Oilers Announce Impressive Prospects Roster

The Edmonton Oilers released their list for prospect camp today.

This is the group that will play in the Young Stars Prospects Tournament in mid-September against other NHL clubs young prospects. The list is here. The marquee players are Taylor Hall, Magnus Pääjärvi and Jordan Eberle, but the secondary bunch is also impressive: Tyler Pitlick, Chris Vande Velde, Teemu Hartikainen among the forwards, and Martin Marincin and Jeff Petry on the blue. Goalie Olivier Roy is also a highly touted prospect of interest.

The Oilers have invited a few non-draftees/signings as well. Notable in that group is Chase Schaber. He’s a 19-year old WHL center with some jam and late (very late) developing skill. Mike Remmerde had this to say about him before the June draft:

  • We always knew this guy had some pretty good skill level, and he finally started to show it off after the trade from Calgary. Still has that speed and fearless style, too. Was on our list late last year and as a sleeper that we like, and maybe some team finally saw it. Probably gets passed over again, but deserves a camp invite.

Once again Remmerde calls it. The 8-game tournament in Penticton will feature Oilers, Flames, Canucks, Ducks and Sharks prospects. With their draft pedigree, the young Oilers should show well.

  • Lowetide

    Lets say Eberle has a touch of the Zetterberg factor. Not a lotto pick but talent level a slight bit higher than where they we drafted. Of course if i am wrong I will look like a DONKEY. But i can take it.

  • Lowetide

    Only time will tell on Eberle but i do see the points you have made. Heres hoping all the rookies kick out the jams and make all of our projections look silly. lol
    GO OIL

  • D-Man

    I’m surprised that Lander didn’t get an invite to the tourney. He has shown very well in a tough league at a young age and on the Swedish National teams. I wonder why they would not have invited him?

  • Lowetide

    Benhur: I think part of it might be that the SEL training camps begin earlier. Also, Lander did come over for the Summer Camp right after draft day. He impressed a lot of people from what I understand, but decided to go back for another year in Sweden.

  • Lowetide

    Omark is going to turn heads , he can be that impressive . Recently caught him on team Sweden at the worlds where his physical presence was what i found was the most impressive . He handles the big boys and men exceptionally well – almost with ease . He’s small , but is hard /tenacious to get the puck away from him . As hard as trying to knock Laracques off the puck . Thats why he impressed me so much ! His offensive saavy was also evident . The way and manner he guards and handles the puck against big physical defencemen leaves one in awe .

    Can he also do it at NHL level ? I see no evidence he can’t to be honest, even in a smaller rink . All our rookies will be hard pressed to beat out Omark , and he could easily turn out to be the best of a bumper crop .

    He’s got great hands , and is adept at setting up and scoring in the net area . Surprisingly plays more like a power forward . He’s going to be a fan favorite no doubt . Shouldn’t take him long to adapt to NHL style of play .

    Well thats the impression Omark left with me from the Worlds . It was his physical play that left me in awe morso than all his other attributes . Thats also why i figure Horcoff would be a good center between Omark and Svennson .

  • Lowetide

    With practically nothing added to current roster again this season , the chance of seeing 6 or more rookies in season lineup grows .

    How many of new additions are adequate or what one would list as upgrades from last season ? Whitney , Vandemeer , Giroux , Fraser , Gerber , etc . are not awe inspiring names to get very excited about to begin with . Most would have had trouble trying to get a seasonal regular spot on their former clubs. Ones we let get away truthfully were probably better .

    How long will Oiler fans be patient waiting to see how long it will take them to have banner seasons , or a repeat of last years poor core performance ?

    Seeing as Oilers have added maybe even more problems to a bad core , it might not be surprising ,or more advantageous, for club to go with even more than 6 rookies . Rather than subject Oiler fans to what looks like another poor core of questionable talent below even last years.

    Just how long will Oiler fans be patient with the new core if it is not filled with an abundance of rookies ?? I’d say very little time !! Not like Tams and company have added any outstanding names outside rookies again this season .

    I see nothing to suggest the core is any better than last years , and thus a proper rebuild seems rather hampered by this oversite .

    Stick with the rookies rather than another weakened core ,to further add to an already antzy and fast growing impatient fan base . Not interested in seeing another season like last year at the expence of the rookies . Quite honestly , can’t expect or see present core fairing very well to begin with unless they can all show more than they have anywhere else . Now thats highly unlikely to happen .