GDB XLI: Nowhere to go but forward

You’ll notice that the title of this post says "forward" rather than "up." There are places we can decend to from here, but after a slight spanking of the Maple Leafs last night, I say we nod knowingly at the notch in the win column and focus on what needs to be done tonight: ringing in the New Year after humiliating the Flames.

Don’t get me wrong, friends, the DFF is alive and well. But it’s still the holidays and I still don’t like losing — least of all to Calgary. So pour yourself some eggnog, make sure there’s plenty ‘o spiced rum in there and lets wave goodbye and say a hearty f@%k off to 2009, the Year of the Sad.

Oh sure we have a new owner, we scored ourselves some new coaches — and a skid full of magic herbs which work on everything except the game-winning gene which somehow surfaced last night — but we continued our slide into mediocrity.

And here we are on the cusp of a New Year. Nowhere to go but forward.

The Battle of Alberta has been terribly one-sided this year, the Flames collecting wins in each of the teams’ four meetings this season. We’re into the second-last game in the rivalry this season. Both teams are coming off wins. It stands to reason that, just like the Oilers’ recent losing streak, the losing streak to the Flames has to end as well. I can taste it.

Other things I can taste

  • The sweet bubbly I will be consuming this evening — by bubbly I mean a Heineken Bubba Keg.
  • The fear of the Flames, as their defenders puzzle over the reasons why none of them made Canada’s Olympic team
  • Victory

The verdict

I’ve made this one short and sweet, because I’m hitting the highway to send some time with family out in the country. Quadding, cow-tipping, and illegal fireworks are the order of the day. I do it to ring in 2010, but I also do it for the Mighty Oil, who will capture the hearts and minds of Edmonton fans tonight with a 3-2 SO win against the Flames.

Happy New Year, OilersNation! See you next year!