The Commissioner, Joey Moss, got the 6000 fans fired up with an energized rendition of O Canada and we finally got to see some scrimmaging in Oiler camp.

The teams were as follows:


Magnus Paajarvi/Andrew Cogliano/Alex Giroux
Dustin Penner/Sam Gagner/Jordan Eberle
Ryan Jones/Tyler Pitlick/Linus Omark
Zack Stortini/Ryan O’Marra/Greg Stewart

Ryan Whitney/Jeff Petry
Jim Vandermeer/Richard Petiot
Taylor Chorney/Alex Plante

Martin Gerber
Olivier Roy


Taylor Hall/Shawn Horcoff/Ales Hemsky
Gilbert Brule/Colin Fraser/Colin McDonald
Ben Ondrus/Chris Vande Velde/Teemu Hartikainen
Liam Reddox/Brad Moran/Cameron Abney 

Tom Gilbert/Johan Motin
Kurtis Foster/Ladislav Smid
Shawn Belle/Theo Peckham

Devan Dubnyk
Jeff Deslauriers

There weren’t many chances in the first period. Colin McDonald had the best chance when he ripped a slapper off the short-side post past Gerber, but other than that neither goalie had to make a quality save.


  • Linus Omark isn’t afraid to try things. He tried to deflect the puck over his head, but Dubnyk scooped it out of mid air. Later Omark got too fancy in his own zone, trying to dance around a forechecker. He’ll need to realize quickly that won’t fly in the NHL.
  • Ales Hemsky takes a rare penalty, but team white does nothing on the PP.
  • Lowetide’s post regarding Ryan O’Marra starts a debate in the pressbox. Ryan Rishaug politely disagrees. We both agree that O’Marra’s conditioning looks questionable.
  • A hit. McDonald runs into Richard Petiot, and gets his stick up a bit.
  • You can tell this is the first real scrimmage for the players, as they are very sloppy.


  • Liam Reddox with a great burst of speed down the right side, cuts to the middle, goes around Jeff Petry but fans on the shot. Next shift out Reddox controls the puck down low. Next shift he backchecks and breaks up the rush. Reddox gives you his best effort every shift. He can kill penalties, and he will work his ass off. I think he’ll push Ryan Jones for a spot on the team.
  • Martin Gerber leaves after facing 12 shots. Devan Dubnyk faced only 6 in his 23 minutes.
  • Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but I find it interesting that Dubnyk got the start for team blue, while Deslauriers came off the bench. I think the backup job is Dubnyk’s to lose.
  • Deslauriers faces five shots in his first five minutes.
  • O’Marra takes a penalty with 30 seconds left in the period. Team blue starts the PP with Brule, Fraser, and McDonald. Blue starts the 3rd with a :30 PP. Horcoff’s line with Foster and Smid start.


  •  Foster finally gives the crowd something to cheer about as he one-times a bullet from the point. Hemsky with a nice saucer pass, and Hall get the assists. O’Marra’s penalty expired one second earlier, so no PP goal, but Foster’s shot looks almost as hard as Sheldon Souray’s. I think Foster gets it away quicker than Souray.
  • Paajarvi with a great cross-ice pass to Cogliano and he rips it off the cross bar. Those two have had some chemistry from the beginning of camp and I bet Renney will try them in a few exhibition games.
  • Foster takes a one-minute roughing penalty on Omark. Earlier in the shift Omark made a sick cross-ice-saucer pass from the right hashmarks to a pinching Petiot.
  • Horcoff knocks the bouncing puck faway from Gagner, races in shorthanded and slides a backhand home and team blue leads 2-0. Tom Gilbert must have yelled out, "number 77" to the ref, because he somehow gets an assist on the play.
  • Team Blue lighting up Roy in the 3rd, as a great three-way passing play from Hemsky-to-Horcoff-to-Hall, and the first overall pick slides it past a stretched out Roy.
  • On this next shift Hall takes a Horcoff pass in full flight down the left side, does a quick little toe drag in front of Whitney and snaps one off Roy’s shoulder. Hall has looked more comfortable with every shift. Just like the rookie tournament, and first day of camp he looked nervous at the start, which is understandable considering he is 18, and progressively got better.
  •  Final score 3-0. Final shots 23-18 in favour of team blue. Deslaurier stops all 12 shots, while Roy allowed three goals on 11 shots. He didn’t allow a soft goal, and really didn’t have much of a chance on any of the them.


