Ryan on Ryan: is Smyth a fit here?

Los Angeles Kings' Michal Handzus (L) and Ryan Smyth celebrate a goal scored by team mate Anze Kopitar during overtime of Game 2 of their NHL Western Conference quarter-final hockey game against Vancouver Canucks in Vancouver, British Columbia April 17, 2010. REUTERS/Andy Clark  (CANADA - Tags: SPORT ICE HOCKEY)

Ryan Rishaug of TSN has generated some buzz by throwing it out there that a return to the Edmonton Oilers by Ryan Smyth might make sense if the right cards fall into place.

Rishaug’s offering is mostly what-if stuff contained in a series of Twitter messages he sent out:

  • "Oilers need veteran leader to play 3rd line-top 6 fill in minutes. Have extra cap space. How bout trading for Ryan Smyth? Very good fit.?
  • "I believe mgmt would strongly consider it if the right deal were there. Had the kings gotten Kovalchuk, it would have made sense for both."
  • "Re: Smyth Enough time has passed, all wounds would be healed instant captain. The trick is getting l-a to do the deal, I think he’d waive NTC."
  • "If I had to venture a guess on Smyth, I’d say if it happens, it’d be an in-season deal if the right pieces fall into place with LA’s needs."

Rishaug later expanded on this on Oilers Lunch with Bob Stauffer today, and while I think it’s a longshot that the Oilers and Los Angeles Kings will work a trade for Smyth, a deal at some point isn’t out of the question.

Those who think it is should know better.


Rishaug’s a connected guy in this town and has been for several years now, although his profile has only been given a bump recently, notably after all the inside stuff he uncovered going into and coming out of the Entry Draft in Los Angeles. He’s sharp, make-up pad and all.

I talked to Rishaug after his spot on Stauffer’s show, and he made it clear he hasn’t been told Oilers GM Steve Tambellini and the Kings are talking about a Smyth trade now — there is nothing on the table.

He does feel, however, that something could happen down the road. I tend to agree — I’m not saying I think a return to Edmonton by Smyth is a good idea, because I don’t, but I’m not going to call Rishaug’s instincts into question when he’s been working the phones, which he has.

IF the Kings get in on Ilya Kovalchuk and IF they’d take Sheldon Souray and his $5.4 million cap hit in exchange for Smyth and his $6.25 million cap hit, then maybe there’s a deal to be done at some point.


I’m with Rishaug when he says Souray is done as an Oiler and might start 2010-11 in the minors after running his mouth at the end of last season and, in general, bitching and moaning his way through the past 18 months or so behind closed doors.

There is no kiss-and-make-up for Souray and the Oilers and I can’t see Tambellini or Tom Renney allowing Souray to poison the dressing room next season. Still, he has some value for the right team.

I also believe Smyth would waive his NTC in a second if it meant a chance to return to the Oilers, and that he’d be a leading candidate to be captain of this team — if a deal was done over the summer.

The Oilers could certainly use Smyth’s grit and worth ethic as examples for all the baby faces who’ll be here and I’d be stunned if Tambellini and Renney don’t recognize that — even if Smyth and Shawn Horcoff would form the most expensive third line in the NHL, as an e-mailer to Stauffer’s show pointed out.

Will Smyth make a (tearful) return to Edmonton? I don’t know for sure, but I wouldn’t discount the possibility.

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  • R.A. Slapshotzky

    The Oilers cannot afford Smyth even if they move Souray. Unless they let either Gagner or Brule go as Brule filed for arbitration and is going for the same money as Kulemin and Gagner is a prime candidate for a decent raise seeing as how he could be a target for an offer sheet. I don’t see this kind of a deal happening unless there is a perfect storm. Brule loses arbitration and only gets something around 1.5M, Kovalchuck goes to LA, and Gagner takes a 1 year deal around 1-1.5M. Then there is the issue of LA actually being willing to deal Souray for Smyth.

  • Whitney27

    I hope the Oilers aren’t seriously thinking about bringing back Ryan Smyth. All he is gonna do is take up a roster spot when there are better younger players in the organization that deserve to play. And if he was brought back giving him the “C” would be dumb, its basically the same as giving it to Horcoff.

