Oh. Eklund. You magnificient bastard. We can’t help but laugh at what you are willing to post on your website. Reading this "insider information" makes our eyes bleed tears of blood.

"Been chasing this one all day…

The Oilers have long been into the prospect of bringing Jason Spezza to Edmonton. I have talked to a few sources (although have to admit I have yet to connect with my best Oilers source) who are very excited and say there is great anticipation heading into the draft of how Spezza could be an Oiler in the next 7 to 10 days.

I talked to an Ottawa source and was told that yes, Spezza would welcome becoming an Edmonton Oiler. The asking or price would be either Cogliano or Gagner, 2 prospects, (one who will be in the NHL for sure this season) and a third or fourth."

Before we contemplate what a profoundly bad idea this is we would like to take a moment to laugh at Eklund overall.

But before that peep this ad for the new Eminem Album.

We get the idea that Hockeybuzz is a rumour site. And we also get it that if you are going to post rumours many of them aren’t going to be true. But the amount of garbage spewed out of Eklund’s keyboard should make every sentient hockey fan from coast to coast consider him about as a credible as a Lindsay Lohan alibi.

Take this gem for instance on the same article as the Spezza happening:

"On Brodeur for Semin Rumor.

Amazing how much ire one admittedly far-out rumor can bring.

Lou Lamoriello denied it today (Which is only surprising in terms of Lou even addressing it.) and Lou said he would never trade Martin.

If you read my blog carefully, you will notice I never said Lou would trade Marty. I don’t believe he would. Nor do I believe LOU would even ask.

I never mentioned Lamoriello at all. I could give you more clues… but so much of that is still off the record… I said it was interesting what I was hearing…that’s all I said."

Are we hunting for easter eggs? Why are you providing us with clues? How drole.

We might be jaded but we vastly prefer the work of Brownlee and Gregor, who simultaneously broke the news of Daum being fired and Scott Bonner being hired on the same day long before anyone else got wind of anything. If they say it, we believe it to be true and that provides some comfort in this hurly-burly work a day world.

Rumours are all fine and dandy, but sweet beard of Justin Timberlake. How many times are you wrong before people just start to say NO MAS.


This is just a terrible idea for so many reasons. Firstly, Spezza is a bit of a loser. Listen to his laugh above. If we the owner of the Sens and we heard him laugh like this we would immediately sign him up for laughing lessons. "Jason," we would begin, "in addition to being unable to deliver us a Cup, you are probably one of the nerdiest laughers around. We can’t have you laughing like this. You are a liability Sir."

Secondly his full name is Jason Anthony Rocco Spezza. Anthony Rocco Nation. Is he Madonna’s child? Who names their kids like this? How can we get behind a player with these two enormous strikes against him before he even steps on the ice?

It surely boggles the mind it does.

But back to Eklund’s solid gold trade rumour. We can see the Oilers wanting Spezza on some level. Somewhere in Daryl Katz’s diamond heart he wants to land a big name in Oilers silks. In fact it probably consumes his every waking moment we imagine. Signing the Bulin Wall probably gave him a quick fix and took away the cravings temporarily, but his subsequent fracturing of every single vertebrae in his spine, coupled with the ol ‘glug, glug, vroom, vroom" has probably left Katz wanting more.

But really? Spezza? The shadow he would cast across this team would be long and filled with nerdy laughter. This squadron would immediately become "Spezza’s team" and that would be a hard team to get behind indeed.

This shouldn’t be Spezza’s team. This should be the Gagner-Cogliano-Eberle-Hall/Seguin-Whitney Team.

Balanced responsibility across several good-to-great young players. Numerous cogs in a machine that work in unison that can be removed if necessary without the team completely seizing up (see: Oilers 2009-10 season.) Bringing in Spezza – particularly at the cost of Gagner and Cogliano – would place the weight of the team squarely on his shoulders and put all the other young stars in a subordinate role.

And these very same Spezzian shoulders have been unable to take a fraction of the weight of the Senators during his eight year career. What makes anyone think he could lead a team to anything beyond the occasional second round appearance?


This is a bad deal.

Heh. What a laugh you have Spezza.

  • Jodes

    Man what a bait and switch.. So its Thursday afternoon, I see a pic of a cross between white Erkel and Indiana Jones’ nerdy nephew and I’m like okay, there’s got to be a Ice Girl somewhere in this mess..

