Going all-in: the Oilers should draft Taylor Hall

PHILADELPHIA - JUNE 04: NHL top prospect Taylor Hall visits the Philadelphia Flyers locker game before Game Four of the 2010 NHL Stanley Cup Final at Wachovia Center on June 4, 2010 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES — If the Edmonton Oilers covet Tyler Seguin and want the Boston Bruins to pay for the right to get Taylor Hall, there’s only one thing for GM Steve Tambellini to do at the Staples Center Friday.

Tambellini has to step to the podium and announce, "With the first pick in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft, the Edmonton Oilers are proud to select from the Windsor Spitfires, Taylor Hall."

If Tambellini wants Seguin and is certain the Bruins want Hall, forget about reading between the lines and playing footsy to see what poker-faced Boston GM Peter Chiarelli is willing to offer to have the Oilers pass on Hall with the No. 1 pick. Walk to the podium and take Hall.

Then, Tambellini should sashay over to Boston’s table and ask Chiarelli who he is willing to part with along with the No. 2 pick to get Hall in a trade, once he’s finished blowing snot bubbles.

If Chiarelli has been bluffing that he’d be just as happy with Seguin as Hall, he is likelier to pay a steeper price to get him after Hall pulls on an Oilers jersey than in a gentlemen’s agreement ahead of time to have the Oilers pass on him.

If Chiarelli has been telling it straight, and he tells Tambellini to get stuffed and then takes the talented Plymouth Whalers centre, what is the downside for the Oilers and Tambellini? They get Hall.

That’s the Entry Draft version of all in.


Chiarelli and Tambellini have been playing poker-face for weeks now, neither of them showing their cards in terms of stating a preference for Seguin or Hall. That’s to be expected.

"It is different," Chiarelli said during a conference call on Monday. "Generally I would characterize it as, we both don’t want to lay any cards to each other right now.

"I genuinely believe Steve is of the same opinion on these players as we are. They’re very close. I know we’re both very non-committal."

Not to be outdone, Tambellini didn’t dish anything when he met with reporters Tuesday, minutes after Chiarelli traded the 15th pick to Florida in the Nathan Horton deal.

"They’re both great players, great kids and great people," Tambellini gushed. "I’m being vague for a reason here. Is there an argument or a push for one or the other?

"I can tell you, the discussion (among the scouting staff) was incredible. Of course there’s going to be people talking about Tyler Seguin or Taylor Hall and their strengths and weaknesses and projections. I expected that. I wanted that.

"At the end of the day, I know we’ll walk out on June 25 and be totally focused and excited and on-board with one decision."

All the smoke-blowing aside, I believe the Oilers want Seguin and the Bruins want Hall. Still, it makes no sense for Tambellini to declare as much, which he hasn’t, because that would minimize anything he might get out of Chiarelli for passing on Hall.

Likewise, why would Chiarelli admit he covets Hall and give Tambellini leverage? Not smart. So, here were, with both of them fingering their chips and staring across the table at each other.


Tambellini and Chiarelli have talked, and both have been taking calls from other GMs inquiring what it might take to get their picks. That’s business as usual for GMs holding the best hands.

For all the talk until now, the glad-handing, schmoozing and positioning starts in earnest today as teams and their hockey departments arrive in Tinseltown. "Meet me in the lobby." Call me at 9 p.m." "I’m in room 249. Stop by in an hour."

Having landed Horton and Gregory Campbell from Florida, Chiarelli may feel he’s bolstered his roster enough that the Bruins can contend for the Stanley Cup next season and that he need not entertain offers for No. 2, unless somebody gets stupid.

If that’s the case, and it wouldn’t surprise me, any slim chance Tambellini had of landing the second pick to go with his first by offering Chiarelli the opportunity to "win now" with a package of players has turned into no chance. That still leaves Seguin and Hall on the table.

The way I see it, the best way for Tambellini to call any bluff and squeeze something out of Chiarelli — if the Bruins really do want Hall and there is something to be had — is to call Hall’s name with the No. 1 pick and then take that stroll over to Boston’s table.

Tambellini holds all the cards. The problem is, I’m not convinced he’s packing enough brass to play them.

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  • Mitch

    I want Tambi to step up to the Podium and select Tyler Seguin, I would love to see Gretzky up there to pass him the jersey. I want Tambi to have balls and not need anything from Boston, I want him to show the courage as he has with all his other moves so far this off season, that he knows in his heart he made the correct choice signify to Tyler he’s EDMONTONS guy, Edmonton is Seguins city and have some dam pride. I say Seguin because the highlights that I have seen he reminds me of Modano/Toews. Tambi has made some bold bold moves, Seguin will be the first bold roster move.

  • When are we going to get some insider information ? I’m dieing here….Robin any word on any possible trades at the draft?


    I like that deal Souray for Connolly but I don’t think Connolly would be a good fit, I just want Souray gone. May be San Jose or the Ducks will need a dman?

  • Brownlee,

    For a guy that cracks on the Oilers’ PR skills lately, you managed to come up with the single worst PR move possible in relation to the draft.

    I would love to see Hall get picked first, then 100 people at Rexall (including little kids) getting their mint condition Taylor Hall jerseys, followed by Tambo waddling over to the Boston table with his very own Hall jersey in his hand if Hall isn’t already wearing it, only to have Mr. Weasel Gary Bettman come to the podium to announce a that the Boston Bruins have traded their second overall pick…

    How do you not think that would make the Oilers a complete farce and laughing stock of the league?


  • After all the weeks of master-debating, I still agree with Archaeologuy and support drafting Seguin. Every time I start to lean a bit Hall’s way I hear him speak. Seguin looks and talks like a hockey player with a creative sense of humor. Creative = Playmaker. Hall talks like a snowboarder and has that look like he took too many shots to the coconut. He can sure take a hit, but one of these days its going to be someone like Richards hitting him, and he’ll be out for 4 to 6.
    Still happy to have either.

  • 100% sure it will be Hall . Not even Tambellini could blow this call . Even if Seguin turns out best 5 years from now ( which i highly doubt by the way ) Hall is still by far the better choice as we need the best proven player to make team immediately , and not one that might be better off next season going back to junior or AHL to try and prove what Hall and Eberle already have done in major competition amonst and with elite talent !

    Sorry Seguinand media fans , but it’s not going to be Seguin . Best player for our circumstances and time is Hall even if he does not continue to beat Seguin over next five seasons .

  • Hall is/will be equally adept at center or wing playing for the Oilers . You can’t say that about Seguin . Hall is far more ambi dexterous in that regard, yet very few are giving Hall his just dues in that regard. That ability to play both positions equally well is a huge plus for taking Hall – no if , ands or butts ! If we need him as a center we can use him there if need be .

  • smiliegirl15

    Hall’s “ability” to take a hit and get up again like nothing happened still scares me. His first hit from a bonafide NHLer will tell the tale as to whether he’ll have a career or not. We’ve had enough concussion injuries on this team in the past 4 years, we don’t need any more.

    I just hope Hall can live up to the hype if he’s selected by the Oilers. Hell, I just hope he can live.