What in the sweet holy hell is going on here today? Jordan Eberle scores two goals and the Oilers smoke the Blue Jackets and not a single writer at the Nation thinks it merits an article? How many people write here again?

Fine. You want something done right you have to do it yourself we suppose. We don’t really have anything to say but that has never stopped us before. Here goes.

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We were eating lunch at Oodle Noodle the other day and a fellow came in and said to the guy at the counter "I am here because I saw the ad on OilersNation." We smiled from ear to ear and gave the restaurant order the secret thumbs up behind the counter. "Oh you read the Nation," the owner said to the customer. "Do you ever read Wanye’s articles?"

"I read one once" the guy answered "but it was so stupid that I haven’t clicked on a single one since. Willis is good though."


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We have attended both games that the Oilers cheerleaders are at and it absolutely KILLS us to say it but we are distinctly underwhelmed by the whole thing. Firstly girls look lonely as all hell standing alone or in pairs in front of the walkways in the crowd. Even in the pic above where theyre was four of them – these poor ladies look lost out there.

Secondly these Octaners are far too pleased with themselves. We are all for them being excited to have the gig and all but cheerleaders are supposed to smile vacantly. The smug satisfaction of these girls oozes out of their pores.

The Oil need to get them dancing in the ends of the rink like they do in Dallas. There they are all in a line with spotlights spotlights and what not.

As a public service we would like to offer our assistance to the Octane. They are all welcome at Wanye Manor this Saturday night for a training session starting at 12:30 AM.


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What in the hell was going on with the shots on goal last night against the Blue Jackets? Outshot 23-13 in the first period and then coming back to outshoot the Jackets 14-6 in the second frame? All you Khabibulin haters out there have to admit that the old fella stood tall in the first and kept the kids in the game. The thing could have gotten out of hand early on.

Jordan Eberle scoring twice last night had us high fiving people we have never met in the stands at RX1. We love going in for the awkward stranger high five after goals. Classic move.


Could the Oilers be using a less flattering picture of Theo Peckham on their website? Good heavens.

There. An article. Have a great weekend Nation.

  • Still waiting for Plante to be bought up to big club to grow with the other rookies !! Why wait till spring , do it now . Big physical body that i feel can contribute more so than the odd current staff , and some offensive ability thats starting to come . Rookies fairing well so far, and i doubt Plante will fair any less being bought up !