    Then there’s Sham Wow guy pre hooker beating, and finally Spezza. What a colossal waste of time.

    Wanye, I love your articles, but come on, Thursday afternoon, Its Mandatory ICE GIRL DAY!

    So I beg of you Gregor, Wanye.. where’s our eye candy?

    Who’s with me on this one?

  • Quicksilver ballet

    It’s late Friday arfternoon and there are no cultural changes (Firings) to speak of this week?

    …..perhaps its not too late to fire Rick Elaschuk.

  • I have a completely random set of ‘Radio Ga-ga’ questions @RobinBrownle:

    -If Stauffer does indeed take over for Rod, does Bob continue doing Oilers Lunch? I’m not sure on whether or not (m)any PBP callers also host a 2 hr radio show on game day.

    -I’d assume that even if Bob himself didn’t do the show, Oilers Lunch would continue with a new host. Would the new color guy take over? Someone new? Someone recycled? Brownlee? Tencer? Brownlee & Tencer?

    -Seriously though, if Kevin Karius became the new color guy, does he stay with Global as well (I’d think prob not)? Or does he leave tv to do color & an Oilers (Lunch) radio show?

    Also, hearing any possible targets on the UFA front? I don’t expect any big names, but anyone of the 3rd line/2nd pairing mold slipping out?

    Oh yeah… when’s Renney & his new staff taking over?

    @everyone Thoughts on Nielson & Chase?

    • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan

      I’d assume that even if Bob himself didn’t do the show, Oilers Lunch would continue with a new host. Would the new color guy take over? Someone new? Someone recycled? Brownlee? Tencer? Brownlee & Tencer?

      tencer is an employee of ched. the chances of him hosting a show on the team1260 are about as good as me ending up at the playboy mansion tonight.

      now, when katz moves the oilers radio network over to his newly purchased team1260 studios? does tencer jump ship and follow the dog and pony show? hmm

      Thoughts on Nielson & Chase?

      i have honestly tried for the year, but have recently given up. Nielson i dont mind, and the guests they have on a regular basis are good. Chase on the other hand… everytime i hear him say “dusty” or “if you will” (and sweet **** it is alot) it makes me want to kick a puppy.

      im back to the bear now until 10, then rome until 1..oilers lunch and then gregor.. nielson and chase make it on if i can catch bob mckenzie in time..

      • Speaking of saying something a lot… I just noticed this recently, so I don’t know if he always does it, but “Dusty” sure like to use the word ‘essentially’. I heard him say it 5 times in a minute the other day. The show is aight, I guess. Not great, not terrible, essentially.

        • Chris.

          Only a Flames Fan would use the Avtar image of a player from another franchise.

          Bandwagon much?

          How many Oiler Fans used Sid’s Avatar during or after last years playoffs?

          • Excuse me. I hope that was tongue-in-cheek. Otherwise I’m going to assume that…


            A Bad Idea?
            I’ve got another bad idea… running a hockey website with only one new post since the 15th when it’s the 19th… and making that one offering about Eklund.
            It’s buyout season. The draft is looming. Many people say this is the busiest time of year for GM’s… what’s up?


            This website has six writers who have posted one article in the time period that Lowetide (one writer) has posted six articles.
            There are fresh mock drafts, trade rumors, top thirty lists, critical prospect analysis’, and so on and so forth on virtually every single site on the blogroll… Why nothing here? Some of us want to waste some time at work.

            … got you so pissed off that you targeted the nearest Flames fan.

            Does my favorite player have to play for Calgary? Can I only have 1 favorite player? Because I have at least a few. I procrastinated over buying a Toews Olympic jersey or a Getzlaf one for so long that I never even got one.

            And why didn’t you lecture me 2 or 3 rounds ago? I didn’t just put this on after they won the Cup. I figured I’d change up my avatar for the playoffs. Am I supposed to just turn the tv off once the Flames have been eliminated? Is that what you do? Can I not pull for a certain team to win?

            What does Oiler Fans using Sid’s Avatar last year have to do with anything?

            Why are you so mad?

            So to summarize, you’re mad at Wanye so you “attack” me and now you still don’t have a new article. Maybe I’ll change that…

            *pretty sure you were just playin wit me, so just know that I’m playin wit ya, boi*

            And another thing… W-A-T-C-H Y-A B-A-C-K, son.

