Pat Quinn: getting his rage on

A day after their first loss in six games, Pat Quinn re-enforced that this team needs to be better. He let his players know it half way through practice when he called them together and with a few profanities explained that excuses weren’t going to be tolerated and they needed to be play smarter, work harder and be dedicated.

Quinn’s no BS attitude is exactly what this team needs, and every player I spoke with after practice felt that Quinn wasn’t out of line.

"We need that emotion from leadership. When Pat talks, we listen. What we did over the road trip was raise our standards and hold a little more accountability in the room. The message has been sent throughout the dressing room from the coach and I think it’s great," said Steve Staios.

Today, Quinn wasn’t shy when asked about the play of specific players.

Is Patrick O’Sullivan in the doghouse?

"Yes and No. He and Horcoff and Souray and Staios have had a lot of minuses lately. Minus is a factor you look at at the end of year — on a day-to-day basis they can be misleading — but lately their defensive hockey has been tested. I guess expectations for Pat are a bit higher than what his play has been of late so I guess you can say that."

Prior to Quinn’s press conference, Patrick O’Sullivan mentioned that he thinks the feedback from coach to player isn’t great right now. When Quinn was asked about this he didn’t shy away.

"When feedback is talked about, as is the same as all communications, it involves two people. If the receiver is not a receiver of information, how is that communication at all? That is actually nothing, and that’s what he sees. If being spoken to on the bench means you aren’t getting feedback, then either you aren’t listening or you don’t give a crap, and I don’t know which it is.

"If he feels that way then we will try and correct it. We have four people that are trying to make communication with these guys every day. It might not mean sitting down in the office and berating them, because that’s not always my style, but it is in the correctional stand point to say need to do this better or that better. And it’s not always the individual either. Sometimes you talk to a room and the message is meant for all people and it only reaches a few."

With O’Sullivan being paired up with Zack Stortini and JFJacques last night, the perception is that he is now on the fourth line. To his credit O’Sullivan wasn’t happy with his play.

"I don’t feel like I’m just a fourth liner. I can produce more and I need to," said O’Sullivan.

But when Quinn was asked about players who look at where they fit on the roster he got fired up again. Sam Gagner has played there this year, same with Robert Nilsson and even Mike Comrie for a short time, and surprisingly they all produced.

"When you start to think you are a fourth liner or I’m being treated like a fourth liner, but I’m really a first line… What has been there to suggest they are a first liner? Did someone tell them that? Is six goals a first liner? Sure I guess if another guy only has two goals. I don’t know what makes a first liner, but a guy that is minus thirteen better look at some other parts of his game."

Dan Barnes then asked him what O’Sullivan needs to do to be a better player?

"I really don’t want to get on to individuals, because I’ve already said too much on this. It is nobody else’s business but his and ours and his teammates. But you have to compete in this game."

Quinn has an uncanny ability to rip his players but massage them at the same time. He won’t back down from ensuring his players understand that they can be better and that they need to be more consistent. I think that sort of accountability has been lacking in the past, from both the players and coaches and Quinn is determined to change that.

Comrie skating

Some days it pays off to show up a bit late for practice. I walked into Rexall around 10:30, practice started at 10:00, but I was lucky to run into Mike Comrie walking out. Comrie skated for the first time today, beside Fernando Pisani.

Comrie is finally starting to feel better. His energy level has been quite low and he is shooting for a return after Christmas. Depending on where his conditioning is, he thinks if he can get in three of four solid practices he should be ready to go for the Dec. 28 game v. the Flames.

Khabibulin procedure

It will take a few weeks to see how Khabibulin’s back reacted to yesterday’s procedure, where they tried to loosen up the muscles in his back and around his spine.

Lubomir Visnovsky didn’t skate today because he was under the weather. Shawn Horcoff is still battling a shoulder problem and had the day off, while Sheldon Souray was also a bit ill. Quinn expects all three to be ready tomorrow when the Predators invade Rexall Place.

  • Adam Dyck

    Gregor, with Comrie, Pisani and Pouliot close to returning what do you figure happens with this roster? Is a long awaited and speculated deal going to happen, particularly in light of Khabibulin's uncertain status?

  • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

    Wasn't Comrie skating by himself while the team was gone?

