Oilers vs. Kings Highlights

Edmonton Oilers: 4 (SO)

Los Angeles Kings: 3

Unfortunately, I was helping a buddy move and thus missed the game, but from the highlights, the recap and the boxscore it was an interesting one. As a fan of Devan Dubnyk, it’s nice to see his save percentage continue to climb, but as a fan of the Oilers I don’t want to see it climb too high, lest it becomes to difficult to sneak him through waivers.

On offence, it looks like it was the Comrie & Gilbert show and of course a whole bunch of Kings offence; the highlights package above shows eight saves for Dubnyk and none for Quick. In any case, what did everyone else think?

  • Mike Modano's Dog

    Crash Horcoff was a solid two way player but if you actually watched any of the oilers hockey games and paid attention it's injuries that have really slowed him down. He had a solid 05-06 season where he broke 70pts mostly due to the fact the Oilers had a good club that year with solid depth with their forwards and a really good defence. In 06-07 he returned to a 51 point campaign which was in part due to the injuries the team suffered. Then in 07-08 he was on a point per game pace but because of his injury we can't know for an absolute certain what season he would have had if he played 82 games. In 08-09 he played the full year and had 53 points PLAYING WITH HEMSKY, and looked like his usual self. Up and down offensively but strong defensively. Now after concussions, shoulder problems, etc. he looks like a much different player and after all the punishment of an NHL career at 31 he looks like a fringe top 6 forward who will mostly take third line duties.

    Once again I'm not saying Hemsky is a bad player. I think he's a very good player but he has his shortcomings and putting up 100pts per season is incredibly tough and rare even with great linemates. Also with Datsyuk I was just trying to make the point that it doesn't matter who he plays with he and Zetterberg are talented high skilled players that create a lot of offence and make their linemates better. Also Penner was still putting up points after Hemsky went down with injury. He slowed down because he started to gas out after the mid point of the season, not to say having Hemsky on the ice wouldn't have helped. So maybe I should be more accurate with my argument.

    Hemsky is a good NHL player who can make great passes and for the most part does make things easier for his linemates in terms of getting very good soft passes in tight quarters and open up the ice very well. However he lacks the consistency and offensive zone reads to match up with his skill level. He has an extremely high skill level but his hockey IQ doesn't match it, he has good but not great Hockey IQ that keeps him out of the NHL elite.