rick. Look for this move to catch on like wildfire around the rest of the NHL. This is the new Forsberg people!
Also watch for Rick Nash to pull this same move off in the Olympics and be forever remembered via commerative stamp!

Worst Star
Worst Star goes out to Henrik Andersen of Leksand in the Tier 2 Swedish League. Henrik was celebrating his first goal as a member of Leksand, and I’ll give it to him, this is a mighty greasy deke. I can’t think of a better way to start off your goal scoring career. His celebration, however, needs a little work.

Every time Georges Laraque scored a goal at Rexall I cringed in anticipation of this happening. Imagine you were 8 years old, going to your first hockey game (your dad is clearly a rich A-hole, being able to afford seats in the Golds and all). Your squadron of heroes takes the lead on a goal from a fan favorite enforcer. You see him barreling toward you as you stand up and pump your fists in the air in celebration. The next thing you know you wake up in intensive care at the Royal Alex hospital because you have a collapsed lung after being crushed by 255 pounds of gentle giant. Thankfully in Edmonton we make sure the glass is held sturdy inside the stanchions, able to withstand the force of, oh I don’t know, a grown man being smashed into it at full speed. But then again, I guess they’re not anticipating a whole lot of hitting in the Swedish Adult Rec League. Henrik, I give you an 8 for the goal, and a 3 for the celebration. Definitely needs some fine tuning.

Quote Of The Week

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I have now accepted that the Edmonton Oilers are the Toronto Blue Jays of the NHL.

You know, I don’t follow baseball outside of watching highlights on Sportscenter, and I’ll watch the occasional game or two of October baseball, but if there was ever a correct statement it would be this one. Let’s see here: Come into the season with a lot of optimism? Check. Appear to have a pretty solid line up, though could use a few key players? Check. Come flying out of the gate and win their first 28 games? Check. Immediately crap the bed and lose 65-70% of the remaining 409 games of the season? Check. Oh to go back to glory days that were back to back World Series wins. I still hold Joe Carter in higher regard than most of my uncles. What a time to be alive!