    As for Quinn, he has been saying this all year what's different this time?

  • HansBaurMesserschmittWatson

    horcoff is a joke. he is no better then o'sullivan with more ice time and oppurtuniy. why hasnt he ever been called out, ever in his oilers history or atleast in the last few years? he must be the best practise player in the world. his game goes south and its back to ice on the shoulder.

    someone hit me with some stats between horcoff and osullivan. if his shoulders hurts and he cant play at 100% then why is he eating up the ice time ?

    hemsky played hurt and put up 22 points in 22 games and a + rating. horcoff does teh same and is stuck with 13 points, played more games and his – is only second to osullivan.

  • Jason Gregor

    Pouliot will get a conditioning stint I bet…Comrie is a few weeks away and when he comes back his salary won't put them over. Pisani could return mid to late Jan, when he does that is when some sort of decision will need to be made, because they'd have 15 forwards…until then I don't see them having to rush into making a move.

  • HansBaurMesserschmittWatson

    "Communication from the coaches isn't great right now". Who the hell is he kidding? He is a minus 13 and plays like a pussy. I'd send him to the pressbox and give him a chance to shake out his headgear. O'Sullivan needs to grow a set of 'seeds'.

  • swany

    Gregor i bet when Comrie is ready PattyO comes out, one doesn't play hard one goes to the hard areas to score. After PattyO's comments I can see there is a problem, and Comrie can take his place very easily

    • Bucknuck

      I agree. His comments indicate an attitude problem, and I am happy Quinn laid the thunder after that.

      I sense a trade. POS has a lot of upside and I am sure there will be takers.

      • swany

        He better wake up Comrie can take his spot in a heartbeat, he's proven more and he's not a cry baby. Didn't Comrie, Nilsson and gags all start out there and not one word from them but PattyO goes there and it's like he has a sense of entitlement.

        • HansBaurMesserschmittWatson

          since he is not russian, we cant blame it on his heart. right guys ? he appears to suffer from the same condition in hockey as tom gilbert does. the spoiledpremadonnamericatitis.

  • HansBaurMesserschmittWatson

    "We need that emotion from leadership. When Pat talks, we listen. What we did over the road trip was raise our standards and hold a little more accountability in the room. The message has been sent throughout the dressing room from the coach and I think it’s great," said Steve Staios.

    i swear i heard a comment like this from staios or i think moreau maybe horcoff a few weeks back when they had the "veterans/leaders" meeting. who the hell is the PR guy?

    also, cogliano is a poor selfish teammate, judging from last nights nice 1 2 goal between souray and potulny. after P scores cogliano stays in the crease, shoots the puck back into the empty net and skates over to his teammates like its a chore.

    i think the biggest problem is ADD, judging from the, pat, steve and pat comments.

  • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan

    Re HansBaurMesserschmittWatson

    is there any way we can have an ignore buttom, every once and a while a waste time starting to read on of his posts.

  • HansBaurMesserschmittWatson

    yes, i dont know. im not a proffesional scout, manager or a coach. maybe he belongs in the minors for a couple of weeks. I DONT KNOW. i know and he should know, he is not a elite or a superstar. he is at best a 3rd line player, and be happy there. instead always having the piss poor attitide that often shows. when pat quinn is speaking of sheetty line changes, cogliano is one of those guys he speaks of. he most of the times out stays his time on the ice, by trying to force a turnover from the d-man behind the net or doing the soft dump against the boards and chasing it in, instead of just dumping it and changing.

  • Oilitsinyoutogive

    so i guess Patty O will have Penner on speed dial this year. "please help how do i cope with all this hate" Patty O will say….the big man Penner will just reply "Queen Donair my friend, Queen Donair…."

  • Patty O needs to not only get his nose dirty but his whole face dirty. He needs to understand that playing on the 4th line isn't so much a demotion, as much as it is player therapy. There is no pressure and all he has to do is play smart hockey, finish checks and just simply battle.

    Gagner and Nilsson both understood what was expected of them on the 4th line, I'm hoping Patty O gets it as well.

