Omark Gaining Clearance

This is Linus Omark in an Oilers uniform. The OKC Baron had a huge game yesterday and is now one of the AHL’s top scorers.  

The highlights of the game are here and the story is here and here.






GOAL #6 (Shoot out)

Omark now has 10 goals on the season, tying him for first in the AHL. He is tied for 5th in points. Omark is behind a plethora of gifted young players on the Oilers depth chart, but nights like this one are going to force the issue sooner than later.

  • Slick

    wow he totally bobbled the puck on the shootout. I’m surprised he was able to recover like that. I bet most guys would panic a little bit and maybe scramble to just get a shot off!

  • Reggie

    I like this from the game notes:

    Oklahoma City was 1-for-7 on the penalty kill Sunday evening. The Barons entered the game ranked first in the AHL and have now allowed just six power play goals in 76 times short. Oklahoma City has killed 65 of the last 69 opponent’s power play opportunities (94.2 percent) in the last 14 games.

    Also, the did score 3 PP goals included the one that same the game into OT with 47 seconds left.

  • RLH

    I’d like to say that I was disappointed. I started out listening to this game last night, and when the Barons looked pretty flat for the first period I switched to the Oiler game. Now, sure it would have been good enough to watch the AHL goalfest, but I think the Oil game was more worth my time.

    Interesting to note that OKC seems to have the same shots on goal and GA issues that the Oilers do, but they have an Offense that is winning them games (last night being excepted).

    Glad to see an article like this today, LT. Now I need someone to write about the great work our fourth line is doing, and my ON day will be perfect.

  • Max Powers - Team HME Evans

    Hands. Gotta love the hands.

    Unlike the Cogliano’s and Benoit Pouliots of the world who get by on badass speed, hands will score you goals at any level.

    • Dan the Man

      Ryan Kesler, Mike Richards, Corey Perry, Loui Eriksson, Patrice Bergeron and Shae Weber all selected after Marc Poulliot in 2003 draft are All all starts and played in last olympics. Pouliot was an absolute 1st round bust, don’t talk him up.

      • Steve Smith

        Jason Soules, Scott Allison, Joe Hulbig, Nick Stajduhar, Jason Bonsignore, Steve Kelly, Michel Riesen, Michael Heinrich, Jani Rita, Alexei Mikhnov, and Jesse Niinimaki were first round busts. Pouliot was actually one of the organization’s better first round picks of the last couple of decades: sort of in the Boyd Devereaux/Rob Schremp class, where he’ll probably have an NHL career of some kind, albeit well short of what you’d hope for from a first rounder.

        At this particular moment he’s probably a better hockey player than Linus Omark. Of course, he’s also two years older.

  • AlbertaMan

    Steve Smith

    “Pouliot was actually one of the organization’s better first round picks of the last couple of decades”

    Your statement might be absolutely true (pre Magnificent Bastard) but only because the Oilers were such a terrible team when it came to the draft. They must have simply thrown darts at the predraft board of prospects. He would probably be one of Detroit’s worse ever draft picks but they would not have taken him in the round taken.

    He did very very little as an Oiler and mostly just tantalized us with 5 -6 game stretches of potential. When you are 24 it is no longer potential it is what it is

  • AlbertaMan

    omark has delivered in every leauge he has played in + team sweden!people who crying that he need a year in the ahl what a bs, soon you have a new leauge (maybee poland) there he must prove himself. oilers organisation must be retarded not give the kid a fair chance in nhl and they have proved so year after year. i really hope omark can get away from the oilers and continue his success in a another nhl-team.