  • Ender

    A bit off-topic: I don’t usually hack on Terry Jones as much as other people, maybe because I’m older and I grew up reading his pieces. Nonetheless, it’s pretty hard to turn a completely blind eye when someone who who bills themself as a premier sports writer in Edmonton writes a piece about ‘Marcus Paajarvi’.

    Really, Terry? Marcus? Do you live under a rock, or did the guy change both his first and last names when I wasn’t looking?

    • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

      I really can’t handle the sun anymore for Oiler coverage. Too much false crap in there and now I see where I got my re-entry info from, my own fault for taken their writing as the truth.

      It’s hard to read articles on something I love that are never positive and always questions the team.

  • Ender

    Archeologuy wrote:

    I’m not the only one judging MacT based on the WHC. I didnt see ANY NHL teams come knocking on his door.

    Arch, I hate being able to only fill in partial blanks, but I really can’t say more than what I’ll say right now.

    I honestly don’t know for sure if any team has approached MacT, but I can say that I know it’s very possible that some did and he said no. There’s a very good reason why he’s not coaching right now and it has far less to do with interest than you might think.

  • Ball Buster

    My roofer installed a roof on the house that Ryan Smyth was building when he was still in town. This would have been back in 2004.

    He told me that Smyth was out there most days with a tool belt on getting his hands dirty, delivering Tim Ho coffees to his crew and even helped stack a few loads of tile on the roof.

    Any guy who wears a tool belt for more than show is okay in my books. I would accept him back . . . if Souray goes the other way.

    And on the item of who should be Captain? Horcoff is the best choice right now.

  • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

    I’m just not sure if Ryan Smyth would come back and I’m not sure he should.

    I’ve said this many times on this site before – if media guys like Robin and Jason say that Ryan Smyth was a leader, on and off the ice, back in his Oiler days, then he was. I’ll always defer to the guys whose job it is to go to the arenas and dig out stories.

    But here’s the “but …”

    I’m not sure I’ve ever been sold on Smyth’s leadership skills. Actually, to be more precise, I’m not how much of a rah-rah guy he is in the dressing room. On the ice – yeah, he works hard and sets a good example. But I’ve never been convinced he was much of a “leader,” whatever that is.

    Here’s why: Ryan Smyth was an Oiler during an era when it always seemed like they were struggling for 7th or 8th place. Almost without exception, that struggle came because there was some sort of mid-season swoon (usually just before Christmas or just after it) in which they’d dig themselves into a hole.

    Every year they made the playoffs in the 1990s and 2000s, they generally had to scratch and claw for that spot. Sometimes they’d make it. Sometimes they wouldn’t. And when it was the latter, the promise would always be this: We’re a young team, but we’ve learned from this. We promise we won’t have to scratch and claw next year. We’ll do our homework on Friday night so we’ve got the whole weekend to party. Honest.

    But the next season was always the same – start their homework on Sunday night and finish it on the school bus on Monday morning.

    The Oilers were the ‘C’ students of the NHL.

    Ryan Smyth – grits, guts, goals and all – was an Oiler all through that era.

    Do we really want him passing on those study habits to the kids?

  • Whitney27

    I can’t believe people on here are suggesting that Horcoff is the best choice for captain right now. Were talking about the same guy who is getting paid $5.5 million this season who might get us 20 goals if were lucky also the same guy who takes some of the dumbest and laziest penalties, not to say Moreau didn’t either. The biggest problem with Horcoff is when he does take dumb penalties and has cost the team games he won’t take any responsibilty just finds a way to pass the buck. Right now this team needs a leader and he is not that leader right now I can only see as the captain is Ryan Whitney as he comes in with a positive attitude and has no problem saying what the problems are. Or and this is a longshot even Strudwick is a better option for captain then Horcoff.

  • Ryan14

    Whitney27 wrote:
    I can’t believe people on here are suggesting that Horcoff is the best choice for captain right now. Were talking about the same guy who is getting paid $5.5 million this season who might get us 20 goals if were lucky also the same guy who takes some of the dumbest and laziest penalties, not to say Moreau didn’t either. The biggest problem with Horcoff is when he does take dumb penalties and has cost the team games he won’t take any responsibilty just finds a way to pass the buck. Right now this team needs a leader and he is not that leader right now I can only see as the captain is Ryan Whitney as he comes in with a positive attitude and has no problem saying what the problems are. Or and this is a longshot even Strudwick is a better option for captain then Horcoff.