  • HORRAY for Quinn to speak up about the God Dam excuses last night, finally someone who will make these over paid cry babies accountable. I was totally tired of listen to guys like are precious captain talk about how tough it can be to play in Edmonton AND the one I like the most we deserved to win tonight, if the team did they would have one DUH! there isn't a fan of the oilers in the city that don't expect them to win. I want to see Quinn unleash on these guys at all times, have we ever wonderd why we can't attract top end talent? The guys we call are leaders except losing!

  • Is there a topic that we're discussing? Sounds like this is where we throw out random comments and unrelated references, knowing they will get read because people are hoping for the content to improve. But it didn't. That's five minutes I can't get back folks, thanks.

  • Shaun Doe

    Why does everybody on the Nation figure Pouliot and Pisani are good enough to make this team? Pisani is very overpaid and should be placed on the waiver wire ASAP. He shouldn't get a renewal for next year from anybody, one playoff series doesn't make a career. The second is a kid Mac T loved and should be in the A the minute he is healthy. As POS, well he has been cast off several time due to his attitude, unload him for a pick once Comrie comes back and lets Drive for Five.

    • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

      Insert Penner and Nilsson's names from not to long ago and that is why some people think Pouilot and Pisani might be able to do something.

    • Bucknuck

      I agree with you on Pouliot. I think he needs to earn a spot the hard way.

      On the other hand, Pisani definitely deserves a spot. He is a first class penalty killer and is great defensively. He also pots a few points here and there. I think he is better option than a number of other players on the roster right now.

      Nilsson is playing like the guy they gave that 2 million contract to so let him play until he gets complacent again.

        • Bucknuck

          How about we look at a bit larger sample. Six games is not sufficient. Particularly when the player was admittedly ill during those six games (and he won't come back unless he is better).

          Here is a more comprehensive history.

          38GP, 7G, 8A, 15P, -1 (08-09)

          56GP, 13G, 9A, 22P, -5 (07-08)

          77GP, 14G, 14A, 28P, -1 (06-07)

          80GP, 18G, 19A, 37P, +5 (05-06)

          And for those of you wanting to pick apart the plus minus, remember he is playing tough minutes and a lot of PK time on a team that had very few plus players (only two in 06-07: Stoll and Tarnqvist)… those are pretty good stats.

          He's not flashy but he's steady and this team needs that. Just look at Pat Quinns face (above) if you need proof. πŸ™‚

          • Oil Kings 'n' Pretty Things

            That has been the problem with our team for the last few seasons (if not more). We have no identity. I would much rather have a higher risk player than actually can make a difference than a guy like Pisani who does nothing. Give me a guy that creates energy rather than a guy that just wants to be safe and do nothing.

            I can't remember the last time I saw Pisani make a bodycheck?

            With the roster we have – you have to do something that will make a difference. What does Pisani do that another role player can't do?

            I will argue that any number of borderline NHL players could have achieved as much (or as little) success as Pisani has in his career if given the same opportunity.

          • Bucknuck

            I would argue that not being scored on when the team is shorthanded IS a difference maker.

            I would argue that a high risk guy is not who you put on the ice when the other team is up by a single goal.

            I would argue that Pisani would have dropped on the ice to block that shot which won the game for LA on Monday.

            I would also argue that an NHL coach is a better judge than you and I about what he brings to the table, and if Quinn puts Pisani in and takes someone else out then I think you can consider that he agrees with me.

          • Hemmercules

            I agree with you here for the most part. Kind of hard to remember anything Pisani has done in the past two years because he's hardly played. I like Pisani but it will be nice when his contract is off the books and replaced with an equal player at a fraction of the price. Potulny is playing well but I could see him or JFJ out when Pisani is back purely based on the loyalty this team has with some of its cup run players. POS is the obvious choice to sit at the moment but Comrie gets his spot I would think. I haven't checked any stats or anything put how good has Pisani been on the PK the last two seasons? Anyone who argues that Pisani should be on this team always suggests his PK domination, is it really that good??

            I'll always love Pisani for what he did in 06 but since then it's been tough road for him. As it currently sits I can't see him having much of a better impact over another player in the same role.

  • Sir Norman

    First – I like Gregor's comment about "rip and massage" (sounds like my last trip to Vegas but I digress . . . I think it's more "massage and ass kick". And from the feedback with some players the message works. With others not so sure but then again I think no message works as per Quinn's comment about one-way communication and some guys just tune out.

