Oilers vs. Ducks Highlights: The Ducks Just Saw Moreau Real Good

Anaheim Ducks: 3

Edmonton Oilers: 2

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Due to some personal obligations I missed tonight’s game, but the box score was all kinds of interesting.  Apparently Ladislav Smid holding penalties are the secret formula to unlock Oilers’ shorthanded goals, and apparently Ethan Moreau really, really, really wants to play in Anaheim.

It also appears that Bobby Ryan has yet to forgive Kevin Lowe for those comments he made about him.

  • Ender

    DKO (02/09/10) wrote:

    I think 1 of 2 things is happening here:

    1) Tambellini has the balls to flat out tank this team as hard as he can and does not care about what you, me, or Bettman thinks about it. Its going to be a firesale come deadline and hes just making sure that no matter how many resources he acquires at the deadline, the team will stay in 30th and get Hall/Seguin.

    2) He is completely retarded and lying in the fetal position…. in the bottom of a hot tub…. breathing through a straw…

    I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he had to get this job by showing some sort of ability to comprehend basic team needs. Maybe this is all part of the plan and when he couldnt land Heatley he said "Screw it, we'll tank this sh#t so hard that we get something better" and then refused to pick up any defensive players.

    I wasn't really sure about this idea when I first read it a couple days ago, but the more I run it through my mind the more sense it seems to make. Everyone makes mistakes and no one can be on their game all the time, but Tambellini has made a living for a good chunk of his professional career based on knowing/learning the requirements to run a professional hockey franchise. No one could be this blind to the needs of an organization unless it was on purpose. I mean, it's not like Tambo is going to open a paper one day and read "The Oilers are in 30th and falling fast" and think to himself "Hmmmmm, I guess I'll have to stop surfing the web at the office for a couple of days and actually do some work or we may not make the playoffs."

    Tambo might be a little bit dumb; every GM could be accused of that at some point, but no real hockey guy could be this dumb unless they meant to be, in which case it's not necessarily dumb at all.

    • Hold up! Hold up! I have read SOMEWHERES that the only reason OILers drafted Chorney is because he had a past relationship with Gilbert. I don't know what kind of relationship and I don't want to assume either. Now that you say Chorney likes girls, I'm confused.

      • Bucknuck

        I have enough gay friends that I figure this kind of talk is a little off side. Especially days after Brendan Burke's death.

        IF Gilbert and Chorney were crazy in love it should make no difference and not be something to be mocked for.

        I know it's all fun, I'm just saying…

    • Chris.

      The team. The roster. The record.

      Believe me… I don't want the owner making day to day Hockey decisions. I don't want Katz to choose who is to be signed, or waived, or traded: That is the GM's job.

      However, as owner of the Edmonton Oiler Hockey Club, Daryl Katz is tasked with the responsibility of hiring/retaining the Oiler management team… Katz needs to assess this existing group and ask himself if this is the group that he wants making important hockey decisions moving forward. If I had that responsibility I would look at the track record of my group as it compares to that of their peers… IMO, it would be easier to make the case that this is the absolute worst management team in the entire league, than to argue for their general competence. The truth, I'm sure, lies somewhere in the middle… Nonetheless: I don't think Oiler managemnt has accomplished enough, or performed well enough to deserve Katz's continued support.

      I believe it's time for leadership on the ice to be changed… same goes for off ice leadership.

    • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan

      you mean the pile of inflated contracts handed out to underperforming players that has left the team with a top end salary structure with bottom end players? that mess?

      how about the 30th place in the standings mess with no end in sight? that mess?

      how about the horrid make-up of the roster? that mess?

      how about the disaster that is every team within the oilers umbrella? that mess?

      yah, no mess here

  • Aleslav Smidsky wrote:

    What mess was created Chris?

    Who/How would someone else fix it?

    Let Katz let them do their jobs and you enjoy the show, or dont.

    The Edmonton Oilers are twice as far back from the second-worst team in the Western Conference than that second-worst team is from the playoffs. If you don't define that as a "mess", I don't know what you would define as a mess.

    As for fixing it, let's see:

    – when the penalty kill is dead last in the league or damn close to it add some guys who can kill penalties.

    – when there's one centre on the team over the age of 25, go get some centres over the age of 25.

    – when half the forwards on the team and every NHL-ready prospect has the same basic deficiencies (inability to play a 200ft game, inability to match up against good players) move some of them for forwards who can fill those holes

    – when the only defensive defenceman on the team who remotely qualifies as a shutdown guy is injury prone and was a -26 before joining your team go out and add a shutdown defenceman

    This isn't rocket science. The fact that after a full year of assessment Steve Tambellini couldn't do any of these thing reveals that he isn't equipped to be a successful NHL general manager.

    • So injuries are considered a mess?

      Whats the sense in getting better PK killers now?

      25+ centres why?