    Horrible assessment. I like Whitney, but he has not been here long enough to become a captain. Horcoff has been here from the SCF, all the way to this team finishing 30th. He has not abandoned the team at any time, and all the players respect and like him. who the **** cares if he is overpayed. He is an Oiler through and through, and people who base a players value to a team solely on cap hit seriously need to re-evaluate their priorities. What’s more important? How much money a person makes, or what they provide for their team/company/co-workers?

    • Whitney27

      . who the **** cares if he is overpayed. He is an Oiler through and through, and people who base a players value to a team solely on cap hit seriously need to re-evaluate their priorities. What’s more important? How much money a person makes, or what they provide for their team/company/co-workers?

      The only reason he is still on the team is Tambellini can’t unload him. And yes I admit a cap hit shouldn’t decide a captaincy. But at the sametime we can’t just hand the “C” to a guy just because he has been here the longest and he has been dedicated to the team. He is now considered the old blood of the team that Tambellini is trying to change.
      This team needs a captain who hasn’t been here forever and can bring a new prespective on things and can bring a positive attitude.

  • VMR

    I think your overemphasizing Smyth’s cap hit. If the trade is Souray for Smyth then we’re not trading for a $6.25 cap hit we’re trading a 5.4 for a 6.25 which isnt that much difference. We’re already stuck with it and the most likely scenario is he gets picked off re-entry waivers.

    To further the analogy used before it’s like the motor in your skil-saw has broken down. You can either try and use it as is which aint going to happen or you can spend $20 to fix the motor and even though you dont get a brand new saw you are able to cut wood for a couple more years.

    Souray for Smyth makes sense on that level. Changing out the pieces it doesnt, cause you are absolutely right Smyth is way overpaid for what he will produce over the next couple seasons. The only reason LA does the deal is to cut salary so adding pieces like Cogliano to the deal makes it harder to do not easier, maybe a 2nd or 3rd round pick makes sense but not an actual salary.

    • Ender

      There are a few ways to reduce or even eliminate Souray’s cap hit altogether that do not involve a trade for an even more expensive contract. Re-entry waivers puts you on the hook for half and I don’t like it as an option, but it’s a way to reduce your cap hit. Demotion to the minors is expensive, but your cap hit goes away entirely. Finally, the Holy Grail is working with Souray to see if he’ll become a UFA and rid us of the contract entirely. Until I believe that at least the last two aren’t possible, I see no reason to tie up over $6M in cap space that we don’t need to.

      • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

        You are assuming we could better put to use that 6 million (over the next two years).

        Giving our team structure and our (in)ability to attract players I’d say that’s wishfull thinking at best.

      • VMR

        They’ll have to be willing to bury him in the ECHL then cause they wont want him in Oklahoma and I’m pretty sure he wont let them off the hook for the cash he’s owed and expects they’ll put him on re-entry waivers.

        • Ender

          If the Oilers decided to play hardball with Souray and demote him, I don’t think they’d plan on ever bringing him back up. And in that scenario, nothing might make them happier than to send him to play in a rec league in Yellowknife if they could.

      • Chris.

        C’mon Ender. Still beating a dead drum? Kevin Lowe openly admitted that trading Smyth was a mistake… It was obviously a mistake… Everyone in the hockey world knows it was a mistake… Hindsight further proves this!

        It has been reported that Smyth and Lowe were a mere $500K apart in their negotiations for a contact in the $25-26M range. Smyth’s true market value proved much higher. The value of Smyth was further validated by the L.A. trade for which an older Ryan Smyth, after two difficult injury plagued seasons, still merited a really great prospect, a depth player, and a draft pick from one of the leagues smartest and stingiest Gm’s. Dean Lombardi did not hit his head; he is just savey enough to understand that Smyth is a special player who brings more to the table than can be measured by boxcar stats alone. In fact, Ryan Smyth was once described as the perfect Oiler by the very man who traded him. I personally think it’s funny that the whole theme of the current rebuild is to restore the culture and identity of the Oilers. Hmmm. You mean the very identity that left this franchise for Robert Nilsson?

