On any other weekend, a Saturday Night home game against the Sharks would be the hottest ticket in town. This weekend – it probably doesn’t even crack the top 5 in Edmonton. It’s Grey Cup week and anyone with a functioning liver and an old CFL jersey has been sloshing around Downtown Edmonton soaking up the festivities for days now.

It’s great to see Edmonton so alive with swarms of humanity. Driving up Jasper Avenue earlier today we saw a pack of about 20 people in full Winnipeg Blue Bombers gear tooting their plastic novelty horns, waving their oversized novelty flags and generally looking to have fun.

We have to imagine this is what a City with actual tourism feels like on a day-to-day basis. Hordes of foreigners from parts unknown, milling about and looking to party.

Even if you don’t like football you might want to squeeze into a downtown watering hole tonight to watch the game. Every seat will be filled with people cheering their hearts out in preparation for tomorrow’s big game. Without a doubt tonight will go down as one of the busiest nights in the City of the year.

Without a doubt tomorrow will result in a Grey Cup win for the Riders. Book it.


Oilers and Sharks huh? The San Jose crew isn’t nearly as awesome as they would have you believe, currently sitting in 12th in the Western Conference a mere 8 points ahead of the Oilers. In another dimension we would be cheering for the Oil to deliver a helping of comeuppance to the down-on-their-luck Sharks tonight.

But the problem these days Nation is that the Oilers aren’t holding up their end of the bargain of Exciting Last Place Hockey. The New York Islanders currently sit below our beloved Oilers in the league standings? This just won’t do.

With Taylor Hall looking better by the minute – that GWG last game needs no additional hype – we might have to come to grips with the fact that these here Oilers aren’t the worst place team in the league anymore. And as someone who dreams about the Oilers 4 nights per week on average – we can’t live with this terrible knowledge.


We had a deal Oilers. You would lose all 82 games in shootouts, collect first pick overall and then draft another mega stud. Then you would add some free agents in the offseason and win the Cup in the 2011-12 season. Is that not the deal? WTF is with all these wins then huh? HUH?

Oilers 5 Sharks 3.

Why? Because the Oilers love breaking our hearts.

      • I’ve wanted Mark Lewis (the goal announcer) gone for a long time now…he doesn’t have the kick ass voice needed to announce goals…he quite often sounds like he has his nose plugged..

        And now it seems he can’t get the names right…That guy who announces all the other stuff during the commercials and during the shootouts has a pretty good kickass voice…anybody know who that guy is? He should announce our goals.

    • Heavyd

      Exactly. The only thing I am worried about is what happens if we get excited about what this team can look like, but then we turn out to be like the Islanders, that would suck.

      • You can thank Tom Gilbet for the glorious giveaway that eventually caused one of our GA’s.

        Jeez man. Sam was one of, if not the best Oiler tonight – at 21. Sorry he’s not Crosby-esque, but he’s getting the job done. But yeah, ~it would suck if he’s no better than a solid 2nd line C~.

        We lost because management has given us a D that reeks of fail, plain and simple. We’re supposed to lose this year. Despite that, guys like Sam are stepping up. You know Shadi, I wonder how good Sam would be on a team that dedicated itself to winning instead of taking the loser way out and gunning for another lottery pick.

        • C-DOG

          I don’t think any of the elite teams would play him at centre, I don’t have a problem with his offensive game, and I don’t doubt that he might put up 55-60 points, but not at the expense of playing centre, it’s his physical limitations to play a 200′ game that I have a big problem with.

          I look at Ray Whitney/Mike Comrie, when they played centre their teams never went anywere, the only time their teams had sucsess was when Comrie played on the wing in Ottawa & Whitney was on the wing in Carolina. The problem with that is the Oilers are stacked on the wings, so thats why I want him traded. If he was shopped for the highest possible 1st rnd pick you would think he could of fetched them a pick in the top 20, were they could have taken one of those great young d-men.

          That is why I posted earlier how high of a pick could he of gotten them in the draft. Then you went bonkers for suggesting that. Don’t you think before Fowler started dropping, that they could have received a 12 overall pick for him, or 13 Gormley,15 Forbort, 22 Tinordi etc…

          Are they not better off with more d-men prospects instead of a small slow forward, isn’t it about building a balanced team, you are always complaining about the d, and if you have heard me long enough you know that I have wanted this d core rebuilt for a long time, so you have to give something to get something.

          And they have to tank, without the #1 centre/D-man in the system they have no options unless you think Hall will eventualy play centre, also even with 2 additions they still would be a lottery team, no one of significance would of come here as a F.A.

          • Oil Kings 'n' Pretty Things

            I’m not sure I follow you here. Because you’d want Gagner to play wing, and the Oil are stacked at wing and weak up the middle, you want to trade him for a D-man?

            Who the crap do you move into the gap that Gagner filled?

          • C-DOG

            Brule, then Omark or Reddoux can take up the 3rd line wing position. Eventually one of Brule or Cog’s would have to go, by then hopefully you would of Drafted/developed another centre Couturier/Hopkins/Pitlick/Martindale or maybee even Hall, it’s not about the short term and that isn’t working anyways so whats the harm.

          • C-DOG

            Those would be 2 options heavy emphasis on 2 not 1, if you have been paying attention to what the team has done over the past few years they are putting players in the wrong positions and I am giving an opinion on what they probobly would do if Gagne was traded.

            Reddoux would be the proper choice, but the fan base would want Omark.

  • OilFan

    Good game. Who has more turnovers Gilbert or Whintey ( resulting in a goal against) ? How many of Whinteys points are the second assist ? Anyone have these stats.Gagner scored better not trade him, another fourty point season with all the gravy mins this season.