    Second- POS he reminds me of Erik Cole last year and will endure 40G of snake bite. Not sure what his fix is – but shoot the puck from every where and anytime and with being on the 4th line a Stortini or Jacques big butt cannot be too far away for one of those "O'Donnell-like beauties" (I hated that goal each time I played it back on PVR – give me a break!)

    Finally – Anyone think to jump start COGS would be to try him on on PK? With that speed i'm thinking a SH goal might be the cure – but then again if his D coverage is so bad what do we gain. Worth an experiment – I think.

  • Heard O'sully's comments today and I've got to admit I wasn't overly impressed. (though I suppose like all interviews we don't have ALL the background)

    Hopefully he improves his attitude and his play or he's shipped out. Nothing worse then very average on ice players that turn into cancers.

  • This is good, I like his attitude making sure that the team will come out hard the next game. Team will win the next game and get back to winning, after they got a little taste of winning on that 5 game road trip.

    Also about last nights game, we lost a game we should have won, and we out chanced the opponent. When was actually the last time you could say that with confidence. For last 2 yrs only reason oilers were ever in close games was because the other team hit 3 posts. Times are changing we are definately more competitive now.
    Having said that a good effort in a lose means 0 points in standing.
    POS need to get going, i am not sure how long we can wait. I wont mind seeing POS for Mueller.
    Drew Doughty showed in last 5 mins of the game yesterday, why the guy is a star in the making…..clutch preformance

  • Milli

    Who woulda thought we'd be talking about POS like he is bobby Nilson? It sure will be interesting to see what happens when Comrie and Pisani are healthy. Really, of late the only forward who just dosn't seem to have or understand his role is POS, does he come out? Poltuny? can't see it, this kid looks to me like he belongs…
    I sure like what Quinn is doing, he wants these guys to demand more, looks to be working.

  • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

    Listened to Quinn's comments and it seems that he has fixed a few problem areas with the team and now it is time to move onto a different area. I mentioned awhile back that we need to work on the little things and one thing at a time, it appears that Quinn is doing this.

    Also interesting to note that if we get beat 6-0 he will deal with it when it happens, but this beating ourselves in games needs to go.

  • srbuhr

    The only thing POS has going for him is Milbury has pointed out he is a dud and given Mikes great job as a GM that has to give you second thoughts. Myself I have to agree with Mike though POS has never played to expectations and his recent comments merit a visit to the press box until he can be moved.

    And unless the oilers can get their PP it will be hard to move up in the standings. I do wonder when you have a first line that is working so well 5 on 5 would you break it up for the power play? Playing 24 instead of 71 on the PP is downright strange.

    • Hemmercules

      I stopped being a POS fan in that Chicago game where the whole team played horrible. He's has been a downard spiral since that game. The definition of a player NOT going to tough areas is POS right now. He's not that small, what's he so affraid of??

      The PP is the most frustrating part of the oilers right now. I know guys like Storts and Staios play hard and all but having them play PP minutes is crazy IMO.

      I've seen some Cogs critisim on here a bit latetly, some of it true, some not. All I can say is when you play the whole season with 18 on your line, making plays just wont happen. Perimeter shots is all that line is good for. I can't help but wonder that after almost being traded he's felt expendable all year and needs/wants a change of scenery.

      • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

        Cogs has played a big chunk of his career with Moreau, it's never stopped him from producing before (and it's also not stopping Potulny).

        Blaming Cogs lack of production on Moreau is a cop-out.

      • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

        Sully is super frustrating to me. He's been given a lot of rope and minutes, including prime PP and has just done nothing with it. As for not being that small, well he's pretty much the size of Gagner and yet everyone seems to think Gags is a midget, so I don't know about your statement there. It also boggles my mind that people go on and on about how small Gags is when others are smaller and don't play any bigger. Cogs isn't exactly a hitting maching either, and not as many people seem to get on his case. However,I see Sam and Cogs going into areas that Patrick never dreams of going into. Maybe he needs to take a look at what those two boys are doing with their size and man up. Also, get him off the damn point on the PP! He's TERRIBLE and keeping pucks inside the blue line and we end up chasing it into our own zone. UGH! Put Lubo out there more.