        I agree that there can be a real good debate about whether or not it would be a good idea to bring Smyth back as an expensive transitional player. That said, I can’t see how anyone still believes that Lowe made the right decision on deadline day 2007.

        BTW, The gay comment was obviously tongue in cheek. I also agree that berrating those who disagree with me does not strengthen my argument… but it’s damn fun.

        • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

          Trading Smyth isn’t the main mistake in that situation. 2 other mistakes he made were the main reason for the trade.

          1- Was not asking ownership what is budget was going to be for the following year. He complained later that one reason he traded Smyth was a lack of knowledge on cap money going forward.

          2- Waiting until the last moment to sign Smyth. He should’ve made it clear to Smyth before that if you are signed by x date, then we will move you. He should’ve even phoned Smyth before he traded him and said look we have a deal on the table so either sign or you are an Islander.

          • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

            How was that then market value? If you want to complain that we didn’t get roster player then fine, but it was obvious with that trade that Lowe was looking to a rebuild.

            Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier etc… we’re all let go for below market, but guess what that’s what happens when you don’t have the money to spend.

          • There is a theory going on out there that Smyth was a failure in the ’06 cup run. Lowe recognized it and chose not to re-sign Smyth during the summer, when you’d think a valuable asset would be secured.

            Somewhere along the way it turned into a pissing match, but the bottom line is Lowe didn’t re-up Smyth immediately after the cup run. He probably had no serious intention of doing so unless he could steal the contract, which might explain why Smyth got so much more outside of Edmonton.

          • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

            While I agree for the most part, Lowe did try sign him as a free agent and he said Meehan and Smyth didn’t even call him back.

          • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

            I’m not sure what it was, but it was larger then the talks they had before. The other issue with Smyth was the length was it not?

          • Yeah. I don’t know and frankly I don’t care. At the end of the day Lowe let him walk. That’s the only thing that matters.

            Bad enough we have the Horcoff contract to deal with (although I’m hopeful his shoulder will be better this year). Now we’re thinking about another bad value player? Mike Comrie would be happy to sign here for a fraction of the price, would score as many points and be at least as good a leader. But the clincher for me is that we’ve never seen him cry.

          • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

            For the record I have no problem with bringing Smyth back, I don’t think his salary is going to hamper us over the next 2 years.

            I do however question if Katz wants to soak another upper cap limit team without any playoff revenue to offset that high payroll.

          • I guess my point is why should the team soak themselves with the Smyth contract when Comrie would do the same thing at a fraction of the price?

            Of course, if it’s a Souray for Smyth deal, then what the heck. Otherwise – no freaking way IMO.

          • I’m not sure if I’m prepared to expend much more energy re-analyzing a trade that happened three-years-and-change ago, but here’s another angle to consider from way-back-then:

            Did anyone in Edmonton talk to Don Meehan, Smyth’s high-powered agent, any time on the day the trade happened?

            The thing that I’ll always remember about the day Smytty was traded was when Kevin Lowe said Smyth was “surprised” when Lowe called to tell him he’d just traded him to Long Island.

            Surprised? Huh?

            Isn’t it the agent’s job to keep the surprises down to a minimum?

            Let’s face it, NHL Trade Deadline Day 2007, and, indeed, the months leading up to it, were one communications blunder after another – on the part of the Oilers, Smyth and his agent.

            Did Don Meehan, hockey’s high-powered agent, bother to call his client 20 minutes before the deadline to report the gap in salary demands? (I’d actually heard that the gap was only 200 grand, not a half-mill).

            Meehan never said either way – and no one in Edmonton ever seemed to ask him.

            But here’s my point: Smyth’s tearful goodbyes at the Edmonton International Airport Wednesday don’t exactly present the image of a man who was aware of everything that was going on between, say, 10 a.m. and 12:40 p.m. that Tuesday.

            It says here that if your client is still bawling his way through the airport a day after he’s been traded, that looks bad on you as an agent.

            If Kevin Lowe has any regrets about making the trade, that’s fine. But I think Smitty and Donnie Meehan were as much to blame on that infamous day.

