It is being reported on the Edmonton Oilers website that the Oil are going to be the first NHL team to have cheerleaders.

Says the site:

"The Edmonton Oilers are proud to announce they will be making history as the first Canadian NHL team to launch a Cheer Team, and in doing so joining the company of the 23 other NHL teams. With a goal to amplify the already electric in-game entertainment line-up for fans at Rexall Place, the Edmonton Oilers Cheer Team will at the same time also significantly augment participation at events and community functions throughout Oil Country.

“This is another example of the Oilers responding to the wishes of our valued customers,” said Patrick LaForge, Edmonton Oilers President and CEO. “The Oilers Cheer Team will elevate the level of entertainment and further enhance the in-game experience. In addition, Oilers Cheer Team will also be active contributors in the community reaching out with special events and fundraising initiatives throughout Oil Country."

We have wanted to see proper ice girls since before we were born. Ice girls and Oilers hockey go together like Pabst Blue Ribbon and a hangover. And just in time to entertain the newly minted Oilers too.

Please Oilers. For heavens sake make this awesome.


  • Actually, this place is a whole lot MORE fun with guys like Jeanshorts around. Still, if people don’t like the content, they can simply skip to the next article.

    But c’mon people. This is the internet, something ~a few~ of us would do well to take a whole lot less seriously.

  • Milli

    Jeanshorts = Awesome
    John = whinny little douche
    Boobs = AWESOME!!!!
    I only wish they would be there tomorrow when I get to go and watch the mighty OILERS crush san jose!!!!! And in my drunken stupor, some sweet girls in yoga pants would totally rule!!!!!

  • Morning Coffey

    While cheerleaders have their merits. I don’t think they belong on hockey. Every game I’ve been to with cheerleaders they have just seemed in the way. Hockey is fast paced and obviously takes place on ice. Cheerleaders work in football because its a stop and start sort of game on grass where there is space for cheerleaders. So in short cheerleaders yes, just don’t get in the way of me watching hockey

  • Victoria

    Cheerleaders at hockey games? Give me a break.Several NfL teams are going away from cheerleaders including if I’m not mistaken the Chicago bears.Who had the infamous Honey Bear cheerleaders.Seems bushleagueish.If you want to see cheerleaders guys go to Showgirls

  • I’ve read this entire string and think the comments don’t need to be deleted. This is some of the best content moderation talk I’ve ever seen on here.

    Heated debate from time to time is fantastic. Name calling isn’t but I think that overall all this commentary is an interesting take on what is acceptable and what it not on public websites such as this.

    Oh and cheerleaders have divided mankind since they were invented in 526 BC. We are not so different up here in Edmonton and it is not surprising that it’s suggestion would spawn both sides of a debate.

  • Ben Dover

    So, let me get this right Wanye.

    You’re saying that use of the word ‘c*nt’ is acceptable on this here public website? Is the common noun allowed, or can it only be used as part of a descriptive, comparative or superlative adjective? Like, for example, c*nty, c*ntier, c*ntiest, c*ntish or c*ntesque? Also, is the asterisk only allowed in place of the vowel? Or could it be written as *unt, cu*t or cun*? Or, is the asterisk required at all? So many questions here.

    Whatever happens going forward, this is wonderful news! Liberating in fact. jeanshorts, though no gentleman, is a true pioneer. I may even add ‘c*nt’ to the end of my Nation name to make my comments stand out from other posters. Though that just makes me wonder if I would need to capitalize it as part of a proper noun.

    Can we get some site rules posted on the Nation-accepted written usage of the word ‘c*nt’ and all variations thereof? ASAP please, as I’m aching to try this out in banter with others. So far, I haven’t found anywhere else – home, work, email, bus stop conversation, buying groceries, family dinners, the theater, church, restaurants, the bank, other non-porn websites, etc. – where any variation of this word was accepted.

    Let me know if I’ve missed your point.