NationDraft Update: TB’s back! Alright!!!

I don’t know if any of you realized, but there was no Team 1260 NationDraft update last week.  "Why?" you ask?  Well, there’s a bit of a story there.  Mostly it involves heavy drinking, a 7 hour road trip and a hockey tournament in small town Saskatchewan with our goalie eventually exclaiming his drunken desire to ride a buffalo.

For a bit of backstory, you should know that our team has won this tournament for the past three years in a row.  We have become a dynasty of sorts in the tournament.  We often draw comparisons to the NHL’s Detroit RedWings with our winning ways, stifling defence and presicion puck control game.  Leading up to this tournament our goal was to make it four in a row.  A "Fourpeat", if you will.   

We have a good team and a fantastic goaltender so the plan seemed solid.  At least that was the plan heading into the weekend.  Our extended weekend started out on the wrong foot on Friday morning when we learned that we would be short three of our regulars in the tournament due to their employers being dicks and not giving them the time off.  Even though it was clearly booked on the work schedule MONTHS ahead of time.  Jerkfaces.   

It was shortly after learning this unfortunate news that we all decided "Let’s just do it for fun this year." This new mantra of playing for fun was revisited multiple times during the 7 hour journey, almost as if to sell it to ourselves that losing would be ok.  But after losing the first game of the tournament due to a completely pinned goaltender and having only six skaters, we decided that losing is for losers and there can be no excuses for losing (even if you have 6 skaters and your goalie can’t stand up without the aid of the net for support).   

With our newly re-minted winning attitude, a few cups of coffee for our goalie and a couple of local pickups, we somehow won our next three games and eeked out a B-side championship.  Winning feels good…even if it’s second place.

Now, about that NationDraft Update…

Team 1260 NationDraft Update, as of Nov 19/09:

Speaking of winning and it’s feel goodness, how about that "Sage11" character and his/her continued dominance on top of the NationDraft standings.  Impressive showing.  Very impressive.  "Wiltonclan" is 3 points back in second place.  The race between these two comes down to who will finish out the season better, Rick Nash or Niklas Backstrom as that appears to be the only difference between Sage11 and Wiltonclan’s teams.  Sage11 picked that one skated deker Rick Nash and Wiltonclan decided to go with Backstrom.  It should make for an exciting points battle.

Here’s how the top ten rounds out:

Team Name Points Points Behind
1. Sage11 302 0
2. Wiltonclan 299 -3
3. Carlo Gambino 297 -5
4. barry’s team 296 -6
5. Tony Tanti’s 295 -7
6. WulffLaffs 294 -8
7. KAG 294 -8
8. SportingPort 294 -8
9. Meadows Men 293 -9
10. Hit The Net 293 -9

This Is How WE Roll:

53. Robin Brownlee 285 -17
213. Jason Gregor 273 -29
611. Towel Boy Vs. Mothra 251 -51
716. Bonsignore Citizens Brigade (jeanshorts) 243 -59
802. The Pacinos (bingofuel) 233 -69
812. Lord Wanye’s Steeds 232 -70

Honorable Mention:

 164. Cobra Kai 275 -27

Those jerks, beating up on Daniel-san all the time and harassing him with their dirtbikes and all-american good looks. Bunch of asshats.

296. Lubricated Goats 267 -35

Hopefully this is a team name referring to some sort of robot goat that requires lubrication of its joints to remain mobile. 

544. Zhitnik On My Peca 255 -47

Sweet merciful crap.  How do you people come up with this stuff?!

NHL Player Updates:

On The Mend:

Eric Staal is sidelined with an upper body injury.  That shouldn’t be of much concern to the pool as he hasn’t really done much this season so far.

Simon Gagne is shelved with a groin injury and is sidelined indefinitely.

Back In Action:

Since we last looked at the old NationDraft a few big name point getting Russians have come back into action.  Malkin is back from his sore shoulder after missing seven games, Kovalchuck and his broken foot only took six games to return and Ovechkin and his shoulder returned after missing six games.  

Sheldon souray also returned this past week after missing 16 games due to a concussion.  Hopefully that translates into some points soon, for both the NationDraft and our beloved hockey ensemble.

Almost Back In Action:

Daniel Sedin is very close to returning from his broken foot.  He could see action this weekend.

Marc Savard is also on the verge of lacing ’em up and not a moment too soon as far as scoring in Boston is concerned.

This has been TB’s NationDraft Roundup as of November 19th, 2009.

Stay hydrated,
Minister Towel Boy

This message was written in accordance with the guidelines and rules set forth in the Charter of The Ministry of Drafts and is approved by the Minister of Draft.