Highlights: Oilers vs. Leafs

Toronto Maple Leafs: 6

Edmonton Oilers: 4

Looks like a really interesting game last night. I unfortunately haven’t seen it yet (I went out and played hockey, then hung out with some old friends) and won’t get a chance to until sometime this afternoon so I can’t comment too much on it, but the highlights are above and anyone wanting to talk about the game can do so. I’d be curious to see who the Nation chooses as the Oilers’ three stars.

I’ll also note that thanks to this loss, the Oilers are now mathematically eliminated from the playoffs.

  • Shapeman

    JW how often do you see a team give up a 3 on 0? If it wasn't the leafs we would've been absolutely crushed…..But it was the leafs so at the end we made a game of it and came up short again

  • That 3-on-0 was disgusting. But laughable at the same time. Sums up the team a bit.

    Anyways, I was happy for this loss… one step closer to drafting whomever we want this year (just need the lottery to work in our favor now.. assuming we don't suddenly win a whole lot of games).

  • Officially, the Oilers are out of the playoffs. In actuality, they were out of the playoffs when Steve Tambellini went to sleep during the off season waiting for Dany Heatley to sign on. He must have been asleep when he signed our missing goaltender to a four year contract. The HNIC's TV cameras picked him up in a private box during last night's game. He looked shell-shocked, but that may be his normal facial expression. Can't blame him, what a mess, but there is a redeeming factor if the club keeps losing.

    I wonder what Pat Quinn was thinking during the game. The TV broadcast crew mentioned he would have been remembering all the good years he spent with the Leafs. I noticed he stayed in the players' box longer than usual after the game. Will we see Pat Quinn back next season?

    • Reggie Dunlop

      Quinn did the same in Vancouver. Reminiscing about the good old days. A glorious hockey career capped off by being behind the bench of this sinking ship. Another timely penalty by the captain on the PK in the 3rd. Colton Orr seemed to be having some fun telling Oilers "How's it feel to be the worst team in hockey!".

  • 3 stars: Cogliano, Penner, Brule
    DFF stars: thecaptain, Samwise, Chorney

    Thank God thecaptain is back, nobody can steal the 30th now…

    Seriously: is he a thinking guy at all (at least sometimes) or does he simply reacts to whatever happens around him? No wonder nobody wanted him.

  • I'd say 3 stars were: Penner, Gilbert, Brule with an HM's to Whitney and Peckham.

    3 DFF stars were: Chorney/Strudwick pairing, Moreau, Nilsson with an HM to the high shots on JDD. Does he not know that they are going to shoot there?