Seriously? 5-0? WTF was that?


1. The Tom Gilbert haters are having their Woodstock. The guy is just not playing good hockey at all.

2. The compete level of this squadron leaves something to be desired. 5-0? Really?

You pose little threat to the other Ice Hockey Squadrons – you Edmonton Oilers.

3. There was a lot of fluffy dough out on that ice tonight. No hitting, no cycling of the puck, no physical play to speak at all really. Tsk.

4. Did anyone else catch a glimpse of the crowd in Phoenix? Yikes. 


Massive props to President Gerald R. Ford who sent in the title photograph with the following note:

In addition to lacking an abdomen (and, subsequently, several vital organs), the cat appears to be a time traveller, as well. I do not know where the cat’s cell phone is.

I can only assume it was, at one time, clipped to its belt.  Which was, at one time, attached to its abdomen.

Now, if someone can give me a better explanation for that, I’ll listen.

Classic case of merging non sensical photgraphs via the magic of the Photoshop.

  • John Chambers

    Ahh, unlike the 5-0 Chicago loss we at least took the play to them in the 2nd and half the 3rd.

    The kids also looked good … when they get a bit more NHL-savvy they’ll pick apart a team like the ‘Yotes.

    This loss isn’t as alarming as the sh!thouse against Carolina and the NYR.

  • Who dat

    I appreciate the Woodstock reference. Unfortunately, it’s true, and Gilbert blows hardcore. x100.

    Please replace Gilbert with Belle, and send him down when Smid is healthy. Retire Strudwick. Send Paajarvi to the minors and bring up Omark for a stint. Trade Cogliano.

    Of course none of this is going to happen,

    Gilbert will stay,
    Belle will be dropped,
    Strudwick will play.
    And we’ll be drafting at the top.

  • The Real Scuba Steve

    Why not play all rookies, it’s the so called vets like Brule, Coglino, GIlbert, Penner, this group has a losing attitude from being here in the last 4 years excluding 2 for Brule. They are not going to get better, and they do have a little value, why not dump them nowbefore they lose all value like O’sullivin.

    Tencer is back on the radio playing Katz Advocate again.

    Tired of the “PROCESS” well seriously WTF is the Process? To get a rink? Your turning fans off so called Oilers Hockey.

    Anybody notice that Rexall hasn’t been sold out lately?

    • Gilmore Tuttle

      I hear that RS&E are hiring the former Iraqi PR guy to help Howdy out to keep up the “sell out” streak infomercial mantra. You remember the guy – he the one who kept a straight face while denying that the Americans were anywhere close to Baghdad when you could see their tanks driving down the road behind him.

  • Crackenbury

    Anyone think maybe it’s not Khabibulin or Dubnyk to a lesser degree that is the problem with this team? An absolutely porous defence with little support from forwards who don’t compete on most nights. I posted a comment several games into the season that it was too early to panic, but the lack of coming out prepared to play was already looking like a repeat of the past 1/2 dozen years. 15 games later and this team’s effort looks worse than last year. New coaches, new players, new trainers. What has remained consistent? Don’t say ST. This problem has been here long before he came along. I can’t believe Lowe has any measurable impact on daily game prep. I’m at a loss on where to point the finger. I think I need an LT perspective article to bring me back from the ledge.

  • John Chambers

    I had an interesting thought the other day: Craig McTavish took a semi-talented Oilers team to the SCF’s one year, and pushed an extremely un-talented lineup close to the playoffs a couple of times.

    In terms of getting a team to play better than the sum of its parts, MacT was highly effective.

    I’m not saying he should’ve won the Jack Adams or anything, but if he were to have coached a half-decent team like the Ottawa Senators, he might be lauded as the NHL’s answer to the Zen Master, Phil Jackson.

  • Shanye Gretz

    Wanye wrote: 4. Did anyone else catch a glimpse of the crowd in Phoenix? Yikes.

    Actually, it was surprisingly well attended as all the Canadians in the area seemed to have come out for it.

    I went to a game there last month versus LA and don’t think it was half as full as it looked tonight.

      • Shanye Gretz

        Yes really. I have photos. And everyone sitting around me was Canadian.

        I hit up a game on the same trip in LA and sat next to Vince Vaughn. He said to tell you hi and thanks you for respecting the restraining order.

    • Gilmore Tuttle

      My wife was there in a box with her company. She said the voices were louder for the O Canada than the SSB. Didn’t get an estimate on crowd size though.

      • Maaaan I’d hate to work for THAT company! What a bunch of bastards, bringing your wife to the game but then forcing her to stay inside a box! I hope they at least poked some air holes in it so she could breathe, slave driving bastards! No wonder she couldn’t get an estimate on the crowd. She really should have objected though…. mail-order brides these days sheeeeesh!

  • No hitting? Did you SEE Peckham take out personal hero of mine Paul “Biz Nasty” Bissonnette in the first period???

    Or those other, like, 6 hits he threw??

    But yeah other than that it was a dumper of a game you might say.

  • The Real Scuba Steve

    Crowds of about 15000, people with tickets that didn’t want to show, not including the ones that Patrick laforge (Iraqi Information Minister)(@ Gilmore Tuttle) buys on befalf of Katz sports.

  • Ender

    Props, Mr. President. Nice job on the pic. That is the only thing worth discussing tonight; everthing else will be purged in the hopes that tomorrow will bring a better day.

  • Oilers4ever

    Any 5-0 loss is alarming.. it’s embarassing, I don’t care how well they played in the 2nd and 3rd.. obviously not well enough seeing they could not finish and score some goals… time to bench some guys… If Cogs is out, I hope they bring up Omark to fill his position.. at least he knows how to score. This team is a disgrace to the city right now and their effort.. glad Tom went off the handle last night… Let me know when they start winning a bit as I’m taking a break from watching this horror show. I can rent better ones from the movie store thanks.

  • The HEH line was ok for stretches. Hall looked great with the puck and Eberle is money. That was the only redeeming parts of that game.

    Dubnyk hung out to dry as usual.


    Via Puck Daddy:
    First, a glance at the Coyotes’ home attendance this season:

    10/16 vs. Detroit Red Wings – 17,125

    10/21 vs. Los Angeles Kings – 6,706

    10/23 vs. Carolina Hurricanes – 8,189

    10/30 vs. Tamp Bay Lightning – 8,171

    11/3 vs. Nashville Predators – 6,761

    11/6 vs. Pittsburgh Penguins – 14,642

    11/12 vs. Calgary Flames – 11,117

    11/13 vs. St. Louis Blues – 9,412

    11/23 vs. Edmonton Oilers – 9,354

  • im just saying….how does this compare to willis’s efforts in research, and greggor and brownlees inside info based articles.

    60% of the literature on this page was mentioned on my facebook home page.

  • Markus

    If Penner buries that chance 30 seconds into the game then it changes the whole tone of the game. Then again if my aunt had testicles then she’d be my uncle.

    Hope they put in a better effort here Monday in Ottawa.