            **sinister laugh followed by a smoke bomb**

          • Hemmertime

            F*ck Getzlaf. Toews would be acceptable. But if I see you in a Getzlaf jersey be ready to dodge the juice boxes I throw (someone actually drove by me once and threw one…)

          • Chris.

            Totally tongue-in-cheek… but I seem to have struck a nerve.

            @ Brownlee

            I didn’t bitch at you; I bitched at Wayne who supposedly left his job to focus his energy on this website fulltime… I know you generate quality content with regular frequency as per your arrangement with Wayne. Your contributions aside; Is it out of line for regular users of this site to think there should be a new blogroll daily, or at least every other day?

          • Chris.

            I pay to use an aircard. Every time I hit refresh and there is nothing fresh I lose $0.00001 for no good reason. Besides Nevada Bob’s is probably concerned about the traffic. No sponsers= no Brownlee or Gregor. Just sayin.

            (I’m also curious to see if some gentle pressure by the readership will motivate Wayne to finally get out of bed this afternoon.) 🙂

          • a 100,000th of a penny aside, I dont lose anything by hitting refresh.

            The commenter culture is good enough here that I feel free to just take the conversation in another direction if I so feel, and generally I can have at least a small discussion about X.

            You might not be trying to do this, but you’re coming off as very entitled right now.

          • Chris.

            I (like many here) love this site and am usually among those who bristle at every little bit of critism aimed at it. (Remember the Stauffer on Willis fiasco of 2009?) I was only half joking when I started poking at Wayne for new content several hours ago (Which he delivered)…

            As for entitlement, fair comment. When I change the radio station and encounter dead air, I feel entitled to keep moving down the dial. Nothing snippy. Nothing personal. The new media is still media; and I like this site too much to just move down the dial so easily.

  • Hemmertime

    For someone who doesn’t care what you think about him, Tencer sure seems to follow your every move Brownlee, just sayin. He knows exactly what you’ve said and what you’ve written. Maybe he’s twitter-pated…sensitive little guy too, overeacting to every possible demeaning remark directed towards him.
    I think he might be your biggest fan.

    • Chris.

      Eklund may be a poser… but at least he makes a nice living talking about hockey. Yesterday, I spent all day breaking my back installing really large electrical motors in very unpleasent locations… who’s the idiot?

  • DoubleJ

    Hey are you guys doing a mock draft? I’d like to see where you guys place the top 31 players. Wayne, Gregor and Brownlee. 31 players for the obvious reason.

    It would a good read.

  • Gerald R. Ford

    Nielsen and Chase are clearly both degenerate gamblers with a serious problem. That’s ALL they ever talk about. Sort of reminds me of Fred Flintstone stammering “Bet? B-b-bet? Bet, bet, bet, bet, bet??” over and over. Nielsen is the more annoying of the two, and Chase is borderline illiterate:

    “Yeah, that was the mistake that COSTED them the game.”

    They really make me miss Bryn and Jake.

    • Jackie Treehorn

      It was the annoying sound effects that killed Bryn and Jake’s show. It was very annoying, whoever was producing that. It was like Saturday morning cartoon’esk listening to them. Jake was goofy, and Bryn was Flanders. Now that’s morning chemistry. Need more Xylophone! Yuckk, drove me nuts. Just my opinion though.

  • Jackie Treehorn

    I figure we’d draft him even if he pulled a Lindros, which he won’t. As enticing as Boston may be to Hall for various reasons, I can’t help but think he’d be excited to join the Oilers also. With all the young talent coming up, I’m sure he can see the potential of a Boys on the Bus II.

  • Oil Kings 'n' Pretty Things

    Arnott to NJ for Halischuk and a 2nd rounder in 2011.

    Edit: The Preds don’t have Arnott or Hamhuis? Are they looking to dumpster dive for the next 5 years?

    • Chris.

      Wow. It makes sense that Lou would be targeting a center… I can’t imagine what Nashville sees in Halischuk… and I wonder what future moves we can expect from Poile now that Arnott is gone.

  • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan

    Nervous anticipation as we get closer to draft day . How much due diligence has Tambellini done this off season with all the unfinished business he has been attending to this summer , and all that still needs addressing ?

    Might we get taken to the cleaners on draft day by more saavy GM’s draft wise and trades? Might we see more of our usefull core gutted for little in return ? I don,t see a lot of on ice things being done so far , and i am skeptical what sort of dealings the club might have in store for us considering their track records over last few seasons . Will it be a glorious weekend , or another possible tradgedy making us even worse off ?