The players who will play in Vancouver tomorrow will skate at nine at Rexall Place. Hall will not play in Vancouver, which shouldn’t surprise anyone. No way were the Oilers going to let him play his first game v. an NHL team on the road especially when Thursday’s game is live on TSN.

I do know that Horcoff will centre Eberle and Giroux tomorrow. Dubnyk and Gerber will be the goalies. We will find out the rest of the lineup tomorrow morning.

Nikolai Khabibulin is close to playing. Right now it seems more mental than physical for him. Renney will see how Khabibulin feels Thursday morning before making a decision on when he plays. He might wait a few more days before putting him in between the pipes.

    • Ender

      I’m really hoping you forgot to pack on a set of these: ~~~~

      While I have no issues listening to Willis’s explanation of why the third-pairing defenseman from the Sabres is better than the second-pairing defenseman from chez Oil based on 25 defensive-zone clearing attempts in three comparable games with the same opponent . . .

      . . . I’m thinking that looking for advanced stats analysis from the Joey Moss Cup is akin to seeing the flames of passion dancing in the eyes of your supermarket cashier as she bags your groceries.

  • Ender

    I know this is the wrong thread, but after watching last night I am changing my goat and star vote (can you do that???)

    Star: Hemsky

    Goat: Penner

    I HAVE to say Penner because I watched parts of the game on-line and he is SLOW as hell. There is NO way he’ll be on the first line with he TERRIBLE hand-eye, lack of deking skills AND questionable atheletic abilities.

    30+ goals last year, right? That was last year when he played significant amount of time on the first line powerplay… no WAY he’ll see that much PP again this year with all the youthful guns the Oil have now.

    • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

      Interesting. I think he proved last year that he has ELITE level hand-eye and deking skills (in tight anyways) and the only real question marks could be conditioning and desire.

      • fuck off

        Sour Patch completely proved he can be an elite power forward last year. Last night however he proved that he can still play like the Penner from two years ago…. Hell he even was out worked on the puck by Motin! If his compete level doesn’t step up to the Penthouse, like last year, he certainly will be wearing horns. Too bad for MacT as he won’t be around to anoint DP with the devil’s haircut cause I’m sure he’d love to do it in front of a media scrum! Oh wait, he did that already.

    • Vaclav

      So big Dustin had a lackadaisical effort during the team’s first scrimmage of the season. Big whoop-dee-doo.

      For those of us that actually watched Dustin play last season he has tremendous hand-eye coordination and top-flight skills.

      He was also one of the best 5×5 players in the NHL. So even if the kids take some of his PP time he’s still likely to crack the 30 goal mark again this season.

      • Vaclav

        I guess we’ll see what happens opening night and through the year.

        I’m still calling for the Triple H line for 1st line duties and the PEG line for 2nd line duties.

        We’ll see..

  • Milli

    Scary cuz I know it was just a scrimage, but Reddox looked every bit an energy guy who deserves a spot, and Penner, well, he looked slow! Anyone think for some of the established guys, like Penner, they are just going through the motions until real games or at least pre-season games start? I know that dosn’t make a whole lot of sense after seeing Horc and Hemmer flying around the ice, but with Penner just made me think that.

  • Sorry about the spelling mistake … was rushing out the door.

    Will not use Gags.

    There was a guy who used sit behind me at the hockey game who always referred to Jason Smith as “Gator”. There are just some nicknames that only team mates should use.

    I agree that Gags may be used in reference to his performance last night. Early goat candidate.

  • Vaclav

    Few impressions and I agree with most of Jason’s (if not all of them).

    Olivier Roy: Felt kinda bad for Roy. Allows all three goals last night, but I don’t know that any other goalie would have stopped any of those goals (2 breakaways, including a 2 on 0 and a one-timer by Foster on the PP). In any case, they have no room for him with the club but a nice showing for him this time around.

    Other goalies: Dubnyk and Deslauriers both looked impressive, JDD probably got to strut his stuff more than Dubie. They both looked quick in warmup and seemed very comfortable. I think JDD will make this battle very interesting. Gerber was pretty good, but not as good as the other two.

    Everybody talks about how all the competition for this camp are happening with the forwards, but to me it’s the back end where things are more interesting. I’m concerned about our 5-6 D-Men spots. Nobody really stood out, which is disappointing. Peckham looked exactly like he did a year ago, Chorney didn’t look as good as he did last year, Plante, Petiot, Petry, Potin, Belle and Vandermeer all looked about the same (which does not say much ’cause they were all average).

    Having said all this, tough to read too much into a game like last night’s so we shall see what the next 3 nights bring in the way of answers to some of these questions.