            And that’s why I have no desire to bring No. 94 back.

          • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

            Meehan did his job and that was to get his client the most money he could. If Smyth wasn’t asking for updates that’s his fault. While I hate the sisters, they had the balls to tell their gm piss on 500k and just sign with Vancouver already. Maybe Smyth never knew, but that’s his fault.

            Either way what happened can’t be reversed, but Lowe did try to save face with Horcoff and that is why we now have Horcoff’s nice contract. I really think you should wait til x-mas before re-signing a guy, unless of course he is a special player like Smyth was.

        • Ender

          We’ll have to agree to disagree, although with 21/30 teams not having a single winger on the payroll that makes what Smyth does it seems I’m not alone in thinking that the price tag is pretty steep. And the few wingers that do make that much have names like Ovechkin, Kane, and Nash.

          Did you know that Smyth makes more than Henrik Sedin? I guess the price on intangibles is really at a premium.

          • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

            Smyth was an overpayment. I honestly prefer Penner over Smyth. I don’t think 2mil for the intangibles Smyth brings is worth it.

          • Chris.

            As I said: there can be good debate about the merits/pitfalls of bringing Smyth back. (I’m not really thinking too much about it because it ain’t gonna happen) It’s my belief that Lowe should have either a) paid Smyth (26M not the 31M he later got from Colorado) or b) really shopped him around to all 29 other teams for the best possible return. Instead he chose option c: a last second knee jerk panic trade that saw the face of the franchise leave for another gutless Fancy-Dan-type player so typically overvalued during the Predergast era. Many rumors suggested that the Oilers had been targeting Nilsson since his draft year in 2004…

            I can’t help but feel that so many of our problems the last ten years go back to poor amature scouting. Didn’t Pitkanen land in Oiler silks because Lowe/Predergast were so convinced (despite all evidence) that that Nancy would be the second comming of Paul Coffee? Thank God for Stu.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    So Ken Lowe, Barry Stafford and Lyle Kulchisky aren’t being re-assigned within the organization afterall. They’re all just getting severence packages from the Oilers. Each are receiving 2 years pay but for some reason Sparky has to show for 20 games this coming season, in what capacity Sparky isn’t quite sure yet.

    • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

      Oh geez and I though we were arses to them for letting them go. Considering other clubs are doing the samething in July maybe fans should back off on Tambo for his personnel decisions.

  • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

    How does this work now that Souray has cleared waivers. If the Oilers were to make a trade for him now, would he not have to come back up on re-entry waivers? At which teams would have a chance again to pick him up at half price thereby nullifying any deal (assuming someone would pick him up at 1/2 price – which I beleive several teams would do)?

    Or is it because he has a one way contract, that the team trading for him automatically gets him back on the NHL roster and the waiver thing is gone – as long as he remained on the NHL roster?

    How exactly does that work?

    • Ender

      Hmmm . . . I’m hungry. How much money do I have in my wallet? Sixty dollars . . . oh good, that’s enough. Now, where can I buy lunch that costs $60 . . .

      If you don’t need to spend money right now, save it for when you do need it. Players get hurt. Or we could decide to be a buyer at the deadline instead of a seller. Or we might decide to extend some RFA’s to sizeable contracts because they’re playing really well. There are a lot of places to spend money already; never mind looking for ways to burn it.

      • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

        You’ve got one year to spend it, that’s it. Re: Injuries LTI allow you flexibility cap wise… + 99% of the time you fill those holes with entry level guys from the farm.

        Unless you are saving up for a rental theirs no point. None…. And even then rentals come in at 25 cents on the dollar (roughly). You leave yourself 1.5 – 2 million in cap room and you’ve got the space to add any player league wide that could resonably available at the deadling.

    • Ender may have a different point of view, but my thought is why spend to the cap unless you intend to have a competitive team? We tried that last year and blew ridiculous wads of cash to end up 30th. It was the #1 complaint around the ‘sphere.

      We have a bunch of young guys who may actually pan out coming on board and others like Gagner lurking in the wings with huge contracts. Maybe the deal is that we don’t want to commit to high value, long-ish term contracts on guys who won’t be much more than stop gaps at best.

      Or not. I’m not a numbers watcher. One of the basement capologists around here probably has a better answer.

      • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

        “We tried that last year and blew ridiculous wads of cash to end up 30th. It was the #1 complaint around the ‘sphere.”

        And this is my exact beef with the whole theory you guys present, we’ve been sucked into these internet games where we don’t want bad contracts…essentially because trolls might come make fun of us.

        Guys like MC79 put out nice blogs about wins/$$ ect which are interesting and all… but essentially pointless.

        Theirs no bonus to be cheap, theirs no prize for saving $$ or having left over cap space at the end of the year. The only goal is to win games, that’s it. You try to win the most you can for 59 million or less…. you don’t try to make yourself cheap because you’re afraid you wont win enough to justify the 59 million.

        • Chris.

          Totally agree… Except (If we’re still talking about Smyth) there is the big issue of term. If the young guys advance ahead of shedule, it might be nice to have cap space to sign compliamentary players next season.

          • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

            Ya, term is the issue. That’s why I cringe at a guy like Vlcavs deal.

            Next year/this year… hard to say. The cap will probably be 5% – 10% higher again next year so I wouldn’t worry too much about blowing our wad now. That said we are in the abolute perfect spot to pick up a big ticket sometime in the next 1-3 years.

        • Your theory about the Salary Cap is fine if everyone has 1 year deals, but that doesnt happen. Look at teams like LA, Philly, and Chicago. All of them are unable to keep or add to their core without shipping out useful parts because THEY ARE UP AGAINST THE CAP. They dont have the space. The Stanley cup champs just blew up the team because of Campbell and Huet’s contracts. LA cant get Kovalchuk becuse they dont have the Cap space to make it work. There are constant reports that Philly is going to move a guy like Gagne for guess what…Cap Space.

          No, there is no prize for lowest payroll or most Cap space, but there are serious issues that occur when you dont have enough.

          In the Souray for Smyth proposition it doesnt really play into it if you look at it as trading an otherwise unmoveable 5.4 Cap Hit for a more usefull 6.25 Cap hit. So the argument is null, but your philosophy flies in the face of everything we have seen this summer.

          • You were asking opinions about why we’re hording cap space and we gave our thoughts.

            Personally I hope we’ll get a few more actual NHL’ers (that’s for Lowetide) and let some of the young guys/noobs hone their skills in the AHL. Then as their game matures and confidence increases, filter them up the chain. And yes, I include JDD and DD in that mix.

            Hey look. All I want is for this team to look like it cares and tries to win. Last year was brutal because I swear to god half the games were mailed in. Nobody expects a young team to win every night, but a half decent effort goes a long way towards making the pain of rebuilding tolerable.

  • Is a guy coming off injuries and at his age really worth 6.25m per season for two seasons. I understand he is a great guy in the community and a great vet. But 6.25m is way way WAY to much for him. Can’t skate , Can’t shoot but will stand infront of the net. Not worth 5m if you ask me. Then again I was one of few that wansn’t pissed we traded him. Lowe took a gamble, we could have lost him for nothing

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Lebron James mentioned that the Edmonton Oilers finished a close second in his selection proccess. Oilers actually offered more cash and more years….pictures to follow on your evening news.

    One has to wonder if Taylor Hall will flee the nest as soon as he’s eligible.

  • Crackenbury

    If Smyth is the ultimate team player and our next captain, why would LA trade him for Souray? The cap saving is minimal over the same term. If they do trade it pretty much tells the story on how they value him. Lombardi is stuck with one of the worst contracts in hockey.

      • Nice. Just imagine. We may be able to resign some of our talent. We all know the team was small last season. Do you think this will make it harder for the Oilers to play all three rookies ? Will Oil fans accept a team that isn’t at the max cap ? I think we need more changes starting with defense than tending.

        • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

          We have plenty of cap room to resign those up for raises. Thiers no one else that will comand a significant raise until Smyth’s contract is up.

  • Whitney27

    Enough everyone

    Comparing Lebron recent signing to what will happen if Taylor Hall does this in 7 yrs. The poor kid hasn’t even laced up the blades once and in typical Edmonton, get a life mentality, have to bring the name of an 18 yr old. he is going to have enough pressure without having to wonder why he is linked to LeBron