When it comes to celebrity weddings, no other nuptuals loom larger on our personal horizon than the Duff-Comrie wedding. The interwebs are all aflutter about it and the slew of cosmetic procedures that Duff will be undergoing to look her very best for the Oilers winger. 

This site is reporting:

"Hilary is obsessed with looking her best on her wedding day. She recently got her boobs done and has been getting Botox and fillers to make her face look as good as possible. She is determined to work out six days a week, and she brings Mike along so they can motivate each other. She’s lost 10 pounds already!"

10 pounds?! Botox?! Isn’t Hilary Duff 22 years old? What’s the business with THAT? This very same site also gushes about "NFL player Mike Comrie" so we suppose not everything being presented can be considered a fact during the exciting days ahead.

Speaking of sites we hope are wrong, this site is reporting

"Mike and Hilary will waltz down the aisle at the San Ysidro Ranch in Santa Barbara on Oct. 17."

Considering the Oilers are scheduled to play the Flames the night before, we hope that these folks are mistaken. We can only imagine the anxiety of the team of stylists sitting in the stands during the game, gasping each time a stick gets raised around Comrie’s soon to be married face, before they are able to whisk him safely away to the wedding the following day.


Take a look at the quasi bearded face in the top photograph, hidden away behind a pair of aviator sunglasses and smartly matched with a lumberjack polo ensemble. Does this look like a man who is focused on leading a crop of super rookies out of last place in the NHL?

Or is he the guy who is looking to live in LA and try and land a recurring role on CSI: Miami?

Do we want Mike Comrie back or are we happy to let him sail off into the sunset?

For the life of us, we can’t decide.

        • Cosmo

          Wanye…I think there should definitely be an award per month for outstanding comments.

          Librarian Mike takes an early lead the first week in.

          As for thoughts on the rest of the season…I’ve come to these realizations:

          1) it’s going to be a long season.

          2) I’ve just spent all my extra money on Molson and Labatt shares.

          3) I plan on drinking any profits from said investment.

          4) The staff at “The Pint” will know me on a first name basis by October 31st.

          5) I will shake my fist at the TV many times whilst in the pint.

          6) I will – undoubtably – yell at Tom Gilbert for making a bad pass/ill timed pinch/not taking his man in front of the net (but will cheer the one or two times he makes a good play).

          7) I will have an even larger beer gut by November.

          8) I will be scheduling a liver transplant by December.

          9) We need to resurrect the “Young Guns” monniker of the 90’s for Eberle, Hall and MPS. Except because we are West Side it will be spelled “Yung Gunz” (Holla if ya hear me).

          10) “Squee” might have to be retired. Unless the Oilers somehow make the playoffs. Which if they do – I will have a bright pink “Squee” T-Shirt which will be worn at The Pint. Count on it.

  • Pajamah

    If their staged wedding photos are anything like their staged engagement photos, I’ll be solidly impressed.

    Can we create a second team of Oilers with Pisani, Comrie, and Jason Smith (the unretired version) for sentimental reasons?

    Now that would be a great 30th place team to watch

  • Ducey

    The is about as much room for Mike on this team as there will be for his clothes in his wife’s closet.

    The Oilers have:

    Penner – Hemmmer – Horc
    Gagner – Hall – Eberle
    Cogs – Brule – Magnus PS

    as the top 6. They also have Omark. Comrie is miscast as a 4th liner so he has to play top 6.

    I wouldn’t mind it if they signed Comrie with the intention that he play the first 25 to 30 games while a rookie hangs out in OK. He then could sub in as injuries and inconsistency require.

    • While I agree with 93% of what you have said here Deucey, my concern is the lack of above average veterans in the dressing room. Who will Linus Omark look to? Who has experience doing anything remarkable in the NHL in this lineup?

      If it isn’t Comrie that is kept around to be a mentor – who does?

        • Wanyes bastard child

          Horcoff, Hemsky, Penner, Whitney I think can all easily be vets to look up to as well (tho some may think differently from Hemsky). To a lesser extent I think guys like Gagner, Stortini, Vandermeer, Souray (IF things get mended) can pitch in as well.

          Add Strudwick and ReKhab and I do not think we are looking that bad for veterans to be mentors here.

          Would I like Comrie back? Of course I would. But does bringing Comrie back cost us one of our young guys? I honestly don’t know. On one hand i’d love to see at least 3 of the rookies in the line-up this year and live through the ups and downs and the probable lottery pick. On the other hand i’d like to see us shore up players such as Comrie, Ladd, Moore, whatzisname, etc and shelter the young guys for maybe another year.

          The only thing I do know about this year… I am excited to see what happens 🙂

        • Crackenbury

          I’d say Hemsky and Horcoff would qualify as veterans by now. Both have been to the 7th game of a SCF and have 10 or more years in the league. Neither were part of the “veterans club” in the dressing room last year either and should still garner some respect in the room. Newer veteran Oilers include Whitney.

          I’m not sure that bringing in additional veterans will benefit the team unless they’re still premium players and those guys simply aren’t available.

  • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

    I hope she got her boobs done long enough ago so that Mikey can touch them on the wedding night.

    Was Duff really in that rough of shape that she needed to get all this done? I mean look at Comrie’s hair that he had going last year. A guy with hair like that really can’t and shouldn’t complain what his wife looks like on her wedding night. Although I suppose it’s Duff being a women on her wedding and going overboard.

  • Poo Czar

    Oh Lordy I hope the Flames bing back Mike Commodore for just that one game so they can really nail that Ronald McDonald look they’re going for. Maybe bring in Kyle Wellwood as Grimace?


  • Mikey deserves a do-over. He was good when he played, and according to Stauffer, was a good locker room presence when the supposed leaders were negative last year.

    Most assume the 3 kids are automatic to make the team this year. For marketing reasons, Hall is automatic, despite development. Eberle probably should make it, and MPS is a question mark.

    For cap management reasons, it probably wouldn’t hurt if either Eberle or MPS spent the season in OK City. It probably would help a new farm team in a new city draw fans if someone with talent was down there.