        • Hemmercules

          I guess I worded it wrong. I meant exactly what you said in your reply, Guys like cogs, brule, gagner, lubo and hemmer aren't big bodies and they go to tough areas. Theres no reason POS shouldn't be able to as well. Is he affraid of getting hurt??

          • Oil Kings 'n' Pretty Things

            Ah gotcha, sorry I might have misread also. I think that's what's so frustrating to me. I mean, it's not like our other smalls guys are hacking and whacking, but at least they're trying to do what they can with the size they have. Maybe Patty thinks he's too good for digging in the corners, and that's left to the 4th liners he doesn't want to play with. Pfff!

  • Ross C

    Whoever threw Cogliano under the bus in this thread needs a reality check. You remind me of a Maple Leafs fan. All you people do is watch the TSN highlights and look at the stats and somehow that makes you a hockey knowledge guru.

    If you've watched the games, Cogliano has been playing an inspired game lately and he's looked the best he has in a while. He's always the one creating good rushes and chances for that line.

    As for putting the puck in the net after Potulny's goal, you're taught to do that as a hockey player. It was a quick in-and-out goal, so why take the risk even if you thought it went in? If that puck hadn't have gone in on Potulny's shot and Cogliano left the puck there he would be mocked for the rest of his life. People would be out in mobs with their linching ropes chanting "put it in anyways". Give the kid a break

    • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

      Hmmm post never posted.

      That is how some fans are, they only look at offesnive stats and don't care about the rest of the game.

      MacT was right when he said that if you are scorer and you're not scoring then you have to do something else. Cogliano is doing that something else.

    • X a billion!

      Anybody who has been to a game in the last while would know just how hard Cogliano is working, and they'd also know that if he had some decent linemates he'd probably have 10 goals by now.

      Seriously man, when that guy gets the puck he literally walks around the opposition players. Its pretty cool to see. He's plain faster than 90% of the league and it shows.

      As far as "the shrug" goes, I was at that end of the ice. He popped it in by instinct, but I got the impression that he was going "What the hell do I have to do to get a goal???". The kid is frustrated, and maybe he sees his good friend Sam playing with Penner and wonders what could be. But at least he's busting tail and contributing (did you see how he drew that penalty last game – beauty!).

  • Jamie B.

    Yeah, I've been pleasantly surprised by the tenacity in Cogliano's game lately. I didn't think he had it in him so I'm glad to be wrong. I hope he doesn't get discouraged.

  • Oil Kings 'n' Pretty Things

    Quinns doing the right thing….turning up the heat as the team improves. The Team needs a HIGHER level of expectations to grow from a competitive team to a winner.
    It sounds like Patty O needs some guidance to get his head on straight or he'll continue to spiral down. Just look at where Penner and Brule were last year and how they have turned it around. If Patty can get his game going defensively with some grit his natural scoring ability will come back.

  • Petr's Jofa

    Technical Question:
    I'm using IE 8.0 and having problems with the page refreshing? My Oilersnation Home Page still has JW's blog on Dubnyk as the top article.

    • Oil Kings 'n' Pretty Things

      That could be due to your browser caching a 'snapshot' of what it thinks the page should look like, and giving you old information to speed up page load times. Hitting ctrl + F5 requests that your browser not use any cached information while loading the page and should provide you with the most up-to-date version of the page.

      • Petr's Jofa

        It's all I can get installed here at work. I can't think of a valid reason to call up the IT department to get permissions to install something else. Apparently ON not refreshing isn't as much of a consern to the company as it it to me.

  • Oil Kings 'n' Pretty Things

    Lupul in Anaheim has to have surgery for a herniated disc. I wonder if the timeline of 6-8 weeks is standard or if it's situation-specific.

  • Oil Kings 'n' Pretty Things

    Frankly I think Cogs is playing just fine the goals with come. Also what do guys think of IF Pisani can come back 100% sticking him with Cogs and Poultny as the 3rd line? FU@K Moreau put him with Storts and JFJ on the fourth. I dont understand whats wrong with him he looks like a complete differnt player ever since he got smacked in the eye.