      There isn't many trades to be had in the NHL, Steve said so him self.

      I guess all I'm trying to say is, it is easier said then done.

      I could give you my list of 5 6 things Steve could/should do.

  • Aleslav Smidsky:

    So injuries are considered a mess?

    The most damaging injury to this team was Khabibulin's, and it was entirely predictable. Yeah, the whole situation there is a mess.

    Whats the sense in getting better PK killers now?

    Summer of 2009. This is what Tambellini should have been doing rather than chasing Chris Neil.

    25+ centres why?

    Because traditionally young players need to be brought along slowly and put in a sheltered position until they outgrow it.

    There isn't many trades to be had in the NHL, Steve said so him self.

    Again, the biggest problems with this team stem back to Tambellini's mistakes in the summer of 2009. Although given the trades made in the last two weeks, I reject your premise.

    I guess all I'm trying to say is, it is easier said then done.

    Sure, but the problem is that Tambellini's inaction has been better for the franchise than Tambellini's actions – which I might add were thoroughly criticized well before the puck dropped this season.

    I could give you my list of 5 6 things Steve could/should do.

    Why should he do anything? I thought you didn't see a mess?

    • Hemsky not Khabi.

      It's winter of 2010.

      What about the veteran core we have? How do you know some other veterans would do a better job?

      That's your opinion.

      I do see the mess, and it's not the same mess you want him to clean up.

      • "Hemsky not Khabi."

        If you think missing Khabibulin has less of an impact on this team then missing Hemsky I don't even know what to say, have you been watching the AHL goaltending all season?

        "It's winter of 2010."

        Tambellini has had this job for around 18 months… that is plenty of time for someone with "hockey smarts" to assess what a team needs and make some moves accordingly… chasing rainbows AKA Dany Heatley all summer or trying to get Neil are just examples of time that could have been better spent trying to fill the obvious holes on our team (shut down forwards / a good stay at home defensemen anyone?)

        "What about the veteran core we have? How do you know some other veterans would do a better job?"

        I honestly can't tell if this is a real question or if you're just trolling at this point, but the veteran core on this team is one of its biggest problems(imo). Have you seen Horcoffs / Moreaus (and to a lesser extent Staios/Sourays) performance this year? It's been hard to watch.

        "I do see the mess, and it's not the same mess you want him to clean up."

        What in your opinion is the mess? Missing Hemsky?

    • Chris.

      How on earth do you break up a comment like that to address items on a point by point basis? I used to love doing that under the old website format… Can you teach me your weirding internet ways?

  • Chris.

    Re: my above post:

    The DFFers should be pleased that a new GM could spend several years "evaluating" the talent: thus further first round picks may be garnered.

    *Facepalm*Sigh*Resigned Grimace*

  • Ender

    Chris wrote:

    -"Tambi" has the green light to improve the club

    Whew, well that's sure a relief. Now at least we know what the problem was. Tambellini apparently knew all along what the difficulties were with this team and how to fix them, but he was just waiting for Katz to give him the 'green light' so he could spring into action and make it all better.

    -The future is bright.

    Absolutely. Why, I bet the league awards us 19 points for tonight's pending win against the Kings on style points alone. And wait'll you see who's coming to town in the trade that'll be announced tonight. All the way from Japan; no, can't tell. It's Tambo's big surprise he's been saving; wouldn't want to spoil it.

    Edit: Maybe Katz found the secret loophole in the NHL CBA that says that if you finish at least twice as badly as any other NHL team in a given season, you get the first two picks in the entry draft. That would qualify as pretty bright, eh? See, Katz had things under control the whole time. And we were all worried and stuff . . .

  • RCN

    I see I'm late to the "Stauffer sounds robotic party", but wow. Katz/Stauffer on two stations at once with an "exclusive" interview where each reads a transcript. Not quite what I was expecting. Too rehearsed; not real enough. Nice timing, by the way.

  • Aleslav Smidsky wrote:

    Hemsky not Khabi.

    The lack of a legitimate goaltender is also the biggest single reason for this team's collapse. That lack can be directly traced to Steve Tambellini's decision to sign Khabibulin this summer.

    You asked about a mess – I never mentioned Hemsky, but I did mention Khabibulin, and that's Steve Tambellini's fault.

    It's winter of 2010.

    That's true, and many of the persistent holes in the team in the einter of 2010 can be directly traced back to the summer of 2009.

    What about the veteran core we have? How do you know some other veterans would do a better job?

    Because the veteran core of every other team in the league is doing a better job?

    That's your opinion.

    I'm not sure what you're referring to here. If you're referring to my opinion that these things can be traced back to the summer of 2009, then explain to me how the goaltending situation is anyone else but Tambellini's fault. If you're talking about the trades, that's not an opinion it's fact.

    I do see the mess, and it's not the same mess you want him to clean up.

    If you see the mess, why don't you enlighten us all as to what it is.